Mere Angne Mein 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with lady inspector asking them to accept that they have killed Riya, then they will get free. Raghav says why will we sign if we did not do anything. Sarla says they will sign when we die. She thinks I will sign to get free. She says I will sign on papers. Raghav says no one will do the sign, listen to me Sarla. Sarla says if anything happens to Shanti, I can’t firgive myself, my fate is bad, I will sign. She gets the register and gets tensed. Sarla says I will sign on papers. Kaushalya says I can sign instead you, but if they don’t free us even after signing then…. Raghav asks Kaushalya not to sign. Nimmi says I will sign. Inspector asks why did you not sign yesterday. Nimmi goes to sign. Shivam comes and stops her. Everyone get relieved seeing him. Nimmi cries and hugs him.

Inspector says you are Riya’s husband right, put him in jail. Shivam calls lawyer and gives bail papers. Inspector releases all of them. Inspector asks Shivam to get Riya if she is alive, I will end case. He asks her not to worry and goes. Inspector sends a constable in civil dress after them.

Neighbors get angry on Srivastav family. They scold Shanti and everyone for killing Riya. Shanti and everyone get shocked seeing the lock broken. The lady says Preeti has broken lock, she was entering home in front of me, the family was there in jail and girl was stealing at own house. Shanti scolds them and asks them to leave.

Sarla, Pari, Rani and Amit come home. Amit says I don’t want to get beaten up now, Rani give me Amita’s clothes. Rani, Sarla and Pari go. Shanti says I will not listen to anyone. Shanti gets shocked seeing her swing broken.

Shanti says it means bad is going to happen here. Raghav tells her everything what happened here. She gets shocked. He says leave it, sit here, I will go and call doctor. Nimmi says Shivam called doctor. Shanti asks them to get furniture repair guy to repair swing. Shanti cries and holds her swing.

Its morning, Rani asks Sarla what are you doing, think how to get saved from police. Lallan says think of me, when will Amita come, I will marry her when she comes. Sarla argues with him and says I will not raise Babloo, he is not Amit’s son, he is someone else’s sign. Lallan gets angry. She says I m not scared of you, get proof that Babloo is Amit’s son. She slaps him hard. He gets angry.

Shanti and Kaushalya have a talk. Shanti gets wing repaired. Raghav comes there and pays money to the man. Shivam comes and says I did not get Riya, shall I see her house. Shanti says I m scared, ask her neighbors also. Lallan holds Sarla’s neck. Rani says leave her. Amit come as Amita and slaps Lallan. Lallan gets shocked.

Amit says she is of your mother’s age, don’t you have shame to do this. Lallan says I was worried for you. Amita asks whose son is this, give proof who is his mother, tell me. Lallan asks why is your voice sounding different today. Amita says it happens when I shout, you give proof of Babloo’s mother. Lallan says its not like you are thinking. Amita asks him to give proof now, if you love me. Lallan says fine. He takes Babloo with him and leaves. Amit shuts door.

Nimmi says my room is messed up, someone checked it. They get shocked. Shanti says Preeti has done all this. Preeti comes home with tiffin. She acts good to family. They all look at her.

Inspector threatens Shanti and everyone if Riya’s existence proof is not given. Shanti gets shocked.

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  1. What’s preeti taken from house. Read in spoiler Riya comes back to SS and shanti still blames her for all problems.

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