SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 29(ishqbaaz ff)

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Here is the 29th epi. and the next one be past revelation!!!

Epi 29-

Shivaay notices anika lost

Shivaay- umm, anika, where are you lost??

Aditya looks up surprised at the mention of ‘anika’

Anika- no, nothing shivaay, just thinking about some random stuff
She turns towards rudra who was holding a bottle of water.

Anika (she deliberately puts forward the hand on which the charm bracelet is)- rudra will u please hand over the bottle to me? (she shakes her hand a little so that it catches aditya’s attention)

And it did. Aditya did look at the bracelet and the was shocked but happy and surprised, ne could not react but the only word that left his mouth was “melody” he said it loud enough for everyone to hear it. Everyone look at him with a quizzical expression except anika and Ishana. For anika, happiness was overflowing but she still wanted more proof while Ishana was surprised hearing ‘melody’ from Aditya cause that is what he calls the eldest of his two younger sisters and only her.

Aditya finally made a move, he held anika’s hand and was as if he was checking if the charm bracelet is real or not. He stopped, he looked into anika’s eyes which already were filled with tears, his eyes tore apart too.
Aditya- you… you are my melody right? My life’s song, my melody right?

He cupped her face and asked again.
Aditya- please tell… talk… u r my melody na? my intuition cant be wrong this… this charm bracelet cant be wrong, I can always identify it… u are my melody…… please talk!!! Say it dammit!!

Anika could not do anything, she was rooted to her place she was just staring at him. How would she react? What would she tell? Well, there was more than one way to react and more than a thousand things to tell………… but she had just found her brother, after 14 long and dark years, she had met her brother unexpectedly, without any clue.

Anika could not take it anymore, she let her tears roll down, she let her heart cry.
Anika- yes!! yes I am. I am ur melody. The melody who went far away from u 14 years ago. I am…

Aditya instantly hugged her, she too reciprocated, she felt the same brotherly warmth, the brotherly love, the brotherly care everything which she had missed all these 14 years. True she had sahil beside her but he was very young, Aditya was her elder brother.

Anika- adi bhaiyya…

A gush of happy emotional emotions started flowing inside him, he so wanted to hear this from his melody, he had heard it from his nriti and now he got to hear it from melody. This day just couldn’t get better. He found his happiness today, he had got back his only lifelines.

Aditya- shhh… I know, I understand melody.

That was enough for anika to stay calm she knew she did not have to speak because her adi bhaiyya understood her feelings and her emotions before she could express.
Everyone else was perplexed, even though they had expected the best and the worst, they were still perplexed. Anyone would be after seeing a brother and sister meet after so many years suddenly. But Ishana had happy tears flowing down her cheeks, well, it was her best day too first she found her adi bhaiyya and now anika.

Adika (Aditya and anika) broke the hug. Adi wiped anika’s tears and she wiped away his. They smiled, and anika just closed her eyes for a while to be able to take in the happiness she just got and adi understood it.

Aditya- the happiness shock is not yet over melody.

Anika was confused hearing that and looked quizzically at adi

Aditya- well, my melody is here and so is the dance of my life… my nriti is here too!!
Anika looked surprised and others were confused, they were all thinking ‘now who is nriti?’

Ishana looked up to face anika.

Anika looked around
Anika- nriti!! U… mean shanu? Where… where is she, bhaiyya I want to see her, I… tell please where is she.

Aditya did not reply but quietly went, held ishana’s hand and brought her in front of anika
Aditya- here she is, our shanu.

To say that om was shocked beyond limit would be an understatement.
Anika- sh… shanu?

Ishana nodded her head and hugged anika
Ishana- taai, anika taai I missed u so much, everyday I would look up in the sky and stare at the moons and stars and remember you.

Anika gently stroked her hair to calm her down, she too was surprised and overflowing with happiness but she was a very good elder sister.

Anika- shanu, u… u r so grown up and beautiful (breaking the hug and cupping her face)
Aditya- why will she not be? She has grown to be just like ichcha atya (father’s sister in Marathi)
Ishana- this is not true taai, bhaiyya is just saying like that. I am nowhere near maa.
Mallika- wait wait wait, just a minute. Mr. Aditya Raichand is your brother anika??
Anika ( wiping her tears)- yes, he is my adi bhaiyya and I am Anika Raichand.
Rudra (gulping down the new found news)- so papa was right, you are anika Raichand, Mr. Rajesh Raichand’s elder daughter!!
Om (recovering from the shock he got)-but… but how is Ishana related to u??
Rudra (thinking)- there were so many revelations made here and he is interested in Ishana!! Has he forgotten what she did or what??
Aditya- umm… nriti, I mean Ishana is our sister.
Shivaay- sister??!!
Ishana- no, I am not their real sister…
Anika (cutting off Ishana)- shanu is not out real sister but she is not less than our real sister.

Tej and shakti who were present there but were silent finally spoke

Tej- I guess we should head back home, it is getting dark and it is going to be a long way with the Mumbai traffic.
Shakti- bhaisaab is right, we should go back home and we can discuss there
Ishana- I informed mona and thankfully papa is home.
Aditya- that is good, I think we too should head back home.
Sid- me and mallika too will leave, dad wanted to meet us.

Saying so siddika left.

While it was obvious that the oberois would go to oberoi mansion and as planned Aditya and Ishana would go to ishana’s home, anika was confused where she would go.
All started to leave but anika did not move.

Aditya- melody? What happened? R u not coming?
Anika- bhai where should I go? The house where I have been living all these years or with u to shanu’s house?
Ishana- of course u r coming to my home taai, there is no doubt about that.

Anika agrees and they start leaving. At the parking lot where all the cars were parked, Aditya goes to pack up his things that he had left in his room and to get his luggage.
Anika greets the oberoi member’s bye and finally when she comes to shivaay, he takes her aside telling that he needs to talk to her, while the oberois understood his real “talk”, Ishana did not.

After shivika leave from there, ishkara share an eyelock, om was practically confused at today’s revelations regarding ishana’s identity whereas Ishana was guilty for what she did and still angry with what he said about her family on the day of their fight.

Scene shifts to shivika,

Shivaay- anika, I am surprised at today’s revelations. I know u are very happy on finding ur brother after 14 years. I don’t know what tore u apart from ur brother and sister, what happened 14 years ago, it is completely fine by me if u don’t want to tell…
Anika- no no, I cant keep this from u or any one of the oberoi family. I will tell everything tomorrow, now since adi bhaiyya is also by my side and so is shanu, it is time chaddas face their worst times.
Shivaay- chaddas???? From where did the chaddas come?
Anika- shivaay, I told u right, I will explain everything tomorrow but right now I must go, adi bhaiyya and shanu would be waiting for me

Shivaay reluctantly nods. Anika walks a few steps but stop, turns, runs and hugs shivaay throwing her arms around his neck. Shivaay instantly wraps his arms around her waist.

Anika (still in the hug)- now don’t spend the whole night thinking about me or my past, wasting one night’s sleep like u did the other day, understood?

Shivaay just smilled and hummed in response.
They broke the hug,

Shivaay- from when did u start calling me shivaay?
Anika- it was just for today, BILLUJI!!

Shivaay nods giving her a ‘u will never change’ wala look

They come back to the parking lot hand in hand, Ishana finds it weird

Ishana (thinking)- boss and employee are sooo friendly, something is cooking, first Mr. SSO takes taai to the side for some “talk” and now they come hand in hand……………….. ufffho Ishana ki bachchi!! She is your anika taai, what are you thinking she and SSO, NO!!!

Precap- Anika- bhaiyya pls, for me please. Till now I did not reveal anything to anyone but now I really must tell the oberois. Ishana pov- why is anika taai wanting to tell them about us?…………………. ishu ishu ishu u are simply overthinking…………………… anyways, it is good that we are going to OM, I am feeling so happy I can clear out everything with omkaraji, yuuuupppiee!!!!…………… wait wait wait why am I feeling happy and excited about clearing out everything with him? Who is he to me? She reminisces herself calling riddhima as sautan and dreaming to be om’s wife

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