Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Prachi attempts to stop Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage

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The Episode starts with Rhea thanking Pallavi for saving her life and hugging her. Ranbir is about to enter there, but someone pulls him out. Rhea says someone had come. Pallavi says nobody, lets go to the mandap. Vikram is seen stopping Ranbir and says this marriage is important for Rhea. Ranbir says I can’t marry Rhea. Vikram says we have made you understand not to marry Prachi, but you didn’t listen and went ahead to marry her. He says it is enough, you have to marry her else we will die with Rhea. He asks him to marry Rhea and asks why do you want to ruin everything for that woman. Pallavi brings Rhea to the mandap. Rhea sits and asks for Ranbir. Pandit ji says he went with Vikram. Dida asks Pallavi if she don’t understand that Ranbir don’t want to do this marriage. Vikram brings Ranbir there and makes him sit on the mandap. He then makes him wear the turban. Pallavi asks Pandit ji to start the marriage vidhi and tells Dida that Ranbir will marry as nobody forced him to marry. She folds her hands and asks Dida not to feed such things in his maang. Rhea smiles. Pandit ji asks them to get up for the rounds and make each other wear garland. Rhea makes him wear garland. Ranbir imagines Prachi on Rhea’s place and smiles. He then makes her wear the garland. Everyone smiles. He then sees Rhea and his smile vanishes. Rhea realizes he is thinking about Prachi still and thinks once they get married, she will take out Prachi from his mind. Pandit ji asks them to sit.

Pandit ji asks Pandit ji to tie their ghatbandhan. Pallavi ties the knot. Ranbir recalls Pallavi and his marriage. Suddenly a heavy wind comes. Pandit ji asks them to get the window closed and says if this havan kund fire gets off then it will be inauspicious. Pallavi asks someone to close the windows. Pandit ji asks Rhea and Ranbir to stand up for the rounds. Ranbir is still sitting. Rhea asks him to stand up for rounds. He imagines Prachi and begins taking rounds with her. Rhea thinks everything is happening nicely, I am so happy. She says my happiness would remain the same, but Pallavi aunty told Sid about this marriage. She says I know the truth and says Prachi still loves Ranbir and has no affair with Sid, whatever happened in the hotel was plotted by Buji and me. She thinks if Sid and Prachi come here, then they will do drama. Pallavi thinks 4 rounds are over and thinks no hurdles shall come between their marriage. Ranbir looks at Rhea as he stops, after Pandit ji asks Rhea to walk ahead from the 5th round. Rhea walks ahead. Suddenly the ghat bandhan cloth opens up. Vikram and Pallavi get shocked. Dida smiles. Just then Prachi comes there and says stop this marriage. Dida smiles seeing her. Ranbir is shocked seeing her there. Rhea thinks why Ranbir is not completing the fast.

Prachi reminds Ranbir of his promise and says don’t do this marriage. Rhea says your drama started again and says why don’t you go far from us. She asks her to just leave. Prachi says you will not say anything, you have made stories and played with people’s lives. She says today I came to expose you and end all your games, don’t think about playing any more conspiracy. She says I will tell your truth to everyone today. She says what do you think that you will fool me like you have fooled Sid that Ranbir don’t love me and wanted to get rid of me so that he can marry you. She says will I agree, and says will he marry you? Ranbir asks what do you want to say? Prachi says what Rhea is hiding and blames her for their separation, says she made that hotel plan and pushed us there. She says she had told Sid that Mummy made this plan and wanted to separate us. Rhea says she is lying, can’t bear my happiness and that’s why came here to break it. She says I will not let you be successful. Prachi says I am telling the truth.

Sid comes there and says I can prove this truth. He walks inside and says Rhea’s lie has spoiled my life too. He says when you was telling me everything, I had recorded everything in my mobile. He says her truth and lie is in my phone. Prachi asks what happened, why your face color went and says this is your real face. She says your plans are running away from you, the dreams which you have seen to marry Ranbir. She says it was your plan, whatever happened in the hotel room. She says you stoop low to separate Ranbir and me, and blamed your own sister and ruined my character. She says Ranbir has agreed and asks where did his trust go? She says how can you think that your Prachi can do this and says I am not like this and loves you so much and only you are in my heart. She says you taught me love and I married you seeing you obsession. She says you came in people’s talks and left me. She asks why you didn’t trust me and says Rhea separated us as she wanted to marry you. She says I am the same who loves you and will love you always. Sid says he needs big screen to expose Rhea. Prachi says no Sid, this is the truth to expose Rhea, but Ranbir and my love will decide trust on me. She says I have proof to prove my love and asks him to say if he needs any proofs, and asks if he don’t remember what her sister has done with her. She says someone other is with her this time. She asks Ranbir to hear his heart and asks it if it loves her even now.

Precap: Pallavi asks Prachi, how dare she disturb Rhea and Ranbir marriage rituals. Prachi says if kumkum comes in the house with wrong feet then whether happiness will come or destruction. She breaks Ranbir’s ghatbandhan and looks at him angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Soooo everyone is blackmailing Ranbir even his own father who used to put his happiness above all else. He knows rhea has used blackmail to marry Ranbir but doesn’t care but want to be angry at prachi who accepted Ranbir marriage smh. These are the worst parents u can find thank God prachi has did on her side.

    1. But he himself is stupid. If you love someone, you would trust them but he never trusted Prachi

  2. Prachi don’t b stupid….if there’s proof let them see it…love love my ass love … Love didn’t stop ranbir from kicking you out the first place…now let the proof show…simple…don’t be stupid..

    1. our else rhea and alia are going to spoil that phone also very soon if everyone didnt get to the proof now….and then again rhea will fill Pallavi’s ears against Prachi…and the same drama will continue again

    2. this is rhea dream , this is not reality & in dream ranbir will hug her , dont take tension

  3. hence stopped watching this low life series…better things to do…

  4. @ Dreamiser “Low Life Series” So very correct!!
    Yet another dream? It is hard to imagine writers ( supposedly creative people) who actually sell their dignity to the producer and then hand out sugar lozenges (these constant dreams, flashbacks etc.) to the viewers hoping that the viewers will remain satiated until they can find another old script to copy rather than actually doing some creative work. There has to be at least a few people in the production that are intelligent enough to understand the addiction cycle which is being utilized to keep their paycheques intact. You know, it is hard to feel anger towards a victim of the system, because they truly do not know any better. However the people that know and understand, are criminals against humanity for not exposing and putting a stop to this dehumanization scheme. I am glad that more individuals who are joining those who sit on the sidelines and are watching the whole REAL show where viewers are boxed into a space and offered a bit of sugar here and there to keep them inside the box and the creators of this production (all of them including the plasticized actors) don’t care that their paycheque comes from dehumanizing their country and citizens. What a perfect mission, this producer has set up with help from her political friends. You have to ask, who is the person who considers, the producer as their own ‘pet’. Looking forward to meeting more of those individuals who have stepped onto the sidelines and like me, are watching the same story not just in entertainment but in many other so called human endeavours. Or should it be called ‘the adventures of those who are desperately trying to become the world’s feudal masters’ ?

    1. When it first started kkb and kb was interesting but now low life…cheap.orcsay steep so low to the earths core people would think this happens in india..i wish they can end it waste of time.even kb has got low life.
      Btw way has shabbhi and sriti quit?or I hope so. I agree of what you said.

    2. @Dreamiser I doubt that they have quit because the leads sign contracts. Why they wouldn’t leave when contracts are to be renewed? Come on, why would the two original leads give up on the stardom and wealth that their magical chemistry was creating. Shabir and Sriti together used to produce a magical chemistry which made the show a hit. The first director did create a cinematic wonder. When I came across KKB originally, I was shocked at the level of abuse they allowed to be broadcast. I couldn’t believe that the quality of abuse was even allowed by tv censors. I was shocked that ideology belonging to the 1960’s and previous times were (promoted by the British Raj Hindu’s) actually being broadcast as modern India. That’s when i began to research the producer’s personal history and began asking questions of my Indian friends. (Some had witnessed her behaviour up live, close and personal in clubs, social gatherings) The level of abuse has been toned down with the new director and the dp. The higher stupidity levels and lessor cinematic quality has prevailed since the dp and the stupidity continues to increase. Just watched this episode. Does anyone else see the actress who’s playing Rhea? Can you tell the difference between her acting and the underneath sub-conscious quality of ‘smugness’ ? I wonder where that comes from? Remember, how ‘acting’ works these days. With the original director, I was convinced that he allowed a few of the faux pas remain in the production purposefully… simply to clearly expose the lack of acting talent. In the dp production, they don’t do that anymore. Editing is better in that regard. However, often the scenes are jumpy and don’t make cinematic sense because I suspect they fired whomever was supposed to be looking after ‘continuity’. It is easy to see how the budgets have been cut. And ‘high’ TRP…which i only follow through comments here… if I remember correctly, KKB and KB always had numbers that were in the eights. Now with the TRP’s haggling in one’s or two’s does not indicate universal worship of this production. Preying on young people who do not have the experience/knowledge as yet is shameful… just as it was shameful to be preying on the ‘uneducated rural people’. That was the excuse given in the past… that rural folk need to see the horrible abuse because they knew these ‘uniquely’ Indian attitudes and lived it daily. Really? And Dreamiser, people are thinking negatively of India more and more. Last week, it was , “Indians are all liars”. This week , the new CEO of Twitter, is being bashed. He appears to be an angry, racist dictator, against free speech. Sort of like Aliyah and Rhea (and the producer) who will do anything so that they can feel personally powerful regardless of the suffering they create for others. You know, ‘control the narrative’. That is what this producer is doing. It is a necessary step for any indoctrination project.

  5. another dream……..fed up of it now

  6. Wat a joke of a show just like khundali

  7. Really boring. It’s only prachi’s imagination
    Here’s the link of video you can watch it
    Fed up of it now

  8. Idk why nowadays Kundali Bhagya is becoming Kumkum bhagya and kkb is becoming kb 🤣🤣 Prachi takes help of NGO and calls inspector just as Preetam did and the same is happening with Preeta what happened with Pragya …😂😂😂😂

  9. There are reports of new entry of Ranbir’s brother, but the actor i.e. Abhishek Kumar who is supposedly going to play the role has already played the role of Jay: Ranbir’s friend who helped Ranbir in his plan to marry Prachi in temple

    1. He is Ranbir’s best friend, not his brother, Ranbir doesn’t have a brother, he only has a sister, whom no one has seen since the first episodes. Didn’t he have a fiancee? And now he is paired with Shahana? I thought they would pair Aryan or Sid with Shahana. But what will happen to these two now, where will Aryan and Sid go? We have already been shown everything in principle, in these short videos, everything that will be in the big episode. https://youtu.be/bJsT-nGI0Qg. But they could not have done this whole sequence of dreams, they could have let Prachi stop this wedding.

    2. @YY
      Ranbir does have an elder brother,named Priyansh who has already settled abroad. There have been a couple of mentions of him throughout the DP :

      First mention was in Rhea’s bday party itself wherein Abhi promises to make Ranbir a singer like himself to which Pallavi takes objection saying that already her one son has settled abroad and if Ranbir becomes a singer then he too will keep traveling around the world holding concerts.

      Second mention was on Vikram Pallavi’s anniversary, that time Vikram thanks Pallavi for giving him two dashing sons and one pretty daughter

      Third was after Ranbir saves and rescues Prachi from Sanju’s clutches (when Prachi sees Sanju’s henchmen murdering a man and gets kidnapped) Pallavi and Dida praise Ranbir to the heaven, to which he teases them that he will inform his big bro that their mother loves only him

    3. Zara11

      How did you know that he is going to be paired with Shahana?

  10. Then where are all these people. Why are they not present at any important family event. Apparently, the creators got so carried away with writing everything negative that they most likely forgot who was present in their series at all. Some are present only in words, others are lost somewhere in the vastness of this show, the fate of these characters is not known at all.

  11. I think ekta kapur has evil mind or her family are evil , therefore she always makes evil wins , poor ekta and her mind

  12. I believe they would not do the same thing twice especially considering they have the back up of prachi still being married to Ranbir. So they will let the marriage happen as they already allowed it to be called off once,so we will have another tanu like marriage. But seeing that nobody outside of the family knew that prachi was his wife I’m not sure hiw things would play off if Ranbir don’t acknowledge her.

    1. Neethumol Mathews

      Did u not see latest SBS SEG then u shud. Ranbir bolti band kardiya humari Prachi.

    2. SKD

      Prachi calls NGO women and Police for help and insults Rhea, i saw in sbs segment

  13. Wow Ranbir will have his legal wife and fraudulent wife under the same roof. How shameful of him, his parents and Rhea. Prachi should sue them and have them thrown in jail for their dirty actions. Hopes that Dida stands with Prachi and Sid against evil Pallavi,the sheep ( Vikram), the evil princess (Rhea) and the sacrificial lamb ( Ranbir).

  14. Dear STRYwrt, Just began watching this video. Thought you might like it. Don’t know if it is a good/great video but….
    Indian Civilization: The Untold Story Raj Vedam
    I have a suspicion that it will validate my personal ‘British Raj Hinduism’ beliefs and understanding. Forever a Student! Keeping in mind that the British Raj changed it’s name to the American empire or ‘the globalists’. KKB and all of it’s sisters are a product of a belief system where it is normal to pick a victim and then to destroy that victim while extracting all of their production. Real Hinduism is the opposite of that thinking. Real Hinduism honours and respects ALL life and works with nature versus treating nature/mankind as exploitable resources. The current gov’t does not practise real Hinduism. As the Indian Farmers, well know/understand, the current gov’t is all about exploitation.

  15. Why cant it ever have a serial that shows good can conquer evil. Stop watching this show people. Too much bad to influence your mind!

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