Meet 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update : Meet Ahlawat seeks Meet’s support

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Meet Ahlawat make Meet sit and says I’m your enemie, I punish you for your sister, dad always told try to understand me how good and kind hearted you are but I was unable to see that because of Manushi as you are sister but afterwards I understood how different you two are one who breaks heart and other you just in them, when I’ll meet your Mother I’ll ask her why are you so kind and good after so much if negative you are always thinking good of me, saved me from goons, took good care of me and today you saved my dream and for that I always hurt you, for that im genuinely sorry but I have a way not to hurt you again, holds her hand and says come with me. Meet ask where are you taking. He shush her and says don’t ask questions let me give you answer.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in garden. He says you know sometimes I think and ask questions to God there are many people in this world but why are we together and after thinking a lot I understood, I have a live volcano inside me and that need to go silent so God send you here to help me to get iut of this situation, I need to come out of this suffocation, want to live free and happy but for that I need your help that’s why you have to help me and this deal is done and most important thing I have to say sorry to this kind heart and do sit-ups. Meet says no need to and hold his hand Meet Ahlawat shouts in pain. Meet says who told you to do sit-ups, you got hurt now tell me now what happen. He starts laughing at her. She says no need to laugh I knew already so was acting with you. He says you got worried I see your face. She mocks her and they both get into argument. He act again and laughe at her. Meet chase her to beat but they fall down and laugh, turn around and see sunrises. He says sunrise is a sign of new beginning, says yo her also want to start new beginning, promise me from now on you will not take Manushi’s name and never hurt yourself in taking Manushi’s getup. Meet thinks if I promise him then he will not get his answers ever and without that his lava will not cool down.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat fall asleep there. Meet sleeping on his hand she gets up on phone vibration says from last 2 hours we were sleeping, everyone would be awake by now. She picks up phone of doctor. He says I checked all his medicine and there were no medicine which could intoxicate him, he must have eating something or could have drink. Meet thanks doctor and keep phone says he don’t drink and mixing something in food who will do this everyone is family member. Ragini calls Meet. Meet shouts yes. Ragini says I’m calling Meet Ahlawat send him. She says yes and says I think so something was mixed for me but mistakenly he eat that.

Anubha walks in Manushi room and tries to wake her up. Manushi says let me sleep. Anubha says give me number of Parth’s parents atleast we should know who are your in-laws and what do they do. Manushi thinks if she find out that I don’t know Kunal’s family then she will stop marriage. Anubha says what are you thinking give me number you must be having in your phone. Manushi says don’t take tension they are very good I met his father they are very good people and they have construction firm, they are very rich. Anubha says so what give me number. Manushi says can’t give you because Parth’s family is not in India they are on world tour and Parth promise me that he will take me to meet them personally. Anubha says but in marriage family members do matter alon with girl and boy, how can we do anything without telling them. Manushi says you are right we need to marry and think if we get late and if Parth don’t accept me and go to tske shower.

Masum meditating. Chhavi says it’s difficult to find an idea to defeat Meet. Meet at gate listing to everything. Chhavi says she always win and says to Masum all your idea’s are perfect but don’t know why I’m feeling that you cannot defeat her. Meet recoding everything. Chhavi says I should have gone with my Delhi boyfriend because like this I cannot be Mrs. Ahlawat. Masum shouts yes you cannot be Mrs. Ahlawat because you are expert in doing mistakes now shutup and let me think, she remembers Anubha saying to Meet that I’ll send Manushi to one of her friend in Delhi in 2-3 days, says I got idea. Meet shouts from gate I also get evidence against you two. Chhavi says so you recorded everything we said. Meet says yes and what you did last night… Chhavi says oh my God you know that I mix intoxication pills in food, but no body was there I didn’t tell anyone tell me how did you see. Meet says you should not be here should be in scientist lab to know how a person can live without brain, who need friends when we have enemies like you. Chhavi says I’m your enemie. Masum says what you will take of being quiet. Meet says yesterday you were saying he got intoxicated because of his medicine so I asked doctor, he told me not worry abot that but I got to know from Chhavi that someone mix in sometime in his food says thanks yo her and says I have good amount of evidence against you, you are his sister but for defeating me you played with his dream, for me family comes first and there happiness and if your try to harm this happiness then I’ll show this video to aunty. Chhavi says I’ll the first one yo go out. Meet says Masum might also go. Masum says don’t worry I’ll see things don’t repeat again. Meet says thanks and thinks her phone was switched off and thinks they don’t know I did not record anything and she leaves. Chhavi says you let her win. Masum says uf you want to defeat someone then stay silent infront of them, understand her move and then attack.

Raj ask Babita now you are happy. Babita says yes. Masum walks and says all credit goes to our lovely Meet Bhabhi. Ram says correct she have big heart. Masum says yes and let’s do something to make her happy, let’s gift her something. Sunaina says you are talking good about Meet cannot imagine. Masum says I always says truth so people find difficult accepting but I have only one reason behind this that is my family concern but what Meet did yesterday for bhai I really respect that. Babita says to Sunaina it take time to have faith in someone and Masum took that but today she is trying to do something good for her so no need to interrupt in between and ask what gift should we give her a designer jewellery, designer dress or phone. Masum says she not a materialistic girl she valye emotions and family much so let’s go to her family and thanks her Mom and Dadi to send her to our house. Raj says Anubha and Dadi are not been treated with respect what they deserve so this is a good gesture. Masum says you are right we have always blamed then and I too said many bad things to them but today we should go and say thanks to them for sending Meet to us. Babita says you are right and ask Sunaina to call Meet. Masum ask Sunaina to wait and says to Babita we should keep this a secret and give her surprise, just imagine when she will go her home and look smile on Mom and Dadi that will be worth watching. Babita says you are right. Masum thinks Meet you won’t be having any clue of this and will not be able to alert your family.

Duggu says to Meet I won’t let you go anywhere. Meet says I’m not going for ever. Duggu says but Mumma was saying you won’t come back ever.

Kunal and Manushi getting married, Meet and Ahlawat’s family knocks the door. Anubha open it and gets shocked

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Metin

    first romance

    1. @metin you sound familiar to me like we meet from udaariyaan right?

    2. Metin

      Hannah , hi
      İ like you there 🙂
      Tejos happiness is my first line.
      Meets Are really entertaining me from the beginning.

    3. @metin good morning dude yeah I find meet interesting too I quite udaariyaan because it’s similar to my own story which was affecting me so I had to quit but I always miss you guys chat so I just checked time to time luckily I meet you here are you a girl or a boy metin

  2. Finally some m&m moments 😘😘
    Chavi is so…but I wish meet H waited a bit longer to hear the plan…whatever masoom was gng to say. At least duggu gave some idea to meet H… so she cannot figure out masoom’s motive

  3. Oops I meant she can figure out

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