Mehriya- a simple love (Part 14)

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Hai friends.
Hope you all are good. Firstly I am saying sorry to all of you for the delay in posting and for not posting a lengthy part. Its because I don’t get enough time to write. I am busy with my brothers marriage preparations. I hope you all with understands me and keep supporting me. Love you all.

Episode 14

Coffee Shop.
A: I will have an iced tea.
Sonal: I will have a juice.
A: Mehak you..?
S: Mehak & I will have coffee.
A: oh! Ok. So that’s it…
He turns to the waiter.
A: Ok thank you.
Waiter leaves from there.
A: so Mehak you are a coffee fan right??
Mehak lightly smiles and nodded her head.
S: A big fan I will say. Mehak can’t leave without her coffee. Coffee is like medicine for her. Head ache, have a coffee. Mood is not good have a coffee; if she doesn’t sleep well at night then again have coffee.
Mehak shockingly looks at Shaurya.
A: Wow!! Really Mehak??
Mehak gives him a faint artificial smile…
A: But I am sorry to tell. I don’t like coffee.
S: Oh! No!! How will it go….?
A: What?
S: Mehak can’t live without her coffee. And you can’t live with it… I think you should find someone with similar likes as yours…
Everyone shockingly looks at Shaurya…
S: What!! I was just kidding…
Shaurya laughs. Ajay joins him too.
A: But what to do yaar, pyar hogayi…

Ajay looks Mehak emotionally. Shaurya glares at Mehak. Mehak was not able to face anyone. She gives a fake smile.
They left the place after some time.
A: I will drop Mehak to her home.
M: no it’s ok I can go with Sonal.
A: I think we talk while that time.
Sonal: that’s a good idea. You will get some time alone to get to know about each other.
Mehak and Ajay leave together.
A: tell me about yourself Mehak.
M: myself?
A: yes I know your some details. Your name, your job etc. But I don’t know that you like coffee. So, I want to know about such things.
M: it’s not that important.
A: no. it’s not important to know. But I want to know such things because I don’t like someone else telling me what you like and what you don’t.
Ajay says in a strange way. Mehak looked at his face. He was looking at the road and don’t say anything for some time.
M: Ajay?
A; Yes..? I am sorry. I will get lost in my thoughts while driving. Soo what were you saying??
M: nothing…
A: nothing!! Ok…
They drove in silence. They reach near Mehak’s house. Mehak get down from the car.
M: thank you.
A: So you are not calling me to your home?
M: I am sorry..
A: it’s ok. And I am the would be son-in-law of the house, so it’s not good to come and go frequently.
M: Ok.then Bye..
A: Ok. But don’t say bye. We will not say bye to each other from now onwards. Ok?
Mehak nodded and leaves.
She reaches her home.
Later that night. Kantha chachi came Mehak’s room. Mehak was sitting near the window.
K Chachi: mehak.
M: ham chachi?
K Chachi: Pammy ji has called now. They would like to do the Roka as soon as possible.
M: Roka??
K Chachi: we are more than happy to do so..
M: chachi, it’s all sudden and
K Chachi: You don’t worry about such things. Just tell me, do you like Ajay?
M: I don’t know chachi..
K Chachi: Do you dislike him?
M: noo.
K chachi smiles.

K Chachi: Then it’s ok. You will starts to like him. Now you take rest and be happy. It’s your Roka and there are many things to do… Everyone is so happy and exited.
K Chachi bid her good night and leaves.
Mehak called Sonal
M: Sonal. Everything is getting soo complicated..
Sonal: What?
M: they want to do my Roka now.
Sonal: what?
M: What what?? It all happens because of you.
Sonal: what did I do?
M: Sonal, please help me yaar..
Sonal: what help?
M: what should I do now?
Sonal: What you what to do..?
M: I don’t know..
Sonal: Mehak. Relax and think. Do you have a problem with Ajay?
M: I don’t have any problem…
Sonal: Your family is happy with this. You don’t have a problem with him… So then what is the problem yaar?
M: Sonal, I don’t know…
Sonal: Mehak is it Shaurya??
Mehak don’t say anything.
Sonal: Look mehak, do you want to destroy your life and happiness for someone not interested in you? It’s your life, do as your wish. But just think about your family, if you don’t care of your happiness at least think about their.
M: Sonal. I know… But…
Sonal: Mehak, this is good for you. Ajay is not a bad guy.
M: I know. I know he is not bad.
Sonal: Mehak.
M: I know. I will be ok…
Sonal: Shall we meet tomorrow?
M: hmm…
Sonal: I will pick you from your office.
M: ok…
Sonal: Take care. Sleep well.
M: Okk.
Mehak cut the call.

Next day. Mehak’s work site.
Shaurya came to meet Mehak.
S: Congrats Mehak.
Mehak looked at Shaurya.
S: For your Roka ceremony. Ajay called me yesterday. It’s so fast.
M: it’s not fixed.
S: Oho.. come on Mehak, its fixed. Ajay told me.
Mehak nodded a no.
S: I can’t believe. It’s your Roka and you don’t know about it!! Funny I will say!!!
M: it’s not that. I don’t think date is fixed. It’s not final.
Shaurya move near to Mehak.
S: I hope so Mehak. I hope it is not final.
Mehak look into Shaurya’s eyes. They share an eye lock.
Sonal came and drop Mehak at her home.
Everyone was happy for Mehak. They were busy in the preparations and all.
M: Sonal, I am getting tensed seeing their happiness.
Sonal: there is nothing to worry.
Mehak nodded.
Sonal: Be happy. Everything will be fine. And try to talk to Ajay. It will make you comfortable with him. Take care.
Mehak bid her bye.
Next day. Mehak and Shaurya at work site.
Mehak Shaurya and Rajeev were discussing about work. Suddenly Mehak got a call from Ajay. She excuses herself and move to attend the call. Shaurya make Rajeev leave. Shaurya looks at Mehak.
M: hello?
A: Hi, dear. Are you busy?
M: I … a bit. Was in a discussion with..
A: Shaurya? He will understand. No problem..
Mehak don’t say anything. She looks at Shaurya. Shaurya was looking at her.
A: soo. Are you exited?
M: exited about..!!
A: our Roka! I hope you don’t forget about it in your busy work schedule…
M: I am sorry… I don’t get … it’s not like that…
A: I understand you were busy in your work. Let it be.
He cut the call before she can say something. Mehak stood a few seconds confused.
She went back to the work area. Shaurya was there. Waiting for her.
S: Why are you doing this Mehak?
M: doing what?
S: This marriage. Why do you want to do it?
M: What do you mean?
S: Tell me why you want to marry Ajay?
M: Why should I say no? Did I have a reason to say no??
S: ask yourself Mehak.
M: I had asked this question many times. I don’t get an answer.
Shaurya come close to Mehak.

S: are you sure you will be happy with him?
M: even if I don’t marry him I have no guaranty about my happiness. But my family is happy with this. It’s important for me.
S: You don’t love him mehak.
M: I know I don’t love him now.
S: You can’t love him.
M: how can you say that?
S: He is not right for you Mehak.
M: I had fallen for the wrong guy earlier also.
Mehak look into Shaurya’s eyes. Their eyes share unsaid words. Unexpressed emotions.

to be continued…

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  1. Moni7

    Achu dear… superb asusal …..????.. jealousy shaurya?????…..

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  4. Achumenon

    Thank you friends.

    1. Moni7

      Welcome achu dear???… waiting for ur nxt episode it today na?

  5. Vidhi

    Nic as usual .. No sry nd all .. Keep it up dear

  6. Superb superb….. achu.

  7. Hi achu, as usual wonderful ff. I have to find words to describe ur writing skills yaar….as i hav used almost all????. Jealous shaurie…..n mehak nt understands untill he opens up. ????? By the way i m frm Andhra only…..

  8. N achu dnt say toooo many sorries. U concentrate on ur bro’s marriage. V vl wait fr ur ff. All v say is dnt leave writing ff???

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    its just fabulous and very nice.
    & ya take your time to post next one
    enjoy your brothers marriage. have fun.
    loads of love…

  13. Achumenon

    Thank you everyone for all your support and love. I am soo happy to be a part of your loving family. Thank you.. Love you all guys…

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    Awesome dear!!!! I loved your storyline and your writing style!!! I will definitely be regular on your posts!!

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