SwaSan ff : Bas Itna Hai Tumse Kehna.. ( Episode 1 )

Hello guys… Thank you very very very much for your huge response.. This is the best response I ever got.. So so so.. m continuing this ff.. And I promise I'll try to reach at ur expectations n not to disappoint u. Bt plz.. Dont stop commenting n dont be a silent reader.. 1 more thing guys, I write 2 ffs.. Ishq wala love and swasan happy ending.. that ffs are also interesting.. so plz do read it n comment.. as well as I currently started writing new horror ss "WHO AM I ?" Have a look on it too.. anyways.. m stopping my bakbak n here u go with the very 1st episode of my ff.. enjoy..


Small intro :

SWARA GADODIA.. was 18 years old when she got married.. Marriage.. huhh.. It was not a marriage out of love, no.. she was forced to do it.. Swara had very tough childhood because of her parents.. They never loved her like their own.. They just sold her for money.. They just sent her away with an unknown person for money? No parents would do that, so are her so called parents her real parents??? She's trying to survive this marriage coz she has faith in God.. And she knows that God must had some reason that he gave her all this pain.. poor girl!

SANSKAR RAMPRASAD MAHESHWARI.. is a badboy, we can say.. He's very rude, arrogant, cruel and angry young man.. Business tycoon in kolkata.. Smart, handsome, dashing.. any girl want only his damn look.. bt alas! He isn't that easy.. ? Having dark past and hence Doesn’t believe in God. He married to swara only because of his parents. Always insults swara with his venomous n bitter words bt never touched her or beated her like her parents.


Swara's POV :

There he was.. standing right infront of me.. my HUSBAND! I dint look up at him bt I can feel him.. The negative vibe he was giving me was so familiar, since my parents used to have that around me too.. I could feel his gaze on me.. He was checking me out, I guess.. I laughed at my thought.. coz the funniest part is there's nothing in me to check out.. I was ugly and worthless.. Good for NOTHINGGG..  He deserves best than me.. everyone deserved more than I ever did.. I deserved nothing.. I was nothing, I'm nothing n I would never be.. Thats how I was brought up..

" Look at me.." He said.. I dint look at him.. I couldn't. I was afraid that I would read his face.. that.. what he was thinking of me.. Even though I knew what he was thinking and m used to it bt still it hurts when I met reality,  It feels like 1st time.. Everytime I feel same..

" I said look at me swaraa.. " he yelled and I jumped on my sit since I dint expect it.. Now m scared.. very scared.. bcz it was the same tone which my father always used to me.. I slowly looked up and met his face for the first time.. I looked into his dark brown eyes which were now blood shot due to anger.. He was looking at me with so much hate.. Bt I was lost in him.. He was so handsome.. His face.. His get up.. his personality.. was really amazing.. no doubt he was a business tycoon. Although he was mean bt he-

" If you're done checking me out then I'm going. Don't expect me to come. " he said.. It was 1st day of our marriage. My parents forced me to marry him without my permission. Huhh.. They dint ask me for anything.. not only this.. They always took decisions of my life.. They used me as a boxing ball.. I had to listen to them.. I couldn't talk or interfere in their any decision or they would killed me.. If I ever said anything abt my marriage then they would beat me worse than normal.. I dint want that.. Ever. So I kept quiet..

He dint even wait for my reply and went out of the room banging the door hard.. I went near the mirror and looked at myself.. My wedding dress! It wasn't looking like a WEDDING DRESS at all.. it was all dirty.. when I thought abt the normal girls who was having their wedding dress all beautifully designed. I felt terrible. It was all bcoz of me.. yes..I deserved this.. I looked at mirror again n saw my eyes which were all small n swollen.. any1 could say that I would've not slept fr few nights..They still held the fear which I wanted to go away.. I started breathing faster..

" You are ugly " I said looking myself in the mirror. I was repeating it over and over again..

" No one will ever love you.. "

" Have you ever seen this ugly brown eyes and hairs???" I said pointing at my dead eyes while warm tears started to stream down out of my cheeks.. Bt I ignored them..

" even your husband would never love u.. "

" It is better if you kill urself.." I began to ruin the room.. I started to mess.. I was punching my hands to the wall and was kicking the couch.. I messed up my hairs and take a side by vase.. I looked at mirror and within a second I threw that vase on mirror breaking it into several pieces. I hated myself when I saw my image in mirror.. That memories of past started to cm infront of me. My parents taught me.. They weren't lied I knw.. Parents weren't supposed to lie.. I looked at my arms and neck which was always coloured purple or yellow.. they.. they beat me mercilessly n when my bruises were gone, they start to abuse me again to give me purple glow again.. I was sick of this.. It looked so ugly.. I squeezed my arms as if that colour will go by my squeezing. Bt no use.. The colour that haunted me was still there.. I shook my head. It was time for me to go. No one would miss me.

" Even he would never love u.. " I said for the last time and ran out of the house thinking of God.. I dint knw where I was running.. where I was going.. bt I just ran.. I ran till my legs dint get tired.. Finally I stopped infront of bridge. I slow down.. n took deep breaths.. I dint knw wat I'm doing.. ryt or wrong.. Bt I needed peace.. I badly needed rest.. I determined myself and walk ahead.. I came to the edge of bridge.. I looked down.. What if I just jumped off the bridge..? No one would miss me.. I could even bet that SANSKAR will throw party.. or my family.. They all will get happy as world will get saved frm another waste.. I took deep breath n closed my eyes.. Tears were flowing continuously. I opened my eyes again which were blurred due to crying.. I prayed to God for the last time n started counting..

Three.. two.. one.. and..??????

Episode Ends..

Precap : Don't know.. ?

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