To become one ‘First meeting’ episode 3

A pub is shown .. its fully crowded and people are dancing on loud noise..

Deep and Rosh enters the pub dancing to the music..

Both were dancing flowleesly on the music..

From the otherside of the pub.. Aarohi and sid also enters

The 4 were dancing on full on energy.. on opposite side..

Roshini while dancing sees alcohol..

Rosh : I will be back deep..

Deep : Where are you going..

Rosh : Don’t take tension… i will be fine..

She goes to drink..


Anika is serving coffee for sakshi and ghuman

Ghuman : How was your interview experience

Sakshi : Jethaniji.. it was nice and scary.. i was so tensed and confused .. but now i am happy that everything got down clearly..

Ghuman : Ha.. i forgot to tell that i yesterday saw.. piyali..

Sakshi : Who??

Ghuman : Piyali.. Aarohi’s school mate and guess what she has a girl child..

Anika : Mom.. do you want to get Aarohi married..

Sakshi : She only wants a grand child and for that its not necessary to get aarohi married..

Ghuman : Yes .. even you can help me in that..

Anika blushes..


Deep( think) : What is Rosh doing itd been so so late..

He goes to look Rosh..

Aarohi : Sid. i will come in a mintue

Sid : Where are you going.??

Aarohi : Washroom.

Deep is searching for Rosh and finds her near the washroom .. She is totaly drunk.. and was murmuring things..

Deep runs to her and makes her standup..

Deep :Rosh.. are you out of your mind..

He takes the bottle from her hand and Rosh struggkes to get it back from him..

Just then Aarohi enters their..

Aarohi misunderstands that Deep is taking advantage of Rosh.. and she stares at him..

He leaves Rosh on seeing aarohi staring at him.. Roshini falls down..

Aarohi gives Deep a disgusting looks and goes from there..

Rosh : Pick me up.. you..

Deep : Oh.. sorry..

He picks up Rosh and decides to go back to hotel as Rosh is not in sense..

Aarohi also goes to sid and insits that she wants to go..

Precap : Roshin in sid’s hand

..Aarohi and deep kiss

  1. Salley145

    Nice episode

  2. Jasminerahul

    wow deep roshni n Sid arohi in the same pub to dance.deep was only helping roshni as she was drunk n arohi misunderstood what will arohi do?nice pics

  3. Niriha

    Superb? update dear..update next part soon

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

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