Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 26th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandu and Pinky’s lives are in danger

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 26th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarthak telling that he will take bulldozer to the boutique. Nalini hears him. Ram says ok, once the bulldozer comes, boutique shall be broken. Sarthak says ok and goes. Nalini asks ram what is he going to do? She says you have build it, don’t forget that it is Ananya’s last memory. Ram says he has nothing to do with her, she has hurt his respect. Amma gets up and tells that she will go to bathroom. She slips. Arjun and Pinky holds her. Ram tells that his prestige is ruining and this is happening because of Pinky. Nalini asks her to punish her for Pinky’s mistake, but don’t break the boutique. Arjun calls the Doctor. Doctor gives injection to Amma and tells that her BP increased due to tension. He asks why Maa ji is here. Sunny says you know Kashyap ji well, he threw them out for his fake respect. Ram tells Nalini to go and talk to Pinky. He says if she agrees to go to sasural then I will not get the boutique demolish.

Doctor tells that Amma can’t stay in the boutique. Sunny asks Arjun to take them to his house. Arjun’s father tells that they can’t take risk and fears of Ram. Arjun asks him not to take tension and says he will manage. Nandu asks Arjun to take them to their house. Arjun says we can’t take them. Pinky asks Nandu not to cry. She tells that when she can help herself then why to depend on others. Nandu argues with Arjun. Arjun refuses. Doctor asks Arjun to give medicine to Amma. Arjun is about to give money to Doctor, but pinky stops him and tells Doctor that she will give him fees tomorrow. Doctor goes. Arjun asks Pinky if she came with her dad’s ego. Pinky says this is self respect. Arjun comes out and gives fees to Doctor. Sunny asks why you don’t want to take them home. Nalini comes there and asks him to stay away from Amma and Pinky. Arjun tells pinky that all the women in Ram’s house is unpredictable.

Nalini comes inside and gives medicines to Amma. She asks her to come home. Amma refuses and tells that they are peaceful here. She tells that that house is not her home and asks her not to go to Ravan’s lanka. Nalini recalls Ram’s threat. Sarthak brings the bulldozer and makes a call to Asha. He says I am on the way to the boutique and will break it at 2 pm. Asha tells the same to Ram. Nalini asks Pinky to make her Dadi understand and says if anything happens to you. Pinky says nothing will happen to Dadi and asks do you really think that I shall go to stay with Gagan. Nalini tells that her heart wrenches thinking about Ananya daily and tells that she can’t live losing her. Pinky tells that she has gathered the strength, bear Papa’s scoldings and Gagan’s kicks. She says I left home and will have respected earnings. Nalini says he gave time till 2 pm and then will break the boutique. Amma says Ram is not that heart less to ram the boutique on us and asks her to go home. Nalini looks at Ananya’s pic and says one daughter didn’t listen, atleast you listen to me. She asks her not to lower her Papa’s head and says she will wait at home. Sarthak is still at video call. Nalini comes out and sees the bulldozer coming there. Sarthak tells Asha that Amma and Pinky didn’t agree to Nalini and asks her to take order from Ram about the boutique. Arjun calls Nandu and searches her at home. Nandu is hiding in the boutique.

Ram says I will break your ego and take shelter off your head. Sarthak sends goons who take Amma and Pinky out forcibly. Sarthak asks the man to break the house. Pinky and Amma ask him not to do this. They get shocked seeing the bulldozer breaking the boutique. Arjun is inside the boutique and hiding. Sarthak shows everything on video call. Arjun goes to Nandu’s room, but she is not there. He asks where is she? The goons hold Pinky and Amma’s hands.

Pinky sees Nandu’s cycle and shouts Nandu. Arjun tells sunny that Nandu is not at home. Sunny says if she is in boutique. Pinky kicks the goons and runs inside to save Nandu. Amma shouts Pinky. Pinky goes inside and sees the things falling. She calls Nandu and gets hurt on her forehead.

Precap: Amma asks Arjun to save Pinky and Nandu who are inside. Arjun runs inside. Something falls on them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Ram is more worried about the f**king samajhe rather than his own daughter. Just because of his name I do not want to swear but he is a cock sucking pillow biting wanker. f**king a*sh*le.

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