You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 32

RECAP : ReThik’s cute talk in airplane. ReThik and family meet their friends. They have dinner on Ravi’s house. ReThik’s phone conversation. Revathi Jr’s so called fan (Amritha) messaging her.

Scene 1 :

Revathi Jr wakes up, smiles reading Amritha’s message.

She goes to hall.

Andal : Revathi, where have you kept the cutlery?

Revathi Jr : It’s in the left drawer ma.

Andal : Why so happy?

Revathi Jr shows Amritha’s message to her. She also smiles.

Andal : She will be so lucky to meet you.

Revathi Jr : Don’t know when she will come.

Andal : Hope you both develop a strong bond.

Scene 2 :

Karthik : Amma, the day has arrived. I’m finally going to office after a long time.

Revathi Sn : That’s a good decision even though boss told you to come next week. You both understood that career is also important. I’m proud of you my children.

His parents bless him.

Karthik hugs them and Tamil. He leaves with a smile.

Shakthivel : Revathi, me and Azhagar are going to card shop to buy invitations for Karthik’s engagement.

Revathi Sn : Okay, we will conduct their engagement in a grand manner.

Shakthivel : Sure.

They smile.

(The same scene happens in Revathi Jr’s house.)

Scene 3 :

Tamil in her room, checks Facebook and receives a friend request from Ravi.

Tamil : Wow! I was going to do this, but he himself did.

She happily accepts the request.

They have a friendly chat.

Scene 4 :

ReThik arrive at the office. Boss gets surprised seeing them.

Boss : Wow! Revathi and Karthik, you both came soon. But I asked you to come after a week.

Karthik : Career is an essential part of life sir. So we came. We didn’t want to miss any updates.

Revathi Jr : Sir, I’m new to this company. I came and worked here for 4 days. Hope you remember me.

Boss : Yes, I remember you Revathi. I’m proud of you two. I’m really lucky to have you as employees of my company.

ReThik smile.

Karthik : Sir, We’ve finished our second project. (This scene was not shown.)

Boss : Well done both of you. Give it to me. Anyways, where’s Amruth?

Karthik : Sir, I can’t hide this from you, but you shouldn’t get angry. He’s in Madurai jail.

Boss gets shocked.

Boss : In jail? Did he do anything?

Karthik : Actually, he troubled our family.

Boss : Oh god. I’m ashamed to say that he’s your senior. I’m firing him. He may mess something in my company.

Revathi Jr : Sir, please don’t. Though he’s bad, he’s really sincere in his work.

Karthik : Revathi’s right sir. It will affect his life. Please don’t fire him. He’s our senior.

Boss : Okay, as you say. None can be generous employees like you.

Karthik : It’s okay. We both are having engagement next week. Please do attend sir.

Boss : Sure.

Boss blesses ReThik.

Revathi Jr : Sir, invitation will get ready tomorrow. We both will give it to you.

Boss : Okay. Carry on. All the best.

ReThik : Thank you sir.

Boss smiles and goes to his cabin.

ReThik do their regular work in the office.

Scene 5 :

ReThik finish their duty and go to café for an evening date.

Revathi Jr : This is the first time I’m coming here.

Karthik : That’s why I brought you for a date.

She smiles.

Revathi Jr : Karthik, how do you want our engagement and marriage to be?

Karthik : You tell first. I thought to ask but you did.

Revathi Jr : No, you tell first, cause I was first to ask.

Karthik : I’m okay with whatever our parents are deciding. You?

Revathi Jr : Me too. They are the reason we are still together.

Karthik smiles.

Waiter : Excuse me sir, what would you like to have?

Karthik : Hmm. Revathi, do you want smoothie?

Revathi Jr : Your wish.

Karthik : Okay. One mango smoothie please.

Revathi Jr : Actually, two smoothies. Don’t you want Karthik?

Karthik : No, we will share it.

Waiter : Okay sir.

Revathi Jr : How would we share this drink?

Karthik : Very simple. Two straws and our eyes are enough.

Revathi Jr : Eyes?

Karthik : Why not? I can’t drink without seeing you.

Revathi Jr blushes.

Waiter : Here’s your drink and straws sir. Enjoy.

Karthik : Thank you bro.

ReThik’s BGM plays. They drink the smoothie and have an eyelock. Karthik winks at Revathi Jr and she smiles.

Everyone set their eyes on ReThik and smile.

Receptionist : Congrats! You both won the contest along with four couples.

Revathi Jr : Sorry, contest?

Receptionist : Actually, today’s a special day for couples in our place. Any five couples who are the cutest will be dancing on the stage.

Revathi Jr : Karthik, what’s this?
(She gets shy.)

Karthik : Thank you Mam. But we are not dancing as we didn’t wear proper attire.

Everyone insist them. They finally agree.

ReThik with the other couples romantically groove to the song ‘Take me to your heart’. ReThik have an eyelock.

Next episode promo : ReThik get selected for the project presentation. A week passes by and it’s time for ReThik’s engagement. Amritha meets Revathi Jr and her family.
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