Mending her | Introduction| By Fairy205

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People here might have read Nati di’s book

I wanna heart to die but not soul to live” In which after the period of three months separation Shivika began Fark padta hain game and in this game the end up getting married with Vikram and Ragini though it was just a game plan yet destiny played with them and both parted from each other.

Shivaay saw Anika in Vikram embraces and took it in a wrong way as his ego empowered him and in that he titled him ” Gold digger and Characterless

Anika who was already broken hearing those poisonous words from one who once again put life in him.

But he too became cause of snatching life from her body.

Anika ended up dying proving

Yeh dil phir bhi tujhe par marna chahta hai

Par yeh rooh jeena bhi toh nahe chahati !!

( credit for these lines goes to Nati di who wrote it)

[ for reference you can read ” I wanna heart to die but not soul to live” to know what happened that Anika end up saying IWHTDBNSTL]

Then season two came of it with title…

I’ll snatch you from sky too ” In this season Shivaay tears did it’s magic and snatched his love from sky too.

Yet he failed to snatch pains from her life as wellspring of her living was not with her. Her heartbeat….


Which according to all died in an accident when Anika was twelve years old. But Anika never believed on that as she knows that her Maa is alive as her heart is still beating.

And Anika’s believe and her prayer that she did by walking on ambers brought her Maa back to her.

But unfortunately Anika never accepted her nor she called Aarohi ” Maa” for what she was alive till now to her Maa from her Anu but Anu was not more Anu know she became ASR a girl with no emotions left from her Maa.

Her pain was so unbearable that was given by her Maa that she can’t afford to live with one who was her soul as some evil was poisoning her heart.

And like Aarohi left Anika this time Anika made up to leave her heartbeat and heart.

[ for reference please read “I’ll snatch you from sky too” to know the rest]


Aarohi – have you heard what she called me and all are saying that i should….

Dev- Aarohi! You know her anger and in anger what we said or do we ourself don’t know and Anu you know her condition

Gayu- trying to calm Aarohi”

Aarohi sobbing- ek ghuna to bhagwan bhi maaf kata hai na to phir woh kyun nahe.

“Anika angrily”


“Aarohi comes out of couch” Then who you are?

Anika ” Sahil! Chalo”

Sahil- Anika di i promise i won’t lie never but don’t send me

Anika- Sahil don’t argue come otherwise i’ll have to find some foster home for you

Sahil holds Aarohi hand -i want to stay with her

Anika angrily walk to Sahil pull him out of Aarohi hold i’ve no time Sahil for this and better stay away from this lady.

Aarohi- sobbing i’m lady for you

Dev- Anika

Sahil- Anika di she’s crying just see

Anika angrily- so what i can do if she’s crying have i any concern with it?

Chanda angrily- holds Anika hand in rage dragging her in Anika !

What you get by hurting yourself?

Anika jerk her hand -just shut up Chanda. And don’t cross your limits i’ve just listen to you for long just because for a reason otherwise i would have thrown you out.

Gayu- Anika di bus kar dey”

Dev- Anika why can’t you forget that day”

Anika fakely smile- humain yaad he kab tha

Shivaay- Anika why you are this much angry with her? Why just tell what she did?

Anika- that’s non of your business mind that. And Sahil you just wait what’s waiting for you.

Aarohi- kis kis ko apni zindagi say nikhalo gayi?”

Anika reports stern- ap chup ho jaye hoti kon hai ap hum say sawal karnaye wali?

Shivaay- Anika listen

Anika moving towards her room when maid gets hit with her

Maid shudder” i…..m…..

Anika- eye her dress and then maid. What you did?

Maid- sor….

Anika throws the tray away- Are you blind? Jitni tumhari aquat nahe hai na us say kahi expensive dress thi and you spoiled it you…….

Aarohi- gets dumbstruck to listen her words

Shivaay- Ani…

Maid- sorry

Anika shouts- your sorry won’t hide your mistakes leave and don’t show me your face. Gopi , gopi (Anika calling her)

Gopi- yes ma’am”

Anika- throw her out”

Maid crying- Ma’am please”

Shivaay- Anika it’s just a mistake

“Anika walking ahead”- mistake are thrown not kept in.

Gopi- takes maid along with her

Devi g- Aarohi beta! Just tell her were where you otherwise she will be lost if you didn’t…….

Aarohi- makes an excuse and leaves the hall”

After few hours

Man- Here it is

Anika- Good job take your price and leave-

Man- anything for you ASR

“Anika forewarning”- just mean that only ASR and if someone came to know about it you know whom you I’m  talking about, then you won’t even get the time to think.

“Man gets scared of Anika warning”- i won’t open my mouth.

“Anika wear goggles drive away” -now it’s my turn Princess you don’t know me.

Song plays

Rishton ke saare manzar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon
Rishton ke saare manzar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon
Hatho mein sab ke khanjar
Hatho mein sab ke khanjar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon
Rishton ke saare manzar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon

Scene shifts to RM

Aarohi- Dev you can’t handle her for few hours? Why you let her go without security?

Dev- Anu was really angry and….(Aarohi cuts)

Aarohi- And you don’t want to take risk because your friend come Doctor Jeet said that we have to wait because are small mistake and Anu condition can get worst. Right?

Shivaay- Maa please don’t stress

Then you tell me what option i’ve left with? I can’t call her Anu, Gayu can’t call her di and omru can’t call her bhabhi. My heart is pricking seeing her infront of me but yet she’s so far from me.

How misfortune i’m she called me Maa after twenty years but she didn’t remember anything.

Vanhi cursed me and see i’m living in curse that my Anu has forgotten her Maa so soon. She has remembered everything but only has to forget me. Whyyyyyyy?

Aarohi questioning all.

Dev- show some patients Aarohi

Aarohi- i’ve losted from Vanhi i’ve losted she won she won”

Chanda- aunty g you can’t lose never please don’t cry

Gayu- No one can win over our Maa no one

“Dev makes Aarohi sit”- stop crying just stop crying.

Aarohi- Maa hai hum maa aur ab hum say aur bardaasht nahe hota . Uski woh sawali nazrein aur un nazron may humein khud k liya nafart nazar ati hai.

Jin ankho nay humein khud say door na jane na diya tha aaj woh humein ek baar dekha bhi gawara nahe karti kyun .Dev?

Dev- stop crying wait let me call your Anu. He dials but Anika’s fone is not getting reachable.

Shivaay-what happened uncle?

Dev- fone not reachable

“Aarohi worries”- Anu ko kuch ho gay to nahe na.

Shivaay- Maa! Don’t worry let me go and get her back to you. Shivaay runs but then hearing some voices he stops

Aarohi- Anu

Dev- see she’s back and you were stressing yourself

Anika stepping in busy with fone

Aarohi questioning Anika-kaha thi?

Anika- sawal humain kiya tha

Aarohi- har bata ka jawab zaroori nahe”

Anika- exactly! And you have no right to question too. Princess

Jis mein palla hain mere
Bachpan ka lamha lamha
Ujhda huaa sa woh ghar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon

Shivaay- Anika kyun karti ho yeh sab?

What you get just speak?

Anika- because i’m mad. Happy now gets a side i’ve some work. I don’t have time for your family drama.

Hatho mein sab ke khanjar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon

Rishton ke saare manzar

Chup-chaap dekhta hoon

Aarohi alraming Anika- Anu enough not a single word not a single word.

Anika smile- humain to abhi kuch kaha bhi nahe”

Gauri- Anika di won’t you listen to your chutki?

Words of Gauri echoes in Anika ears- Shivaay bhaiya in ka zameer maar gaya hai

Dharta hain kitane tohamat
Mujhpe wajood mera

Anika- i’m not a puppet to dance on your fingers just keep it in mind. She again taking long steps moving up when Aarohi voice stops her

Aarohi- Bhool mat k hum kon hai”

Anika composing herself and spoke…..

Hum nay ap ko yaad he kab kiya tha. Yaad to sirf apni nafart ko kiya tha phir woh baat aur thi ka jab jab humain apni nafart ko awaz de ap ka he zikar in laboo nay cheraa tha.

Shivaay -pagal ho gayi ho Anika khud ko koi itna dard bhi nahe deta jitna tum deti ho

Aarohi crying- kyun karti ho hum say itni nafart?( why you hate me this much)

Anika smiling replied..

jisi tarah mohabbat ki koi wajah nahi hoti us he tarah nafart ki bhi wajah nahe hoti!!

Dharta hain kitane tohamat
Mujhpe wajood mera

Devi g -every word that is coming from your mouth is a lie just a lie Anika beta.

Anika- jhoot bolna humari fitart nahe yeh to kisi aur ki aadat may shamil hai

Dharta hain kitane tohamat
Mujhpe wajood mera

Jab ki mein dil ke andar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon

Rishton ke saare manzar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon

Gauri brushes Anika face- My Anika di can never hate anyone specially your M….( before Gauri could complete)

Hatho mein sab ke khanjar
Hatho mein sab ke khanjar

Anika with firing eyes staring Gauri- tightly shut her mouth and nodding negatively. Don’t knot us.

Rishton ke saare manzar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon

Aarohi- Anu hum jantey hai k tumhara rishtion say bharsosa tood gaya har rishtey ek jesa nahe hota

Anika controlling her emotions- “U are right Princess of Jhodpur”

Woh reh guzar kabhi jo
Manzil ki iptdaa thi

Aarohi angrily- don’t call me that

Anika- you too don’t call me that and what you said

Har rishta ek jesa nahe hota haan nahe hota ek sa par unhi rishton say dhoka khanye k baad dard ek sa he hota hai !!!

Aarohi- every relation is yours Anu just open your eyes and look around

“Anika temper shooting”

Naam ke rishtaye apney nahe hotaye , hoti hai toh un rishton ki chhot apni hoti.

Har rishta bharam ka hota hai kaagaj ki naav jesay dekhney may to lagta hai k yeh par kar jaaye ge lakhon tufaan per jab tufaanon may utarti hai to par lagnaye say phel he kinare par he dhoob jati hai !!!

Aarohi -just hold my hand and then look non can push you down

Anika -about to extend her hand but flashes didn’t let her

Woh reh guzar kabhi jo
Manzil ki iptdaa thi

Anika- humein kisi k sahatey ki zaroorat nahe hai. Sixteen years and i’ve send my life and i’ve quite well learned how to stood up when people like you are their to push me on ground.

Shivaay- Anika come with me you need your medicines look at you your temper is shooting.

Anika- jerks shivaay didn’t you listen i don’t need anyone. She tries to run when Aarohi holds her hand.

Aarohi- listen to me just changed i’m warning you”

Anika graps Aarohi hand keeping it aside with more composing gesture told….




Woh reh guzar kabhi jo
Manzil ki iptdaa thi
Usko main ab palat kar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon
Usko main ab palat kar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon

Anika furiously stepping upstairs having flashback of all pains given by her loved ones

Hatho mein sab ke khanjar
Hatho mein sab ke khanjar

Aarohi- keep on gazing Anika with tears

Anika – hit the door hard and walk inside

Chup-chaap dekhta hoon
Rishton ke saare manzar
Chup-chaap dekhta hoon

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

You all have taken Anika for granted………. Tum sab nay Anika k sadagi dekhi thi ab us ki barbaadi dekho gay. Anika ko sirf dekha tha jaana nahe.

Aasan hai hum per itnay sada dil aise bhi nahi k jis ka jab dil chaha laut aya aur jab chaha chhod dey kar chal diya. Aur phir kaha kuch nahe huwa.

Anika from her tear duct throw off liquid.

You have seen my obsessions for you but not mine insouciance.

After an hour

Dev- Anika is that true you have sign contract with Italian delegation? I told you not to sign it.

Anika- is it a great Baba? A deal of Rs 4700 cores”

Dev- Why you signed it why?”

Anika- baba don’t act childish you know why i’ve signed it”

Dev- Anu you are not going to wear that shoe

Anika smile -see i’ve already wore it and it got perfectly fix in my foot and this time i don’t have to look for another shoe

Shivaay- Anika kya ho gay hai tumhain. Tum kab say pasio k beechi bhaagna lagi?

Anika laugh- the moment i switch from Chandani to Charcoal and see this Shivaay ab to yeh todtaye bhi nahe.

Aarohi- if stony routes are chosen then none shoe can save you from torment. Leave these routes which don’t have any destination except pains”

Anika” humari kabhi koi manzil thi bhi nahe.

Kadam humare, rastey humare aur un raston ki thokar bhi humari hai. Ap ko is say kya… Hai?

Bhavya with puppy face- didu i’m your doll na and you did pinky promise that you will never leave me.

Anika caressing Bhavya hairs- You know what ACP why i didn’t leave you till now?

Bhavya- nods negatively”

Anika pulling her cheeks -Agar tumain kuch ho jata to naam hum per aa jata aur per i’ve to live in guilt.

Shivaay pull Anika towards him- Anika tumhain kuch yaad nahe hai?

Anika – there’s nothing good that i should keep it save

“Shivaay cup Anika face” Anika just look into my eyes and say that nothing is good.

Anika- ab kab say itney dramaebaaz ho gay”

Shivaay- jab say tum say ishq huwa hai tab say ishqbaaz ban gaya hoon

Anika – congrates

Shivaay” just look her Anika”

Anika- Payal go and pack your luggage

Payal- Ma’am please try to understand”..

Dev- Anika

Anika irately- what?

Dev- how you will go? I’ve your passport and cards”

Anika laughs- see this baba all brand new passport and cards with all brand new name and identity.

Dev- Anika beta how can you

Anika- walking around Dev my dear baba forgotten your own sayings what you taught me in Canada ? Just don’t hit your head let me remind you off……. Anika reporting to him with big voice




Shivaay -Anika stop behaving rude to everyone it’s enough of you

Dev -you……

Anika- Me

Payal- Sir please I accepted i lied to ma’am but my father was not well and i without informing….. ( Anika cuts )

Anika- but i’m informing you just think what you want to have your so called lies and family or job”

Payal- Ma’am just listen

Dev- Payal just quit the job and go i’ll handle this”

Payal- Sir i can’t i did agreement with ARS and if i break any of the clause then my whole career will be spoiled and my family will be on road

Shivaay -how can Anika do this?

Gayu- she’s ASR bhaiya”

Anika busy with fone yup put all the conditions and first mail me then to them i’m coming just wait for an hour.

Aarohi- stop Anu yourself Dev.

Dev- Anika beta leave her

Anika stepping upstairs talking on fone ordering Payal to leave

Payal- Ma’am you also have a family…….( payal about say further when Anika move shocked her and rest)

Anika breaks the fone in rage with heavy dangerous stepping down.

what you said come again?

Faces gets black and white

Payal terrifyingly- ma’am

Aarohi- Payal beta you go”

Anika eyes getting red- Hey!!! wait don’t move an inch and just say what you said a minute a go? Huh?

Payal shaddering -You always have family

Anika – Didn’t anybody told you who i’m ?

Payal -ASR

Anika shouts- I’M ORPHANED”

Aarohi – strumbles

Anika stealingly gazes Aarohi her eyes filling with pain

All cup their mouth

“Payal shockingly gazes all”

Anika snap- So Miss Payal Mehra i’m sure you know meaning of ORPHANED.

Jis ka kon nahe hota, hota hai to sirf…….( words dying in her mouth)

Anika- Payal leave and i need you with in an hour”

Aarohi shouts – MAA HAI HUM TUMHARI

“Anika hit her hand on table”

M SAY M…..




Anika stepping back i’m going but before that listen to me Princess Of Jhodpur

M k baad to N he ata hai na.

Whole hall gets filled with darkness Anika shut her eyes tightly. She start mummering Shivaay but non report her back a pin drop salient accurs but after few second only wheeze( to breathe loudly and with difficulty) of Anika filled in the hall. She start stepping back when two strong hands holds her.

Aarohi with remote turns on the lights

Bhavya- Anika di open your eyes light is back

Anika slowly open her eyes wipes her sweat she stares Shivaay rudely and start stepping out when a voice fixes her feet

Going abroad ma’am without passport” Aarohi reporting to Anika with deadly voice

Anika- check her pocket gets shocked to find it empty she turns and finds Aarohi playing with it. Give my passport back to me

Aarohi extend her hand- come and take it.

Anika orders Bhavya- Go and get my passport from her.

Bhavya- shows her tongue to Anika

Aarohi- come yourself , take your brand new passport and fly to Italy……

“Anika shouts” Just give it back to me i’m telling you

“Aarohi lighten up the lighter”

Your brand new passport with new name Right? Is all set to get roasted….. run and safeguard it.

Anika -Nooo!!!!

Aarohi – but i did that see….. passport catches fire

Anika- She runs towards Aarohi don’t do that she about snatch it when………..”

“Aarohi tightly slap Anika”

A for Aarohi ka Ansh Anu….. Anika falls on the floor and blood exude from her lips.

All gets shocked to see Aarohi eyes blood shot red

Dev shouts -Aar…….

Aarohi shows her hand to all- bussss ab koi beech may nahe boley ga( now non is going to say a word)

Anika trembles on floor -with Aarohi voice….

Aarohi- har rishtey nay tumhain chot di thi na to us rishtaye ko saza do khud ko nahe.

Bohat shok hai na khud ko dard dena ka aaj humein tumhein dard aur dard ka eshaas karwatey hai

Anika- breathing heavily

Aarohi marches to Anika- i told you don’t make me angry but you have turn so willful that you……

Anika pushing herself backward- i’m not scared off you

Aarohi makes Anika stand squeeze her shoulder tightly.

Just because of me you are knotted with these relation and just because of me you are trying to free yourself from these relation.

So today i’m gonna teach you meaning of relations and what relation you knot with them.

Anika- let me go

Aarohi slap Anika – B for baba she drag her to Dev

Dev crying- Aarohi! Leave her look at her condition.

Aarohi- No!! I warned you that stop her yourself otherwise i’ve to show her myself….

Now speak out what relation you have with them?

Anika gulping with fear – ba.. ba

Aarohi clutching Anika- just baba..

“Anika nodding negatively”

Aarohi shouts – then what?

Anika shudders in Aarohi hold- Anu’s baba

Dev- Aarohi please stop

Aarohi slap her again – B for Billuji

Shivaay- Maa! Please

Anika gazing Shivaay

Aarohi- your knot name?”

Anika- my husband

O jaana plays

Aarohi slap her again drag her to Gauri and Chanda” C for…..

Chanda” tries to hug Anika but Aarohi pull Anika back”

Aarohi- wait Chanda let me make her understand today value of relations.
So who they both are ?

Anika coughing – chutki and Chanda. She’s my sister and she’s my friend

Aarohi slap her again…..D for

Devi g crying- Aarohi beta bus kar do

Aarohi- wait maa g let me teach her impotance of life ” Aarohi brushing Anika face… kon hai yeh dono.( she points towards Devi g and Bhavya)

Anika sniffs- dadi g and doll

Bhavya cries -about to run from there when Aarohi stop her”

Aarohi drags Anika to center slap her again this for having morel from Vanhi she was piosioning your life and you where intaking them with love.

Tumhain apnay hathon say khana sirf hum khila sakhtay sirf hum.

Anika- falling weak getting dizzy

Aarohi slap her again- And F for family…. your complete family and you are not Orphan you are not Orphan….. Aarohi squeezing Anika and shaking her hard.

All these relations you can’t purchase them from any market did you get that. Relations are not bought nor sold.

You have your family and you have beautiful relation with them. Did you hear meeeee?

Aur N say phel yeh sab ataye hai.

Anika- hmm

Aarohi makes her sit on couch- bring water for her i’m not done yet with my lessons.

Shivaay- quickly gets water for Anika and make her drink it

Anika gets bit conscious about to stand but Aarohi pushes her back.

Aarohi – just listen to Anu what you think i just came ten days back? Hai?

Anika still not meeting Aarohi… ….nods yes

Aarohi squeeze her face tightly- it’s being a month , a month i’m here.

Tumhein sab yaad raha , sab agar koi bhoola to hum bhulaye kyunnnnn?

Anika gazes Shivaay with shock


Aarohi pull her face towards her- And i’m watching you since that and trying to making you understand that stop playing with yourself but you keep on playing with your life you were taking drugs and alcohol…… Aarohi slap her again…..You tried to commit suicide again Aarohi slapped her.

Kaha tha humnay k Anu humain gusa nahe dilao agar humain gusa aa gaya to tum bardaasht kar nahe sako ge…… Aarohi bang her hand on table.

Anika- gazes Aarohi hand

Dev-Aarohi! It’s enough please spare her for now

All pleading Aarohi to spare Anika but Aarohi deny their pleading

Listen to me for last time Anu tomorrow with a new rise your new life will rise. You have to do what i’ll ask you to do…..Aarohi again to bang her hand on table before her hand gets hit with table Anika puts her hand on table so it doesn’t hurt Aarohi.

( This whole track is written by Nati di. Here not a single word is written by me.

All credit goes to Nati di who wrote it)


So this was the plot I picked from Nati di ff and from here I’ll add my own flavour to it hope you all will like it and will support me.

I’m not doing any plagiarism friends. I just requested Nati di and she allowed me to take her ff to different dimension.

Please support me and tell wether should I continue or not?


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