Sadda Haq 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is working in the library. She says there are more companies that wanted to work on this project. Vid comes in and says i want to use this system. Sanyu says i found the link that tries to hack the system. Suddenly the link disappears. Sanyu says some is doing this, someone doesn’t want me to crack this.

Tania comes to sanyu and says so many books? sanyu says i am working on all the weird projects of the past. SAnyu says there must be some secret society or something that didn’t want these projects to succeed. Tania says maybe some premansis. Vid says can you both go out? I want to talk to parth. Tania says to sanyu lets go for a walk.
Sanyu and tania are out. sanyu says i asked randhir not to bunk, he ordered me to make him notes. Tania says did you make it? Sanyu says yes. Tania says do something that would impress him. Make him some food.

Tania takes sanyu to kitchen, sanyu makes food for randhir. Vid sleeps. there is some spotlight on the papers sanyu was working. Tania says wow it smells so well. Sanyu says taste it and then tell me how is it? Tania says he wll be so happy to read it. Tania says lets go call him. Tania says if i go randhir will be distracted to see me. Sanyu says i trust randhir. Sanyu goes and takes randhir’s hand. He says where are you taking me? Sanyu says don’t argue lets go, she slips, randhir holds her. Tania says wow such filmy scene. What a chemistry. Go where sanyu is taking you. she has worked hard. She has prepared a dinner for you, like a wife does.
Randhir goes with sanyu and they sir. Randhir says make me eat. he makes sanyu eat as well. he says you will always make this food for me. Randhir says salt is a bit missing, sanyu says oh let me bring it. She stands up, randhir holds her hand and says this is just perfect. Nothing could be better than this.

Randhir says why didn’t you tell me you make such good food, i have been eating boring canteen food. Sanyu says i feel like someone is following us. Randhir says no one is here. Randhir oh hello whoever is there, i will get you arrested for scaring my wife to be. He picks up sanyu and says i have extra strength after eating the food you made. He drops sanyu to her room.
Sanyu comes back and sees that her print outs are missing. She says did someone come in room? Vid says sanyu let us sleep. sanyu says my list, its print is all changed. Vid says there must be something wrong with printer. sanyu says it was fine when i printed it. I can’t understand a single word now. There are the same papers.

Randhir says in sleep I am really lucky sanyu, the food was delicious. Yoyo says you liked it? Randhir says yes. yoyo says will you eat sweets? Randhir says yes. Parth wakes randhir up. Randhir says idiots, yoyo says you were eating something in sleep. Randhir gets up parth and yoyo laugh. Randhir take the razor and says this is funny right?
Renuka calls randhir and says please come home, there is something important. Randhir i can’t. Renuka says you can. Please try to, you promised me. Randhir says okay fine.

Randhir comes to renuka’s place and says what have you called me for? Renuka says you remember there toys? you were possessive about them. Randhir says what is all this? what are trying to do? Renuka says i want to live your childhood with you. Randhir says there is no rewind button in life. Renuka says i wish there was, i wish i had spent time with you. Randhir says you can’t control time with your powers. Renuka says please i want to spend rest of my life with you. Please forget what happened. randhir says stop it. You cant bring me back, you can’t do anything. Renuka goes in in tears. Randhir stops for a while and looks at all the toys. He picks them up and plays with his car, renuka watches him from behind the curtain.

Precap-PKC says dont try to be funny with me randhir says i know the answer. PKC says you have slept in entire last semester. Randhir again sleeps in sanyu’s lap, PKC looks for him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. News Update:

    After portraying an army officer in Million Dollar Girl, actor Vaibhav Singh will now enter Beyond Dreams’ popular show for Channel V, Sadda Haq – My Life My Choice.

    The character will be of Sanyukta’s (Harshita Gaur) cousin brother, and he will be a liquidation expert.

    As per our source, “The man will have a negative shade to portray, and will be the newest threat in Sanyukta’s life.

    Let’s see how the story would progress now.

  2. Great Epic Enjoyed Reading Thank you

  3. Nice episode bt who is doing this mysterious things?very confusing & thanks for the news update

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