Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi donates blood to Kirti and Raghav’s Amma

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi says to Krishna that no one can break her so easily…

Raghav asks doctors why isn’t Amma given the blood he got, Kirti says I asked them not to…

Sometime back….

Pallavi reaches shop, Krishna tells her that authorities left after they received a phone call and they will come back tomorrow again, Pallavi says they could see papers today, Pallavi gets call from Raghav, Raghav asks how was the adventure and welcome to hell, this was just the first day, I liked to see you beg in front of me, Pallavi says I did nothing to you, Raghav says I won’t stop until you leave this town, so this will continue.

Krishna abuses Raghav and says I am not understanding what all is this happening and Pallavi didi don’t you get tired, you don’t have one day in peace, Pallavi says my family is in peace and my dada vahini in Kolhapur also miss me but I’m staying here for Mandar’s parents, and if Mandar was alive Sulochana kaku would never dare to remove Aai Baba out if house but now since I am here she keeps trying and I won’t let that happen, so these Raghav’s won’t matter I will fight them all, no one can break me or my family so easily, Krishna says come lets lodge complaint against him, Pallavi says first let sort this mess.
Pallavi checks papers and finds Raghav has sent train tickets of family member, Krishna says why is Raghav doing this, Pallavi says why is he doing this,I didn’t do it, he thinks I am behind his news with that girl and giving sleeping pills to Mr. Rama Swami, Savitri can help me know what happened that day.

Raghav asks doctor why they are not giving them blood brought by him first they said they had blood and now they say they don’t, Kirti says Amma has made me swore on her to not use anything given by you, Raghav warns doctor, Kirti scolds him and says Amma is right you are a mess in our life, we are already facing a lot because of you not anymore, I beg of you, Amma is here because of you, Raghav leaves. Two reporters record Raghav and Kirtis conversation.

Pallavi sees a beggar old woman, she tells Pallavi she has cancer and is alone and has no one, Pallavi checks her wallets finds just 50₹, Pallavi gives her that and says I will pray for you that you get someone who can help you and gives her dhaga says my mother says this fulfills all your wishes, she blesses Pallavi, Pallavi says bless my family. Pallavi leaves. Raghav comes there see old lady he gives her money, and gives her address and number says call me if you need help, she blesses Raghav, Raghav says my Amma is fighting for her life pray for her, she says todat I met two people who worry about their family then them, and gives Raghav dhaga given by Pallavi saying this will fulfill your wish and may be your Amma will be fine.

Doctor tells Pallavi she is fine, Pallavi hears doctor and nurse talk about AB-ve blood requirement, Pallavi says I have that blood group may I donate.

Farhad gets Raghav food, Raghav says why doesn’t Kirti understand that her stubbornness can harm Amma, Farhad says don’t worry Amma will be fine. Doctors check Pallavi’s reports and tell her she can donate blood. Pallavi sees Kirti needs blood for her Amma and asks doctor to keep her identity secret. Raghav denies to have food. Pallavi donates blood. Raghav sees a dargah and walks in, he serves people there.

Pallavi and Krishna see Kirti worried for her mother, Pallavi prays to Ganpati Bappa for Kirti’s Amma, Raghav is offered water, he says I wont drink and eat till my Amma is fine, he says she will. Kirti is informed Amma is fine and out of danger.

Raghav in dargah gets call from Farhad that Amma is fine and out of danger, Raghav says whoever saved my Amma I will save that person from every problem, Raghav will never forget this favour.

Pre cap : Raghav wakes up finds Pallavi in bed, he scolds Farhad for same.
Pallavi yells at Raghav says he is only person she hates most in the world.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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