Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#14

Chapter 14: “The Hospital Attack!!!”

The episode starts with Riddhima calling Kabir. Finally Kabir picks up.
R(angry): I have called you both for a hundred times. Where were you both?
K: What happened Riddhima?
R: Where are you?
K: I and Aryan came out for some for work. Now, we are going back to hospital. But here, its a traffic jam.
R: How can you both leave them all alone? Just reach hospital ASAP.
K(worried): What is it? You look tensed?
R: Put the call on speaker.
He put the call on speaker.
R: Kabir and Aryan! They are coming! And According to my info, they are planning something big. You both reach hospital at the earliest. I don’t want anyone of them to be harmed. Just Break the traffic signals, drive rashly do whatever you want just reach the hospital ASAP!
A: Yeah sure! Once we reach, we will tell them what it costs to mess with us.
R: No! You won’t do anything. I don’t want our reality to be revealed at this point.
A: What are we gonna do then.
R: Just protect them like a civilian. The way a normal humble person does and not the way,…we do it! They shouldn’t doubt us. Just be with the girls! I will handle the rest. Don’t make any extra move. Got it?
Karyan: We got it Riddhima Ma’am!
They end the call and tried to reach hospital.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, everyone was busy in their work when 4 men in a black outfit wearing masks on their face and holding guns in their hands entered the hospital. One of them shot a fire in the ceiling to make everyone panic.
Goon 1: Stop wherever you are!! No one will dare to move! I will shoot you right there if you tried to do so.

Everyone started shouting and panicking. There was a rush in the hospital to save themselves.
The goon boss pointed one of his goon,
Goon1: Go and shut down all the CCTV cameras and you ( pointing towards the 3rd one) Go and check if there is someone hiding or trying to run away, just get him to me.
Goon 4: Boss! Should I find them?
Goon 1: Find them! And bring them all to me. I want some fun!
All the goons get to their works. Goon 1 snatched the phones from everyone.
One goon came back with all the people hiding by holding them at gun point. Sia and Sejal were also included in this. The 2nd goon came back saying,
Goon 2: Boss! I can’t find any of them. Just their dadi, that suhasini is laying on the bed unconcious.
Sejal spoke in horror,
S: please don’t do anything to our dadi! What do you want?
Goon 1 smirked. So you are that RaiSinghania’s daughter. You come and sit in front of me.
S: What?
Goon 1(shouts): JUST DO WHAT I AM SAYING!!! (Looking here and there) AND WHERE IS YOUR OTHER SISTERS?
Sia spoke in horror,
Sia: I..I am her sister. Sia!! What do you want from us.
One of the goons held both of them at gun point and brought them in front of their boss. In the meantime, The 3rd goon came back,
Goon 3, Boss! I am not able to find the CCTV room!
Goon 1 looked at Sia and Sejal in anger,
Sia and Sejal: We..We Don’t know.
Sia and sejal: We seriously don’t know anything. Please believe us. Let us all go. What do you want from us?
They both were crying and sobbing, pleading them to let them go.

Meanwhile, Ishani was hiding in a secret place and messaged Vansh about the situation. By mistake, Her phone beeped as she didn’t put it on silent mode. This proved to her a big mistake. As soon as the mobile buzzed, the goon who was finding her came running and held her at gunpoint. He took her to the other girls.
Goon 4: Boss! Here she is!!
He pushed Ishani towards the other two girls making her fall on them. All other staff of the hospital was locked in a ward room with the patients and only Sia, Sejal and ishani were sitting in the hall. All the goons were there. They handcuffed the girls. One of them went near Sia and was about to caress her cheeks when someone shouted. It was Kabir.
Kabir: Don’t you dare touch her!!!
Goon looked at him in anger.
G: And who are you to interrupt me?
Aryan came from the back of Kabir speaking,
A: He is my brother and I am his. Enough for you to know!
G(smirked): Attitude in front of me?
K: Leave the girls!
A: Right now!
Both of them carried anger, a kind of protectivness and possessiveness in their voice.
G: And who are you both to these girls?
Sejal spoke before anyone could speak.
Sejal: These two are their boyfriends.(pointing towards Sia and Ishani)
And they are very dangerous!
Kabir, Aryan, Ishani and Sia(shocked): What!!!
Sejal: Shut up!! Look! (To the goons) They will not leave you if you try to harm their girlfriends. They are very possessive about them. Kabir! Look they were trying to hurt your Sia! And Aryan! This goon was messing with your Ishani! (To goon) Even they treat me like their sister. So, Don’t harm me either.
Kabir(shocked): My Sia?
Ishani: His Ishani?
Aryan: What rubbish!
Sia: Are you in your senses Sejal?
Sejal: You all please shut up now. I know you both had some fights but it doesn’t change the fact that you all love each other.
Everyone was confused with her constant lying but she was confidently speaking.
G: So, these two love these girls ? Now I want to see what you both can do for your love.
Aryan whispers in Kabir’s ears,
A: So, now I am going to prove a non-existent thing to them. Like seriously? I love Ishani? What rubbish? If it were not Riddhima’s order, I would have knocked them out by now.
K(Giving him irritated glares): Shut up Aryan! Just behave normally.
Goon 1: You(To Aryan) go with my man to the CCTV room. I want all the cameras off right now. Amnd You! (To Kabir) Call that Vansh RaiSinghania to be here immediately or I am going to kill her beautiful sisters and his beloved dadi. After every 5 minutes, He will lost one relation. You better ask him to hurry up!
“No need to hurry! I am here! Vansh RaiSinghania has come to settle scores!!”
A loud, dangerous and dominative voice came from the entrance. It was Vansh. He came in full anger. Two of the goons point the gun towards him. One took Aryan to the CCTV room. And their boss was smirking evilly.
Goon 1: VANSH RAISINGHANIA! Glad you didn’t waste my time! Welcome to the hell!
V: We will see for whom its going to be a hell now!
He pulled out his gun and held on him.
G: Don’t try to act smart Vansh! Remember your three sisters are in my custody.
V(controlling his anger): What do you want?
G: Glad you come to the point directly.
V: I said What do you want!!!
G: You!! And if not (smirking) Then your beautiful sisters. All of them!
Vansh was full of anger and the goon was smirking when he received a tight slap on his face. It was Vansh who slapped him so hard that he fell on the ground.
G: How dare you!!!
He got up and said,
G: You didn’t do it right. Now, get ready to bear the concequnces!!
In anger, he spoke to his men,
G: Handcuff them all including their boyfriends except this one(pointing towards Ishani). And you Vansh RaiSinghania! Now watch it!
The goons handcuffed them all. Vansh tried hard to free himself. He started beating them up but his sister was held at gunpoint which made him not to make any move furthermore.

Meanwhile, Aryan was in the CCTV room with other goon. He punched him hard, he fell on the ground. Aryan smiled and stood in front of one of the CCTV camera,
Aryan: Sorry Riddhima! Its my style you know!
The goon got up again and punched him back.
G: Who Riddhima?
Aryan(to himself): Now, I had to act like a civilian. (To goon) No one! Take me wherever you want.(making a face)

Back to the hall,
G: I came here to end your history Vansh RaiSinghania! It was so easy just to shoot you all at once but now what you did was not right. You deserve punishment! Let see how much you can bear!
Saying this, He held Ishani by her waist and was caressing her face.
Vansh was extremely angry. He was trying hard to get rid of the handcuff. His hand was bleeding.
Ishani: Leave me!!
V(anger): Don’t you dare touch her! Leave my ishani…
The goon tightened his grip on her waist just then he again received a tight slap! This time it was Ishani!
Ishani: You fu**ing Beast! I said leave me!!!
This made the goon super angry. He raised his hand to slap Ishani. Ishani closed her eyes. But she felt nothing. She opened her eyes to see someone holding his wrist. It was Riddhima having a fierce angry look on her face. Riddhima held his hand so tightly that he was unable to move it. Twisting his wrist, she came to stand in between Ishani and the goon and gently pushed Ishani towards Vansh.
R(To goon): How dare you?
She had the most fierce, wrathful and dangerous looks on her face.
R(shouts): How dare you touch her!!!
She held him by his collars and punched him hard on his face.
Ishani was shocked and so was everyone. Ishani moved back towards Vansh who by now was holding all his sister so strongly. Kabir and Aryan were also standing in their sides protecting them. All the goons pointed their guns towards Riddhima. Riddhima smirked.
R: Don’t show these toys to me. It not gonna work.
G: Its not a toy! Staw away otherwise you will lose your life in a second.
R(stern): What would you get by killing me?
G: Now, scared of death huh? You were showing so much attitude a minute ago.
R(extremely serious): What do you want from them?
G: You lady! Just get out of it. Don’t interfere.
R: Interfered! Now what?
G: You!
He stepped towards Riddhima but Riddhima all of a sudden pulled out gun from her pocket and pointed it towards him, shocking everyone including RaiSinghanias.
R(fierce): Not a single step more! I will not think for a second to shoot.
G: Hahaha (laughs sarcastically) Now you think I will get scared! Put it down.
Riddhima fired the gun in upward direction.
R:I am not scaring you. I am warning you FOR THE ONE LAST TIME!!!!
G: Who are you?
R: Its none of your business! Drop your guns right now or else I will shoot!
The goons sensing her fierceness and in an attempt to save themselves dropped their guns.
R(smirked): Now unlock their handcuffs too. (Still holding their boss at gunpoint)
Riddhima looked back to take a glance of them to be all right. The goon boss found it right time to make a move. He twisted Riddhima’s arm, snatching her gun, wrapping his arm around her neck and pointing the gun on his head,
G: Lets see what you will do now?
Kabir thought to himself, “ Riddhima is helpless otherwise she would have shot him by now. But why isn’t she making any move”
He was thinking it when Riddhima back kicked the goon in his as* making him shout with pain. He fell backward holding his part. Riddhima again taking gun from his hand threatened the goons to open them all up. They did so. All were freed. Vansh looked up at Riddhima and shouted,
V(shocked): Riddhima!!!!!
But it was too late. The goon boss stood up behind Riddhima and gave a deep big cut on the back of Riddhima’s neck with his knife. Riddhima held her neck in reflex amd pain. The blood was oozing out of her wound continuously. The goon again aimed his knife at the back of Riddhima’s stomach. Everyone shouted,

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