Mere Angne Mein 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi and Renu stopping Radha from coming inside the home, saying some drama is happening. Radha gives the shagun invitation and leaves. Amit raises hand on Rani and Shivam holds his hand. Sarla asks Shanti to see Shivam. Shanti asks Shivam will he misbehave with his elder brother and blames Rani. Shivam says Amit does not have right to slap any girl, this will never happen in our house. He goes. Shanti asks Kaushalya to see Shivam has done what she wanted to do, he insulted her. He says he does not care if Sarla burns up, he just supported Rani and left.

She asks Kaushalya to kick out Rani from this house. Kaushalya requests Rani to leave. Shanti says Rani has ruined their respect, get water and learn how to kick anyone from the house. Rani cries. Shanti drags Rani outside and says I would have forgiven you, if you did not wish Sarla to die, you were going to kill Sarla, I will do this ritual of your death, and throws water. She says you are dead for us from today and scolds her.

Ashok comes with Pari and asks why is Rani crying, did she do Kuan pujan. He asks anyone to say whats the matter. Shanti says great, you are police from old movie, you come after all the drama ended. Bua cries holding the bridal dress and tells Riya its beautiful. Riya says my sister in law had made this dress. Bua gets emotional and leaves. Sarla comes to Amit and asks him to come soon, Shanti is waiting. He says I m scared that everything can flop. She says no, if lie is told aloud, it looks true, once Jaimala happens, Riya has to agree to save Anupam’s respect. He says I love you mummy. She says me too, get ready fast.

Bua tells Anupam that Shanti is clever, Riya is innocent, what will happen. Anupam asks her not to start again, as Riya thought well, don’t worry. Bua asks shall we send Bunty there, ask her. Anupam laughs and tells Bunty. Bunty says uncle will get alone then, Bua will go after marriage, she has to manage her enemies. They laugh. Bua says I did not think you will talk so mature and hugs her. Riya says its perfect frame, Bua and Bunty happy. Bua says they will make Riya ready. Riya smiles.

Amit sits for the rituals. Shanti asks Shivam to tie the sehramala. The pandit asks Shanti to do Kuan puja soon, then they have to take baraat too. They all take pics and go for Kuan puja. A lady (Rani) covering her face with her saree pallu follows them. Radha tells Bua that she gave the invitation, but she does not think they can come on time. Bua asks her to call them. Bua talks to Shanti, while everyone goes to do the puja.

Bua asks Shanti to get baraat on time. Riya requests Bua not to get angry. Shanti argues and says she will talk later, they are doing Kuan puja. Nimmi says they will leave now and solve the confusion. Nimmi asks Preeti to visit Riya’s house. Preeti says I can’t go. Nimmi says we have less time. Preeti says how will I know? Nimmi says we have to ask her family, as Riya is Shivam’s love. Preeti asks what, then we have to find out. They leave and stop seeing Shanti.

Sarla sits on the well slab and prays. Rani comes there covering her face, and Sarla’s sister in law taunts Shanti. Shanti defends herself. Kaushalya also supports Shanti and Shivam smiles. Sarla asks Amit to promise he will be ideal son like Raghav and give his salary to him. Rani lifts the ghunghat and says Sarla has made me leave the house, how will she make Amit leave her heart, she will not leave her, if Nani abandons me, so what I took rebirth. Rani pushes Sarla in the well.

Everyone is shocked. Sarla starts drowning. Rani leaves from there. Sarla calls for help. Amit stands asking someone to give rope. Shivam helps Sarla and lowers the bucket asking Sarla to hold it. Shivam says I m coming, don’t worry Bua. Shivam goes in the well and holds Sarla.

The man tells Raghav to take baraat on time, else they have to take horse back. Raghav assures they will leave on time. Nimmi informs Raghav and Ashok that Sarla has fallen in the well, and they rush. Shivam is trying to bring Sarla up. Shanti asks Raghav to see Sarla. They all pull the rope. They take pull Sarla and Shivam up. Sarla is taken home and thanks Shivam for saving her. They all praise Shivam and give Kaushalya credit for giving good values. Shanti says he is Raghav’s son, my blood. Raghav asks Sarla to take rest and sends everyone to get ready.

Anupam talks to Bua and they have a laugh. Shanti tells Raghav to calm down, and she gives him money. He asks what will I do. She says you will need it, you are owner, show it. She asks him to do as she says, he knows Ashok. He says I will take when I need. She says you are Mama, will you find me when you need money, keep it. She gives a necklace asking him to give Kaushalya for keeping it safe. He goes.

He gives the necklace to Kaushalya and says its chadava. Kaushalya sees her necklace, given by her mum. He sees her and says I know your feelings with it, I promise to make similar one for your bahu. She asks him to bring a lock for the safe. He reminds her to apply black dot as she looks beautiful. She smiles. Preeti asks Nimmi to have haldi milk. Nimmi gives his sherwani and asks him is he sure that this bride is Riya’s sister. Nimmi asks Preeti to go fast, as they have very less time. Preeti leaves. Riya gets ready in her bridal dress. Anupam sees Riya and cries. Riya says you are crying right, she gets tears when he cries. She cries and asks him not to cry, she will come to meet him daily. Sahil and Bunty come. Sahil says that’s why Anupam is crying, as you won’t leave him even after marriage. Anupam laughs.

Kaushalya does aarti of Amit. Shivam comes there. Shanti asks Shivam to be close to Amit. Sarla sees Shivam standing with Amit, and says we will leave him at home, we will not take him. Shanti asks why. Sarla says he always falls in problem. Shanti says he saved you from well, else you would have died, Shivam will bear the problems that come on Amit, we will take him. Sarla says we will take him as the groom, I mean cover his face, problems will think he is groom, and go to Shivam. Shanti asks did she leave her sense in the well. Sarla requests. Shanti says Shivam will go in marriage. Sarla worries.

Sarla calls Bansi and asks him to reach on time. Amit sits on the horse and everyone clap. Bansi says he will act well this time. The baraat leaves. Rani thinks she will marry Amit, she does not know how.

Shivam sees Riya as bride. Riya turns and sees him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. So glad not watching but only reading. This way I avoid frustration. Might have to give up watching for quite a while. Till Riya finds out the truth.

    1. Nirali Patel

      U can watch tomorrow’s episode because I think the truth will be exposed based on the recap!

  2. Sarla your game just going to end…
    am glad to see the Pricap
    I think now the confusion will be finished….

    1. Nirali Patel

      I would love to see the reaction of Amit and Sarla when Riya and Shivam get married!

  3. I found it so funny when sarla was pushed into the well ????
    Love you rani ??

  4. Nirali Patel

    I was laughing so hard with my mom when sarla fell into the well. It was so hilarious and she actually deserves it! I am so excited for tomorrow’s episode! I hope all the truth gets exposed. I also love the music that was playing in the recap!

    1. sarla riya ki shaadi amit se karvaane ke liye kitna kuch kar rahi god knows ab kaunsa drama create hoga bt all people enjoying this serial so much……

  5. Nirali Patel

    I also don’t get that when Sarla fell into the well, Shivam helped Sarla even though Sarla is his Bua! Amit didn’t do anything except showing concern for her mother! I got so mad at that part but then I got happy when Shivam was being thanked by everyone and Amit and Sarla were not happy!

  6. So I’m assuming there finally some relief to us viewers. It took a long time getting to what we needed and expected. Riya and shivam belong together and it should appreciate that rani is obsessed with him. Lol. He’s so wicked and truthfully sarla’s family except her husband is so evil. My prediction, I think Riya and shivam will will finally talk and figure out this mess. They might end up dressing up rani as the bride. There and then amit and his mom will get a taste of their own medicine. So this is my prediction. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  7. Sorry guys just to correct my mistake above….I meant Amit should appreciate Rani…..!!!!

  8. It was super hilarious wen sarla fell in well..
    Finally riya meeting shivam…uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.after a loooooooooooooooonggg wait.
    but i want them to talk, not move away bcoz someone called(as it happens in every soaps.)
    i am watching mere angne main only after reading update,bcoz waiting for shivam ,riya marriage.
    Waiting for Riya’s entry into santhi sadan.

  9. OMG!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the look on shanti’s face. What will Sarla and Amit’s reaction be??????? ?
    This whole series of Mere Angne Mein is so tense,but it is the best show on star plus right now.??

  10. Amit,You better walk out before getting kicked out.

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