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Hello ishqies firstly thanku soo much for commenting on my last post and sorry for not uploading?????sorry i’m just going to end this ff so maybe it will be quite long but not much ok so without wasting your more time let’s continue☺☺☺

Shivika’s past revelation

Flashback is going on
Shivaye was thinking about annika when omru come(guyes we are talking about 10 years ago so omru were kids)
Om:shivaye kya souch raha hai tu
S:kuch nahi
R:bhiaya kahin app mery bary mein toh nahi soch rahy thy
S:bilkul nahi
And then dadi comes
R:rudra humein apni our dada ji ki koi baat btao na
D:puttar meiny our tere dadaji ny jam kar ishqbaazi ki hai
S:ishqbaazi yeh kya hai
D:puttar yeh ishq hota hai jesy hum saans toh lety hain leykin apny liye nahi balky kise our ky liye hamara dil dharakta toh hai magar kise our ky liye hum jeety bhi ussi ky liye hain our marty bhi ussi ky liye han humein uss ki itni aadat ho jati hai ky jab tak uss ka chehra na dekh lain humein chen nahi aata
Shivaye pov
Iss ka matlab mujhy bhi annika sy ishq ho gya hai mein ussay kal bataon ga laykin mein ussay kya kahon ga han yeh kahon ga
Mujhy tum sy ishq hai
Kya how weird shivaye singh oberoi kissei ko itny bury tareqy sy apni feeling nahi bta sakta toh phir kya kahon ga
Annika mujhy tum sy ishq ho gya hai
Nopes never iss py toh woh hass hass kar pagal ho jaye gi toh phir kya kahon ga han
I love u
That’s it awesome dekha shivaye singh oberoi kitna intelligent hai?

Next day in the library
Annika was waiting for shivaye when he came
A:kahan thy tum itna late had hoti hai
S:annika mujhy……
A:rehny doh tum koi naya bahana ho ga tumhara
S:listen to me and he sat on his knees
Annika i……..
A:woh kya
S:tum mujhy bolny do gi
A:kab sy tum hi toh bool rahy ho meny mana kiya hai tumhy nahi na
S:tumhy samajhna na impossible hai
A:lo moqa mela our ho gaye tum tadi marna shuru
And they both turn their faces on the other side and leave
In night oberoi mansion
Shivaye was thinking about what happened in the library
Shiv pov
Ek toh in larkion ka kuch samajh hi nahi aata had hoti hai mein bolny wala tha laykin nahi woh toh bina truck ky brake ki tarah shuru go jati hai our phir mujhy bolti hai ab i love u bolny sy pehly atkon ga toh na wait why she was this much angry omg i forgot it was her birhday today our meny ussay wish nahi kiya god issi liye woh itna gussa thi how can i do this???
Next day in library
Shivaye was having a box and he was waiting impatiently for annika to come annika came
Before she can say anything sgivaye said
Annika this is for u happy birthday i know meny tum sy promise kiya tha ky mein tumhy sab sy pehly wish karon ga sorry plz…..forgive???
A:theek hai ab natak band karo our batao kya hai yeh
S:khol kar dekh lo
She opened it and found a beautiful bracelet she was amazed to see it
A:awesome it’s damn pretty
S:u liked it
S:annika i want to say u something
A:han bolo

Annika’s heart beat was increasing
And suddenly a bomb blasts and they both fall on the opposite sides(as their were many people in the library so people were shifted in two hospitals
Shivaye opened his eyes and found his whole family standing there
Doc:how are u feeling now
When a nurse comes
N:doctor all the bodies found are dead
S:what…….what did u …….just sa…..said
N:i said that all the bodies found are dead
S:no…..it…it isn’t pos……possible she can’t…..li….live…..me how can she go….no…u have any misunderstanding and he tries to go but all of them control him
While when annika gained consiciousness doctor told she is fine she asked about shivaye but no one was knowing about him so no one replied and on her fathers stubbornness they went australia(and shivaye wasn’t knowing this)
Flashback ended
Next morning ob mension
All were doing breakfast when pinki says
P:shivaye mujhy tujh sy kuch baat karni hai
A:han boleye mom
P:woh meiny tery liye larki dekhi hai
And shivaye starts coughing
S:mom meny app sy pehly bhi kaha tha mujhy shaddi wadi nahi karni hai
P:shaddi nahi karega toh mein apny poti potion ky chehry kaise dekhon gi
S:uss ky liye omru hain na
Dadi:puttar mujhy lagta hai ky pinki sahi keh rahi hai
S:dadi app bhi
Shakti:han even i agree with pinki
Jhanvi:even i do
Tej:even i agree with pinki
S:app sab meri baat kabhi nahi samjh sakty
And he leaves from their
While same happens with annika

Shivaye’s room
Omru come to shivaye
Om;shivaye maan ja na
Ru:han bhaiya bas larki hi toh dekhni hai
S:ab tum dono mut shuru ho jana
When dadi came
D:chor do ussay woh konsa kisie ki baat manta hai ussny toh apni marzi hi karni hoti hai
S:dadi no emotional black mailing
D:mein kyoun tujhy blackmail karny lagi
S:ok fine mil lon ga mein ussay and all hug shivaye
While chopra mansion
Annika was very upset when her father came
R:annika mujhy lagta hai ky tumhari mom sahi kwh rahi hain ek baar bus ussay mil toh akhri faisla tumhara hi ho ga okay
A:but dad
In both familes all were happy instead of shivika
In ob mansion
Shivayes pov
I’m really sorry annika par mujhy yeh karna pady ga apni family ky liye please mujhy maaf kardo
While annika was thinking the same
Next day
Ob mansion was beautifully decorated with yellow flowers curtions everything there was looking awesome everyone was running from here to there
Shivaye got ready in white kurta he was looking dashing
While annika wored a beautiful saree(as sakshi aka krystal dasouza wored in ek naye pehchaan)
Chopra’s arrived
Oberois welcomed them but shivaye was in his room omru and isya were shocked to see eachother while entering annika felt shivaye but she thought it’s just her immagination so she ignored it
Everyone settled on the sofas and were talking with eachother shivaye was just coming down when he receives a buisness call
While in hall ishana mistakenly threw water on annik’s saree so she went to the washroom while shivaye came
He was holding a glass when annika came
They both were infront of eachother now they both knew who they shivaye dropped the glass of water their eyes qerw opened due to shock tears were flowing down and they both started walking in opposite direction
Shiv pov
No she can’t be annika

Ann pov
No he can’t be shivaye
They both were walking when suddenly a voice came
“Stop u both”it was om
They both turned their faces towards eachother
They both came close annika touched shivaye to make sure that it wasn’t her imagination
Ishya came and stood with annika while omru with shivaye
Ish:kya howa di app ro ku rahi ho
An:can u see him(pointing at shivaye)
Ish:han di
It was unbelieveable for her to accept it she hugged shivaye and he too reciprocated
A:kahan thy tum don’t u know how much i love u
S:i love u too
They got marriedAnd lived happily everafter
Ended ?

Ok so done with my ff i am really gratefull to those who were their with me for the whole of my journy hope u liked this one plz do comment
I will miss u all alot???????

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