Mehrya My version part 80

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Part 80 08/05/2018

Shaurya arranged for all to travel by plane as the journey by road is almost 6hrs and everyone will be exhausted and not safe as well. He checked on all and ask the Sharma’s come to airport directly and Khanna’s will join them at the airport. Mehak was packing her clothes and Shaurya came to their room. Mehak saw him and asked all preparation done Shaurya, he replied yeah all done we need to pack and leave airport on time , then she asked him is these clothes okay for you or I take the others, he checked the suitcase and ask her to settle hers first and he will do his one he went to the walk in wardrobe to bring out some casual wears for him and Mehak helped to fold and pack inside the suitcase. Dolly maasi came to their room and asked whtr they already packed or not. Mehak replied all done and they will be coming downstairs in short while. Shaurya get dressed up and all went downstairs. All of them get into their car and reached airport on time. Mehak went to greet all she carried baby Mahi and play with her. Shaurya came to her and played along with her. Vicky called Shaurya to check all and he guided all to the gate to check in and he hold Mehak’s waist aside and pull her to him so baby now all are going on a family trip as you promised lets work on our honeymoon , Mehak pouted and asked him to behave and don’t talk as all are here he gently push her hair and caress her cheek what can I do if wife is this hot and s*xy I can’t stay quiet so let them think anything I don’t care, Nehal came to interrupt them love birds lets go continue all your talk at Rishikesh. Shaurya smiled and side hugged Mehak and walk with them.

They boarded the plane and within 1 hr. they reached Dehradun. From Dehradun a coach has been arranged for all to Rishikesh. They reached Rishikesh and they headed to their hotel. At hotel lobby they were greeted by the staff and guided them to their rooms. Shaurya asked all to fresh up and meet at the below restaurant for lunch. Shaurya hold Mehak’s hand and walks towards their room. They entered their room and Mehak relaxed at the bed, Shaurya locked the room door and join her on the bed, he rested his head on her tummy Mehak ruffles his hair. They relaxed for a while having their usual naughty talks. After taking a deep breath Shaurya gets up and asked her to fresh up lets go down to restaurant and maybe we can go for site seeing. Shaurya went to fresh up and came saw Mehak still on the bed she raise her hands on air signed him to lift her from the bed , he went to help her pull out from the bed and before she goes to the washroom she give a peck and run inside. Shaurya shakes his head and waited for her to come out and both went down to the restaurant to have lunch with all. Mehak sat next to PD and help her to get some food.  Once lunch over the elders requested to take a rest and will continue in the evening, Shaurya, Mehak, Vicky and Nehal plan to go and sightseeing. Sonal stayed back with baby Mahi. Shaurya brings Mehak to the hotel surrounding and showed her the hill which is covered with the thick mist, she was amazed looking at the scenery and how beautiful is the surrounding. She hugged him and said Shaurya this place is like heaven so beautiful. He turned her and hugged her from back and said nothing is as beautiful as my Mehak. Mehak see him sideways and pouted him and smiled as they enjoy watching the mountains, river and birds chirping. Then they walk further down seeing around. They reached the Laxman Jhula Bridge and seeing the height Mehak gets paranoid she gripped tightly on Shaurya’s arm. Nehal and Vicky walked in front as Shaurya pacify her not to be scared of the height and it will be fine, he is there. She keep denying to walk on that bridge. Shaurya said then let me walk and come back she pulled him back no you don’t go without me how if anything happen. He looked at her for a while she brave herself and grip his arm tightly and shut her eyes as Shaurya holds her firmly walks on the bridge. Mehak keep chanting Matarani Matarani help me please, Shaurya chuckle seeing her like this and as they reached the middle of the bridge he stopped and said Mehak you can open your eyes, we already reached. Mehak slowly lifts her head and opens her eyelid slowly still gripping to Shaurya. She was terrified seeing they still on the bridge and she clung to Shaurya and clasped him tightly. Seeing her antic Nehal and Vicky laughed heartedly. Shaurya caressed her back gently and ask her to see slowly as she hold on to him after few minutes she opens her eyes slowly she peep thru her eye lids than she open her eyes wide and see the great scenic and river rafters below the bridge going rafting. She can’t speak as the view is amazing, Shaurya called her Mehak are you alright? She replied him hmm Shaurya. Then why are you still holding on to me like this? She let go her grip slowly and stand apart from him then he asked how is the view. She replied it’s so so beautiful she quickly hold his hand please hold me I so scared to see the bridge down. Shaurya replied yes hold on to me tightly its 70ft down and you don’t know how to swim. The bridge was swaying while they stand watch the amazing view. He walked her to the other end and Vicky tease her, if we all takes 10minutes to walk bhabhi and bhaiya takes 30minutes because 20 minutes they are romancing there. Shaurya give him a deathly glare whilst Mehak hugging Shaurya and laughing on his chest. They walked around the town for a while then sometimes they walk back to their hotel via the same bridge. Shaurya told her during night and sunrise the sceneries is must see. Mehak asked him excitedly so will you bring me, he replied her with his killer smile and ask her walk quickly as the bridge is narrow and there are people behind them, she walked with him crossing the bridge. Nehal asked jiju when we can go for river rafting, Mehak said no river rafting it’s dangerous. Nehal replied di river rafting is adventure sports, you wouldn’t know because you don’t like anything adventure. She kept denying not going for that river rafting because she is scared. Vicky said bhabhi you can wait for us we 3 will go and let you know how it is. Mehak denied saying no one is doing all these adventure sports, they need to go temple and pray for family happiness and blessings.

They reached hotel and all the rest of the family gathers at the café down there having their hot tea and coffee. They ask the young ones how was the city and Nehal explain how Mehak behave while crossing the bridge. PD ask her not to tease her laddoo like that. Mehak sat beside her and PD feed her with a snack. Kanta chachi was holding baby Mahi and Mehak took her from her and ask them to have their snack first she will play with her. Mehak took the 3 months old and started to play and talk in baby language with her. Shaurya sees them and walks to sit next to her. He ask them to pose and took a few shots before Mehak pass the baby to him and he looked at both and said Mehak, Mahi and you have no much difference. Both have chubby cheeks, big eyes and also babies. She leaned on his shoulders from back wrapping him on his chest and he asked her now you are not worried someone will see or say something is it? She replied my hubby I will hug him is my wish. His face brighten up hearing her reply. Mehak asked do I look like a baby to you. Haan you are like big baby cute, soft, chubby, angelic and innocent when you doing the pouty thing. She smiled and thank you patidev. The rest of the evening well spent with the family and Kanta chachi told all to wake up early as after morning breakfast they will need to go to temple to start their offerings. All retired to their room. Mehak fresh up and sat on the bed while Shaurya came out of the washroom. He came to sit with her and asked so have you decided. She asked decide what? Where are we going to our second honeymoon? She can’t believe it and asked Shaurya we just came here today and you started to plan for our honeymoon. First complete all the prayers then we will think where to go. He didn’t give up he asked do you want to go somewhere in India or outside India? Like Switzerland, Paris or Australia? She quickly covers the blanket and hide turn to her side and off the night light and bid him good night I am tired and want to sleep. Shaurya looking at her dido he did the same kissing on her hair and hugging her tummy and slept close to her.

Morning all were up, Mehak wore a yellow cotton long dress and they gets ready for the temple. They reached the temple and did the prayers. Shaurya and Mehak did some Pooja together. After completion of the Pooja they decided to visit other worshipping place located nearby. They visited all temples and did most of the Pooja. Kanta chachi and Jeevan chachu said we have completed all the prayers and offerings. We also donated meal to the temple for the family’s happiness.  Shaurya suggested since all has been done maybe we can go shopping, site seeing and some activity before we leave. Ravi chachu excitingly said I am in puttar I am ready to go he said as he hold Mansi chachi. Daduji tells them to go and enjoy, he and PD will return to hotel and rest. Dolly maasi, Karuna maa and Harish papa also said they will do some shopping and go back to hotel. Kanta Chachi and Jeevan chachu accompanied Sonal to sightseeing and return to hotel.

Shaurya and Mehak planned to sightseeing around the town, they roamed around the town and grab some street snacks. Later Mehak and Nehal rested as Shaurya went to grab some juice. As Shaurya get for them their juice, Shaurya bump into his old college mate. He is Rahul Malhotra from Mumbai. They greeted each other and asked how their wellbeing is. Rahul asked what is he doing in Rishikesh, Shaurya replied came for prayers with family. He asked what are you doing here, he replied I am getting married yaar so came to get blessings before distributing the wedding cards. Since I met you here I will give your card you must definitely come for my wedding. Well I heard you are married as well but you didn’t invite me yaar , Shaurya smirked and said sorry yaar it was done in rush and I couldn’t invite all just a small family function. Well I can introduce you to my wife she is here, he pointed to Mehak and Nehal who is sitting away. He pointed to Mehak with yellow suit that’s my wife. Rahul asked since you are a lion let me see your wife is lioness or cat. Shaurya asked what are you going to do, he said just wait and see. Rahul walks towards Mehak and Nehal. He interrupted them, hey beautiful can I join you? Mehak looked at him and asked excuse me Mr who are you? He replied since you girls are alone I thought of giving company , Mehak and Nehal looks at each other and thinks this guy should be some kind of duffer and they walked away as he annoys. But he didn’t stop he walks behind them , Shaurya looking at them from a distance thought looks like Rahul will get something and I am not sure how bad is that going to be. He started to walk towards them , and one point Mehak loose her cool and she turned to face Rahul she pull up her sleeve , and asked what do you want looks like 1 slap on both sides will settle your problem now we are Delhi girls not afraid of anyone,  she attempt to take out her jota. Seeing this Shaurya mumbled Oh Shit! And he rushes there and stops Mehak, baby baby please calm down yourself. Shaurya do you know this badtameez Besharam kahinka from just now disturbing and talking rubbish. Let me give him one so he won’t repeat this to anyone.  Nehal asked Shaurya to move aside let Mehak to give this badtameez bhel one. Shaurya stops both and said he is my friend he wanted to tease you. Hearing this Mehak immediately dropped her jota and give her apologetic look. Rahul laughed heartedly and said Shaurya your wife is just like you short tempered. If you never come to save me now both of them have gone mad and beat the hell out of me. Later Shaurya introduce Mehak to Rahul Malhotra as his college mate. Mehak apologized for her shortcoming and ask him to forgive as she didn’t know that he is Shaurya’s friend. Rahul replied it’s not necessary as he the one initiated the idea so now he knows how Delhi girls are after this he won’t pull her leg. He told them that they should definitely come to his wedding as he has planned for a destination wedding at Udaipur Palace in Rajasthan. They must come to his wedding. The young gang spend their evening there and Rahul suggested Shaurya to do river rafting the next day. Shaurya looked at Mehak and said my wife is not very adventurous type she don’t know how to swim, he replied bhabhi you don’t need to worry you will be wearing life jackets so nothing will happen. Shaurya said its okay yaar we will go and she will wait for us at the river bay.

Next day, at river bay, Shaurya, Vicky, Nehal and Rahul gathered with Mehak for river rafting. Shaurya came to Mehak and asked this your last chance you sure not coming with us for the river rafting. She scrunched her nose and said no I don’t want all these adventure sport. Vicky called bhaiya its our turn, before leaving Shaurya hugged Mehak and kissed on her forehead and said okay be good and wait for me here I will be back okay he nodded and went to join the others for the river rafting. Mehak send her silent prayers saying all should be well and nothing bad should happen. She waited near the river bay as they raft left from there. Shaurya and the gang took the 14km from Shivpuri and enjoyed rafting and once reach a point they had tea and some snacks to warm up and return to their starting point. Mehak gets excited as the raft comeback she saw Nehal, Vicky and Rahul coming down from raft but Shaurya is not there. She gets up from there and asked them where is Shaurya, they all kept quiet and looked down. She asked Nehal she didn’t reply she asked Vicky and he kept quiet as well. She raised her voice and ask why you all are keeping quite where Shaurya is. Vicky said bhabhi, bhaiya jumped from the raft and said he will swim they guide told him not to do it he didn’t listen. Mehak’s heart beat faster hearing it she hold her forehead to support herself. She asked them you guys are joking right, Nehal step in and said its true di, jiju not in the raft when we return back. Mehak step back hearing it and she suddenly hit something very hard she turned and saw Shaurya stands behind her, she immediately buried her face in his chest and her hands went around him he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. He asked Mehak what happened he heard her sobbing and asked her why is she crying. She clings to him tightly while he silently lets her vent her distress. She lifts her head and looked up at him cupping his cheeks asking are you alright Shaurya, they are saying something and I got so scared and can’t breathe. If anything happen to you I can’t live a second without you, he shushed her and said nothing happen Mehak these 3 wanted to play prank on you the idea is from your Dewar and my saali. Rahul wanted to see your reaction. They ask me to follow but I know you will be upset but before he could finish his sentence Mehak tilted her head and looked at him and you wanted to make me cry right? She pushed him and walked away. Rahul came to Shaurya and annoyed him yaar I thought your wife is sherni and will be fine but for this small prank she is so serious and she crying so much. Nehal replied di can be sherni and if anything is about jiju she will be totally a different person. She ask Shaurya jiju please go and pacify di she will be very angry now. Sorry jiju its all our fault. Shaurya runs behind Mehak who already walked quite a distance calling her name she ignored and keep walking, Shaurya grabbed her from back lifts her from ground swinging her saying sorry baby please forgive me please please please, Mehak screamed Shaurya let go of me, I will not listen to you for always pranking me like this, do you know how I was at that second my heart beat so fast and wanted to come out. Shaurya adamantly said till you listen and forgive me I will not let go off you, I will carry you like this. She calm down immediately and melted with his grip. He put her on the ground still hugging her from back I promise jaan I will never play like that, Mehak turn her head to look at him sideways her hair falling on her face he tucked them gently behind her ear as he nuzzled her he kissed her hair. Then both sat near the rocks and dip their legs on the cold Ganges River and enjoy the flow hugging each other. Mehak asked him to bring for shopping he agreed to go later in the evening and they enjoy the other rafting crews goes rafting

Since that was the last at Rishikesh and next day they are leaving to Delhi, the family all went on shopping and sightseeing. Shaurya and Mehak went to the city to shopping and Mehak saw a nice embroidered duppatta and Shaurya got her the duppatta. He saw earrings and gets for the earrings as well. Both spent time together and Mehak suggested before they leave should go to temple and get blessings, Shaurya brings her to temple and they prayed and leave to hotel. Shaurya reminded all that the flight is at noon and to pack all things early to avoid miss flights. All retired to their room.  Mehak brushed her hair and gets ready to sleep, Shaurya replying some emails on his laptop, she asked him you come here also need to work is it? He replied her just few minutes will finish reply this, what to do if I didn’t reply than investors will think we are not doing anything. You rest first I will come in short while. Mehak fell asleep immediately, after replying some emails Shaurya join her to sleep as well. At early morning Mehak gets up frightened as she dreamt Shaurya is drowning she quickly move to his side hugged him. Shaurya who was still sleeping notice she is hugging him and he embraced her and pull the duvet and secured her. He looked at the watch it was 5am. He asked what happen. Mehak shakes head NO and he kissed on her forehead and asked her to sleep. She asked Shaurya you said will bring me to the bridge to show sunrise, shall we go now. He rubbed his eyes and yawned see her, jaan lets sleep please, she place her palm on his cheek and caresses him slowly please lets go today we will go home so let’s go see the sunrise and we comeback. He can’t say no to her cuteness and gets up and asked her fresh up, she came out immediately and wore a cardigan on top of her suit. Shaurya wore his sweatshirt and leaves to the Laxman Jhula Bridge. Mehak cling to his arm as they headed excitedly to the bridge. They reached the bridge and see the sun rise, as they witness the beauty of subtle changes in the sky as the sun rises up over the mountains, trees,  the view was magnificent they watched together as holding each other’s hand. Mehak whispered isn’t this beautiful grandeur scene Shaurya? I feel so peaceful seeing this view she raised both her arms in the air as she inhale the fresh air. He smiled at her and said happy bright morning baby, seeing you bright like this and witnessing sunset is a bliss to me. He side hugged Mehak and both took a few shots at the bridge and walk back as they go back they keep talking and Mehak giggled as Shaurya keep telling some jokes. They reached their room and lie back on the bed Mehak move close to Shaurya and said thank you Shaurya for bringing me to watch the sunset it was so beautiful. You are welcome he replied and naughtily said you can say thank you in different way as well, Mehak knowing what he wants and move closer to his cheek and planted a kiss with a sound ummmmwwaah. Shaurya looked at her and said looks like you need more practice biwi to kiss your husband, you are giving me these type kisses all not enough for me. Mehak replied you always greedy whatever I give you have something to say and it always not enough. He smiled and came closer to kiss her she pushed him and run to the bathroom to shower, after shower and complete their packing they get ready to leave to airport and to Delhi via flight.

At evening they reached Delhi, the Sharma’s return to PWG and Khanna’s to their home. Back at home Mehak distributed the prasad to Awara and the rest of them. They get busy with the projects and upgrading the business plans for White Chilies and their other investments.  Mehak with the help of Vicky and Priya drafted to delivery menus and social media discounts which attracts many customers. Business was back to normal. They were suggested to expand their business out of Delhi as customers really love their food Shaurya and Mehak elated hearing such positive review and started to plan how to expand and which city they should expand. If in case they expand they need a trustworthy staff to run the business. They keep discussing on the other plans and how to invest and other business related stuff. Shaurya gets a call he walked out for a while, Mehak plays with her mobile and saw Mahi’s picture, she thought of going to visit her. She gets up and told Shaurya that she want to go to PWG to meet Mahi and he stops her and said he is coming as well. Both went to Sharma’s played with Mahi, Mehak asked Sonal did she talk to Mohit and how is he? She told him he is good dear, he did asked about you. Maybe in two weeks he will get off so he will come down to visit all and spend their day with them. Later both leave to their home and Shaurya reminded of Rahul’s wedding and they need to do shopping for their wedding as well. Mehak looked at him why we can’t just wear whatever we have is it? Shaurya sniggered and said baby your husband is a celebrity so ideally you and me should look good so now don’t argue tomorrow we are going shopping okay. Mehak stick her tongue out turn her face the other side as they enjoy listening to songs on the way back home.

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  1. Superb episode
    It length was pretty good??
    Mehak scared of everything???
    Vicky teasing mehak and shaurya…???
    I think now u should bring nehal and Vicky’s marriage track too
    Excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Have a blessed day??

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Cindy. Actually post accident a person will be afraid of many things. I studied this
      So i can write them here. In my story Nehal n Vicky are nt in relationship my dear. Tq dear out of town till next week hv fun. Do study well bye

  2. Hi haseenah superb track. Loved it. Please post next ff soon. Happy journey.?

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Kavya . Now the next plot iscooking in my head once is ready i will upload them. Till then stay happy and blessed dear

  3. Anjali Dahiya

    It was very interesting part Haseenah….
    How Rahul teased Mahak n Nehal….then Nehal n Vicky tease her….WOW!!! I can’t stop laughing while reading…n Shaurya continuously asking for 2nd Honeymoon plan….????
    Upload nxt part soon….loads of love???

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali thank you dear for your comment. Yes Mehak is afraid of all and everyone is teasing her . Shaurya is begging for their 2nd honeymoon and his request been ignored. I am out of town dear will update later thank you have a nice day ahead

  4. Good one, thanks for the update.
    i wish mehek would stop acting like a baby and act more like a women.. does she have a fear of kissing her husband in a right way and intimacy or is she just shy? I have to hand it to shaurya on his patience.. I would think over 3 months of being awway from your husband one would at least want to be showing her a woman. It is time for mehek to grow up.. this baby act will last Just a bit..

  5. Hi haseenah wat happened. No updates at all dear. Hope ur fine dear.?

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya tq dear , I was not well past few weeks injured my wrist and the pain till goes to my shoulder. Cant spend time on computer. Whnvr gets time I typed little parts here and there will try to compile all and update them soon thank yuo dear

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