Mein fir bhi tumko chahunga (episode 4)

Suhani started walking ahead
The road was quite away from the city
I didnt found anyone
Just then it started raining
I ran behind suhani
I thanked gauri in my mind for giving me a jacket to protect myself from rain
I ran behind suhani and held her hand
She looked at me angrily

We both were totally wet
I putted jacket on our heads
We were under the jacket
We both looked at each other
She came out of the jacket and started walking
She hurted her leg with a wooden stick badly

She was about to fall but i held her
Her eyes were closed bcoz of fear
She opened her eyes and found me holding her
She tried to walk but her heels were broken and i was knowing that the suhani shrivastav will never walk on this slippery road and also in this heavy rain without her heels
I picked her up in my arms
She shouted to put her down but i replied that i know that the suhani shrivastav will not walk without her heels
She stayed quiet after listening this
The whole journey was quiet

We reached her home
I putted her down and she opened the door
We entered the house everyone else have left and gauri was sleeping in her room
Suhani started walking towards her room
I shouted – people also dont say thank you

She spoke – thank you and started walking towards her room
I went to her and held her hand and holded her from her waist and came close to her and slowly kissed her lips and wisperd welcome in her ears
She was shocked but before she could speak anything i left from there

Next morning
I woke up and went down after getting fresh
We were on the dining table
We were quitely eating our breakfast but suahni was sneezing badly bcoz she had catched cold
I was smiling recalling last night

Just then i heard doorbell
Suhani walked towards the door to open it
I looked at the door
Suhani opened the door and she hugged a man
I hated it but couldnt do anything

Suhani made him sit on the dining table infront of me
Gauri – bhai he is abhimanyu our neighbour
I shaked my hand with abhimanyu
Suhani served him breakfast but abhimanyu held her hand and made her sit beside him
I was angry actually i should say i was jealous
How could he do that infront of me . I love her yaar .

Gauri left for college
Abhimanyu – so mr. Yuvraj how many days are here you for ?
I was angry that why he cares i will be here its my place
I replied – umm tommorow
I looked at suhani she looked at me back .
Just then mr. Abhimanyu spoke
Abhimanyu – suhani now i should leave
Abhimanyu stood up and hugged suhani amd told her that he will miss her
I was soo angry
Abhimanyu left after bidding me bye

When suhani came after closing the door
I held her tightly and pinned her to the nearby wall
Suhani – leave me it is hurting me
Yuvraj – no i thought after yesterday you love me but you dont
Suhani – no i dont
Yuvraj – why you dont
Suhani – coz you dont like my colour
Yuvraj – no suhani when you left i realized that i love you
Suhani – but that day you rejected me and today i reject you

Suhani left from there

Precap – confession…

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