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ISHQ HUA EPISODE-11 (hope guys u will like it)

****college corridor**
Somya slips and she was about to fall but someone holds her..

Rudra from the other end of the corridor was making video.. and looks that a guy has held somya..
A handsome.. Dashing.. guy.. whose hands were on somya’s waist and somya’s was tightly holding his biceps.. And somya’s scarf was on her face.. The guy slowly removes the scarf from her face.. Tucks the hair strands behind her ears.. and smiles at her..
He helps somya in standing and after that taking somya’s hand in his hand says
“My name is reyaan.. nice to meet you Ms. ?”
Somya: somya.. nice to meet u too.. and thank you”

Rudra’s jaw dropped watching this scene.. he was angry on reyaan for saving somya and for failing his plan..

Rudra leaves from there thinking that he needs one more plan to avenge his insult..
******in office******
Shivay asks priyanka to stop worrying and get back to work..
He himself was very disturbed about om.. but he couldn’t let his sister have any worry..
After priyanka leaves shivay gets ready to go in some meeting..
When he steps out of the cabin.. he goes to the store room area to fetch some file..

******in store room******

Shivay enters in the store room.. it was not like store room at all.. it looked like some library.. because liked everything thing to be organized..

Shivay reaches to shelf 30.. where a girl was standing on the library ladder and picking some files.. shivay passes by from there and his leg mistakenly hits the ladder.. and the fall downs into shivay’s arms..

The few files that she was holding fall down and there pages start to fly in the air.. and were faling down one by one..
Shivay looks at the girl she was holding shivay’s collar tightly and has dug her face into his chest out of fear..

Shivay shakes her..(without putting her down)..
Shivay: will you leave my collar?
girl(still scared didn’t let go off his shirt)
Shivay(in a high tone): leave my collar..
His high tone brings the girl back to her senses..
She looks up and

Girl & shivay(together): TUM???
Shivay (still holding her):anika what is your problem?? you have no one other than me on whom you can jump??—[yes it’s anika]–
Anika: excuse me?? Do I look mad that..
(before she can complete)
Shivay: no.. u don’t look like mad.. but you are mad.. that too completely..
Anika: I am not mad.. but you are.. I didn’t fall on my own..
Shivay: oh yes.. now you will say that I am the reason behind this great fall?
Anika: how shameless you are.. firstly u pushed this ladder and now putting blame on me..
Shivay: push?? My leg just touched this ladder.. By that no one can fall..
Anika: u..u..
Shivay (cuts her): oops sorry, I mean no one but u..
Anika: shut up..
Shivay: by the way.. Was it your plan to jump on me so that I may die?
Anika: what??
Shivay (smiling): you are so heavy anika.. Thank god I caught you otherwise if you would have fell on my head… I would have got serious head injury..
Anika (punches shivay’s chest): shut up.. I am just 50.
Shivay: u must be kidding… as far as I can say.. u are no less than 80..
Anika: just shut up… else I will..Kill you..
Shivay: just shut up… don’t dare talk to me like that… no one dares to talk to me like that..
Anika: why? Are u shivay sir?
Shivay: yes, I m shivay Singh oberoi..
Anika: awww, nice joke… but I didn’t find it funny… try on someone else..
Shivay: shut up..

Before they can fight more… priyanka enters into the room and finds both of them fighting and shivay holding anika in his arms…

Priyanka comes clearing her throat…
Priyanka: so, what’s the matter…?
Anika and shivay look at each other and then at priyanka..
Shivay: nothing this girl is crazy…
Anika: look who is talking… he is calling himself shivay sir… and refers to me as mad..

Priyanka laughs at anika’s line… and keeps laughing..

Anika: what happened priyanka… why are u laughing?
Shivay: priyanka?? Don’t u think she is your ma’am?
Anika: ohhoo… Mr. receptionist calls manager by his name… and has problem with me calling her priyanka..
Priyanka (trying to control her laugh): so Mr. Receptionist do you have plans to put her down?

Anika and shivay again look at each other..
Together: whom?

Priyanka laughs again and points her index finger towards them..
Shivay realizes that he has been holding anika from so long… so he simply drops her down..

Anika: ouch… I got hurt… u are so bad…
Shivay: u should thank me… I saved u from falling from that ladder..
Anika: ya.. Saved me from falling so that u can drop me down..(She stands up and puts her hand on her waist)
Shivay: leave it… bhalai ka zamana nahi hai! (no use of being good)
Anika(makes faces): whatever..

Shivay starts to leave… when he reaches near priyanka he says “do not tell this to anyone”
Priyanka smiles at shivay’s statement…

Shivay and anika are standing with their backs facing each other.. shivay at door and anika near shelf.. Both in an angry mood speak together…

*********at beach*********
Om looks down at what he has written.. it was

Om: I will find out the entire truth Mr. oberoi.. Because only because of you I lost love of my life.. I am not going to spare you…

He stands up leaves from there..

********back to office(priyanka’s cabin)********
Priyanka: anika tell me.. Which of these dresses to wear?
Anika(smiles): don’t panic priyanka. .. u will look beautiful in any dress..

[[priyanka was going with karan for a business party.. but u know.. we all want to look beautiful when we go out with our crush]]

Anika: but, won’t you go home and get dressed?
Priyanka: no, I don’t have that much time… I called up my mother, she sent few dresses for me here only.. now please pick one..

Anika picks up a green suit( that prinky wore at rakshabandhan function)
Anika: this one is beautiful..
Priyanka takes it and gets ready..

Priyanka: anika, should I drop u home?
Anika: no, I will go back on my own.. you go and enjoy the party..
Priyanka: sure?
Anika: yes, sure.. byee
Priyanka leaves for the party…

****half an hour later******

Anika leaves from the office.. and waits for auto.. when again shivay asks to sit in his car..
They were on their way to anika’s home when…

********in om’s room*******

Om is sitting near window.. and making a sketch..
His hands stop when…

*******in somya’s (rudra’s) room*******
Somya enters into the room…
Somya: I think I need wash my face first, I feel so tired.. uff..
She gets up and picks towel… and goes into bathroom…

She picks her face-wash bottle and takes some face-wash and applies on her face… she shouts when…


–So answer of these when’s will be given in next part—
–hope u will enjoy this part—
–thank you—
–sorry for mistakes—

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    1. Manu24

      thank you safaq 🙂

  1. Shivika

    Wowwww…..suspensive…..u nailed it dear…..but plzzz make om free of drugs…as i don’t like this part in every ff…….loved the ff

    1. Manu24

      thank you shivika 🙂
      yes, i will do that.. but actually i didn’t wanted to divert from original IB concept…

  2. Awesome

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      thank you aisha 🙂


    Great episode! Loved it especially shivika scene and yeah check out the 2 and the 3 part of my FF and do comment on them.

    1. Manu24

      thank you srinidhi 🙂
      and sure, i will read it..

  4. Akshaya

    Oh bête ki. Awesome episode. I think it must be Rudy’s avenge. Waiting for the surprise

    1. Manu24

      thanks akshaya..
      let’s wait for the next part..

  5. Diyaa


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  6. Khushilovesroumya

    Loved rumya and rehaan oh my good why so much cliffhanger why???? But good one ☺??☺

    1. Manu24

      haha.. sorry for that..
      and thanks 🙂

  7. I just luv it. plz continue writing luv just waiting for your ff

    1. Manu24

      thanks ann 🙂
      will be posting it soon..

  8. Ruksy

    Amazing loved it post soon ???????

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  10. Sairan

    Wowwe…shivika dont no about esch others identity..very nyccc

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  11. Yashu

    Loving it…post nxt episode asap…..

    1. Manu24

      thanks yashu 🙂

  12. Its superbbb…… ,?

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  13. Minion....

    Nice one…I liked shivika moment…and now rudra will be jealous…post next one soon…

    1. Manu24

      thanks minion..
      yes, will be posting it soon..

  14. Razna

    Superb episode..u nailed it manu…..waiting for the suspence!!!…….

    1. Manu24

      thanks razna 🙂

  15. Their fight was awesome !! Loved it…

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      thank you mansi 🙂

  16. Samm

    nice one manu 🙂

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  19. Amazing episode…

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      thankss ankita 🙂

  20. Nithu

    The nxt part will b posted…whn…

    1. Manu24

      when i will write that down 😛

  21. ?? simply loved how u ended the episode with the “when…” i love how my curiousity level just increases and the next time i see anything “-by manu” i click on the link without wasting any time ?? seriously u are once again a fantabulously amazingly awesome writer and im simply in love with ur writing! Waiting for the nexttttt t t t t !! ????

    Lots of love ?

    1. Manu24

      ohh.. thanks awestruck!
      thank you so much..

      and please tell me what’s your real name?

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