Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 26th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Guneet calls off the roka

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 26th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guneet asking Amber to come inside her room. Amber comes inside hesitantly. Guneet comes near him and asks him if he can become Anurag for sometime. Amber says how I can? Guneet says I have taken case back against you and has done a favour on you. Amber agrees. She says you will listen whatever I say. She turns and then says Anurag I can’t do roka with you. She says I said…tells that finally I told him. She says you have promised me three things, trust and honesty, but I can’t start my relation with a lie. She says I can’t marry you, not because you asked me not to work after marriage or not because you asked me to hide something from your mother.

She turns and tells that she can’t marry him as she couldn’t friend her online friend and couldn’t keep him off her mind. Amber is shocked. Guneet says I feel that only he was the one who used to understand me. She tells that he never searched any bad thing in me and liked me as I was. She says I could talk to him openly and share my feelings. She says today he has made me realize that someone will love me, as I am. She turns to Amber and tells that her wishes are not big. She don’t want car, bungalow, business and money. She just needs love. She needs the person who loves her and whom she loves. She tells that she is romantic type and wants compatibility with her partner. She says I can’t marry you, don’t think that I am doing this for my online friend, I don’t want to meet him, don’t want to see his face, don’t want to know who is he, he has broken my life. She says I understood what kind of lifepartner in my life. She says neither I want that online guy nor you at that time. Amber asks what is the need of breaking the roka when you don’t want to meet the online guy? Guneet says just because I don’t love him. It is not good that I shall marry Anurag, he shall get a good life partner. She says not like me, who is thinking about someone else. Amber says heart makes us do many mistake and says if there is a dilemma then we must listen to heart. He says I will give you a very good life and will love you. Guneet asks what you are saying? She says I am serious and you are joking. Amber says you asked me to act Anurag. Amber says Anurag will say this and asks her to think of an answer for his question. He gets down the stairs thinking about Guneet’s words for her online friend.

Randeep asks his dad why you are doing this? He says I took money from market for Amber Sharma’s business and you got all the loan on your name. He asks what do you think? He says I was about to get a big contract, but now I will not get. Mehendi Ratta tells that he got the loan stopped as he don’t want his son to take loan from outside. He asks how much money you want, and says I trust you. Randeep says I need time to think and goes.. Mehendi Ratta tells that his image is getting ruined because of Amber Sharma’s agency and want to get it closed anyways. His employee says he will try his best.

Nia comes to Amber’s office and takes keys from Upadhya. She recalls all the happenings. Guneet tells Anurag that she can’t do roka because of herself, not because of him or that online guy. She says I tried a lot to connect my heart with you and this relation, but I couldn’t do this. She says if I get married and then if I couldn’t stay then it will be a betrayal with you and this relation. She says sorry, I should have told you before that I couldn’t convince my heart. She apologizes to him and says sorry. Amber hears her. Anurag cries and leaves. Guneet also cries.

Nia is still in the office and finds the light on and off outside the office. She calls Randeep. Randeep says hi. Nia asks him to stop his car flashlight off. She asks if he went to meet his dad. Randeep says function is going on, your dad will scold me. He asks what is it, which I saw. He says you are alone there and I am alone here. Nia says I left job and cries. Randeep is shocked and says sorry. He asks shall I come inside? Nia says no. He asks if she is fine and asks her to blink the flash twice once if she is fine, else two times. Nia flashes the light once. Randeep asks why did you leave job? Nia says they don’t value me? Friends are also left. She asks what he will do now? Randeep says dad gave him another chance. Nia asks him to come inside or she will come out. Randeep asks her to come out and have some fresh air. Nia comes out of Amber’s office. Randeep comes out of his car and says when you asked me to give a chance to dad, I thought you are right. He thanks her. Nia welcomes him. He asks if she wants hug. He tells about the friendszone rules and says sometimes happens inside. He says my day was bad and hugs her. He shows the lays packet and says Ia m gabru jawaan. Smile leke dekho……They have lays….

Pummy asks Anurag what Guneet is saying? Guneet says Maa Please. Anurag says let everyone know and announces that the roka is cancelled. He requests the guests to have food before going so that it don’t get wasted. Anurag’s mother asks what is going on. Anurag says if she agrees then also I will not marry. His daughter asks what happened? Anurag hugs her. Pummy says we will talk to them after roka. Guneet says decision is taken and is going to room. Anurag asks Pummy to leave her and tells that she never wanted this relation, you forced her to get engaged to me. He says I gave her everything and just asked her for a truth, but she couldn’t give me. Amber sees a man recording everything in his mobile and deletes the video and signs the man not to do it. Guneet asks did you tell your mum that I am going to do my goldway’s work after marriage. She says I know that I should have told you long before and apologizes to his mum and Ruhi. Ruhi runs to Guneet and hugs her. She says sorry and runs to her room.

Precap: Anurag’s mum badmouths about Guneet. Amber asks her to be in her limits. He thinks to tell Guneet that he is Nodramaplz.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Verma4

    this show is developing very nicely. waiting eagerly for the next episode.

  2. Love this show.
    I think Nia is just like her dad impulsive
    I wonder which job will
    Tolerate this type of interruptions .
    Kabir was right in asking her to hand over company property. It is their right.
    She thinks its her Ghar ki kheti. Really grow up girl . Be professional

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