Mere Angne Mein 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla blaming Renu for giving torn sarees and creating a big scene. She starts crying. Shanti looks at the drama. She says she will die and asks Shanti to see her insult. Shanti asks Sarla to calm down and scolds Renu for giving torn sarees, you have given girl in this house. Renu says I did not do this. Shanti says leave it, be scared of Lord, you also have two girls, and curses her. Kaushalya says let it go, Renu did a mistake. Shanti says you shut up, let Raghav come, he will decide. Kaushalya apologizes to Sarla and says Renu did not check sarees well, its her mistake, forgive her, why will we insult you.

Shanti asks Kaushalya not to create an issue, Renu has started all this. Renu apologizes. Sarla smiles. Nimmi says she will get new saree and asks Renu to give money. Sarla asks will she buy her respect by money. Shanti does much more drama and asks her to hold Sarla’s feet. Renu cries and looks at Sarla. Renu holds Sarla’s feet and apologizes to her. Sarla gets glad and apologizes acting sweet. Sarla hugs Renu and fakely cries. Shanti says Sarla has forgiven you, I have to see my daughter, its fine now. Shanti takes money from Renu saying its for shagun. She asks Kaushalya to continue the work and sends Renu to help her.

Nimmi and Preeti find proof of who has torn the sarees. Nimmi gets a saree torn piece, and says I told you someone has done this. Pari comes there and Nimmi hides the cloth. Pari asks what are they doing. Nimmi says its our house, we can find anything. Pari says don’t ask smart, I know you are finding proof against my mummy. They get shocked. Nimmi says but we did not name Bua. Pari says it all ended, else you both will remember always. Anupam does all arrangements of tilak and Bua is glad. He says its Riya’s marriage and he will do the best.

Bua says baraat will come tomorrow, are they doing tilak. Anupam says Shanti said send everything of tilak to their home. Bua laughs and says you are very innocent, this is their plan, that old lady is duping you. Anupam says she is nice lady and worries for us. Bua says no, and tells an instance that groom’s family dupes like this. Anupam says Ashok has come to return your phone. She says you should have proof, record everything when we give it to them, if there is problem, we can know it, call them and say we are coming to do tilak.

Renu cries and hugs Kaushalya. Kaushalya apologizes to her. Renu says Sarla has done this, as she heard us talking. Kaushalya says she can’t do this. Nimmi brings the saree piece and says Sarla has done this. Kaushalya says no, Sarla can’t do. Renu asks Kaushalya to see. Nimmi says don’t take side of Sarla, just stay quiet. Nimmi says Raghav does not see Sarla’s mistake. Ashok comes and asks Kaushalya not to make Nimmi quiet.

Kaushalya asks Ashok to forgive Nimmi, Sarla will not do this. He says I know Sarla, her mind works wrong sometimes. Kaushalya says leave it, small things happen. Renu says yes. Ashok says I can’t understand Sarla. Nimmi apologizes to Ashok. He says he has come to ask for ginger tea. Kaushalya says I will make it. He goes. Shanti sits with Sarla and asks about tilak items. Sarla worries and says why to meet them before marriage. Shanti says we will see them, we are groom’s family. Anupam calls Sarla and says he has done all arrangements. He says we can’t send anyone for tilak. Shanti signs her to call them. Sarla says what is he saying. Bua takes the phone and Shanti takes Sarla’s phone. Bua says she wants to meet them and will come with tilak items, else it will be insult of groom’s family. Shanti says fine, you can come. Shanti invites them and Sarla gets tensed. Shanti asks her not to worry. Sarla goes to have air. Renu tells Kaushalya that she is great to stay in this house and praises her. Ashok talks to Sarla and she argues.

Anupam is worried as he is not getting 5 lakhs. Bua says is it stolen. He says no, maybe misplaced. Riya and Bunty come and ask what happened. Anupam gets a call and goes. Bua says its your mehendi Riya, go and rest. Sarla asks Anupam not to come for tilak and send by anyone. He says no, we have to come, I m Riya’s dad, I have one daughter and have to come. She says I was saying to lessen your burden. He says we will meet in evening and ends call. Amit worries and asks Sarla to send Shivam. Sarla worries.

Rani talks to her aunt and cries. Her aunt asks her to marry Amit, and scolds her that if she fails, she will make her maid for whole life. She asks her to become Sarla’s bahu and ends call. Rani cries. Sarla asks Shanti to send Shivam to bring a shirt. Shanti does not listen to him, and asks Sarla why is she after shirt now. Sarla cries. Shanti asks her not to cry. Amit talks to goons and says he will give money after marriage. Rani brings juice for him and he scolds her for not coming to him. He kicks her out and Shivam looks on.

Sarla and Amit talk about Riya being mistaken that she is marrying Shivam, what will happen when anyone takes Shivam’s name.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. gr8 show love it

  2. Sarla and Amit are doing everything possible to keep Shivam away but they will not succeed. Riya will marry Shivam only. Rani will marry Amit.

  3. Shivam knows something about Amit. I hope it comes out soon.

    1. Yeah, he knows that Amit is struggling to give money to goons

    2. Could be. Or it could be some thing bad that he may have done with a girl…perhaps Rani.

    3. Yes I think so too

  4. Awesome.

  5. Really next episodes are going to be very interestin..


    I just hate shashikala
    Wat say

  7. My god what a drama queen sarla….
    I think next episode get great explosion………….

  8. What a great drama queen sarla
    My god it’s just enough….

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