Indiawaali Maa 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update

Indiawaali Maa 21st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chinu’s father says Rohan came to Bangalore for his money, Kaku says no, they don’t want any money and she is leaving. Vasu stops her and asks how much money they want for leaving Chinu, Kaku says relations are not measured with money, its infinite. She knows Rohan made mistakes, but he loves Chinu.

Kaku asks them to give her 15 days, Rohan will succeed. Chinu gets emotional hearing Kaku’s words. Kaku tells Chinu to smile, everything will be fine. She says she learnt how to forward messages in WhatsApp. She will send one good message everyday. Chinu smiles and Kaku leaves. Vasu calls Kaku villager and ill-mannered.

Chinu tells Vasu to compare herself with Kaku. Kaku wishes Rohan, Chinu to be happy, thats what every mothers do. Chinu’s father asks Vasu to leave along with Meenu. He talks emotionally to Chinu, but Chinu asks him to stop mind games, it won’t suit him. She says Rohan and her relationship can never end as he is father of her child.

Vasu asks Meenu where did she meet Kaku, she says Patel function, Kaku was cooking there. Vasu passes this information to her husband. She guesses Patel is Rohan’s investor as Kaku said she will support Rohan.

Chinu calls Rohan and asks if Kaku reached home, she was not lifting phone, thats why she called him. Rohan is sad she didn’t call for him. Kaku comes home the same time. Rohan says maa came, Chinu says okay and cuts the call. Rohan asks Kaku why did she go to Chinu’s home without telling him.

Kaku asks him back why didn’t he tell her that bank took his car. Both argue and Rohan goes to room without eating. Kaku asks why does he show anger on food, she also won’t eat anything till Rohan eats.

Kaku wakes up in midnight and makes Chapathis. She wakes up Rohan just like she used to wake him in childhood, she says she cooked his favorite curry for Roti and tries to feed him. He doesn’t eat and says he had bread and butter. He asks her to eat and sleep.

Chinu calls Kaku next day morning and thanks her for bringing Meenu home safely. Kaku asks not to thank her as Meenu is also her daughter just like Chinu.

Chinu asks Kaku she said everything will get fine in 15 days, will it really happen, will Rohan rectify his mistakes, Kaku assures her again. Chinu disconnects the call. Kaku feels she assured Chinu but she is worried if Rohan will do everything correct.

Sagar comes and tells Rohan that Patel called them for meeting, he will see plan samples before investing. Rohan asks how did it happen, Patel was so angry with them. Sagar says its all because of aunty’s cooking. Rohan is happy and comes to thank Kaku, Kaku is doing Puja, so he leaves without disturbing her.

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