Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Kabir and his friend entered the party of Guneet and Niya as the male dancers to increase the fun of the bachelorette. All of them are dancing with each other in full spirit and Amber at the same time came back in his house with Hakim after buying the bridal lehenga for Guneet. He gets worried about the words of the shopkeeper and is constantly remembering his meeting with the mother of the bride.

He says did you notice the face of that girl when she got to know that I am taking the bridal attire for my would-be wife. He says I can understand that this is my second marriage but for Guneet it is her first one and I am sure she must have some dreams and aspirations about her marriage ceremony. Hakim says to Amber do not over think about any of these matters because if anything was out of place regarding you being the husband of Guneet then she will not even say yes at first place.

Amber thinks that he is perfect for Guneet and straight away walks inside his house without paying attention to the words of Hakim. He gets shocked to see the state of his house after entering. nobody noticed game and everybody so engrossed in dancing in party when Pammi noticed Amber is standing at the door steps and she called him to join them and when Guneet started to dance with him by keeping her hand around his neck.

Ambar goes away from them and pulls out the plug of the main electric meter board so that they cannot play loud music at this hour of the night. However, they arranged music and lights with the help of mobile phones and bluetooth speakers. Amber has to sleep with the sounds of dancing and singing outside. The next morning Amber wakes up with the call from the relative of Guneet. He comes out of his room and gets shocked to see the state of everyone and he starts to bang the plate of steel with a spatula to wake them up from sleep and asks all to go away to their house as soon as possible.

Everybody goes away from his house but he stops near and from going anywhere and says to them that it is your house near and also says to believe that this is going to be your house in future. He makes them sit in front of him and starts to yell at them for the party. He says how horribly they were dancing last night like ghosts. However, the hangover of last night is still not over for Guneet and Niya and they are finding the blabbering of Amber boring.

Amber turns around while speaking and Niya grabs on this chance and says to Guneet that she is escaping from this lecture session. Guneet asks her where she is going from there leaving her alone with Amber? Niya asks her to tolerate Amber from now on. However, Guneet tries to escape but Amber stops her and gives her a drink to get over with her hangover. Guneet gets happy to see Amber is taking care of her with utmost care.

Precap – Guneet and Niya hugged each other over making a new set of memories in life leaving the void of not having a mother but her memories all along.

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