Meet 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update : Meet keeps eye on Manushi

Meet 25th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet disguised as drivers sees Manu and turn back says after seeing everything I thought you might won’t play with others respect but after hearing what you said on phone I understood how much wrong I am after keeping faith in you.

Meet drags Manu inside her room. Manu says what are you doing or I’ll call Amma, I have an appointment with parlour. Meet remember what she talked about appointment, says you were planning to run with that guy. Manu says don’t blame me on anything. Meet says stop playing games, many lifes are attached to this marriage, makes her sit and ask do you love someone then tell family members and if you like him ask him to come home and let them meet hin and if they like him I’ll talk to Ahlawat family and our family member, I’ll do anything for your happiness. Manu imagines what Kunal will says after knowing the truth, that she is poor and will disrespect her a lot and your dreams will not be fulfilled… Manu gets up and says its not like what you think. Meet says then tell ehat is bag was doing in trunk. Manu says I kept this bag to take with me to Ahlawat’s family I don’t want any of my stuff to be left behind becayof marriage. Meet says jewelry too. Manu says yes jewelry too because I thought I’ll get ready at parlour itself or my make may ruined while wearing at home. Meet says but told different location to driver. Meet shouts stop it, enough its none of your business what I do. Meet says understand one thing from here you will go to ceremony and from there to Ahlawat’s house, I have called your parlour lady and let me know whatever you want I’ll provide you but you will not go anywhere and listing one thing its about respect of both the families think about Amma and Mumma after our fathers death our mom has been with us everytime, its there day and Meet Ahlawat loves you a lot, trust you I won’t let this happen because of your nonsense. Manu says you are my younger sister don’t act like brother and I won’t get ready to cheap parlour on my wedding, you think yourself do smart I’ll call dadi she will make you right. Meet says you will get ready here only your beautician will be here soon and till now groom would also veen ready.

Hoshiyar ties Meet Ahlawat turban and says niw you look like a groom. Masum come and do pooja. Babita says now go and bring a beautiful wife for me. Meet Ahlawat says why aren’t you going with is, everyone knew already and didn’t tell me and says to Raj mom was excited for my marriage it won’t look good if she is not having. Babita says its ritual we have to follow, time changes but rituals dont, you know very well what happen when we didn’t follow ritual. Everyone looks at Sunaina. Meet Ahlawat says but mom. Babita says I won’t let this happen again and guruji told mom cannot see at the time if ritual and I’ll be waiting for you here. Meet Ahlawat request her to come, says you can close your eyes at time of ritual it will be fun our whole family will be there and ask Raj to request Babita. Raj says I can understand you, your mom will miss every moment but there are some ritual which are elder have said and we have to follow them, you know how much important our Guruji is. Meet Ahlawat says ok and says to Babita can I video call you. Babita says yes you can and I’m sure my daughter in law would be looking very beautiful.

Goons beating Kuanl in car. Kunal says please don’t beat me, I told you about that rich girl, my plan was with to run with her, her family was not ready for me so we made plan to run away. Goons says if you’ll run then what you’ll get. Kunal says try to understand me after marriage every problem will be gone and ask for some days. Other Goon says if you can’t pay the amount atleast pay our interest and hands him a packet. Kunal smells it and says this is drugs. Goon says yes because it is.

Beautician getting Manu ready. Manu says how are you doing everything is going in my eyes and says I never thought of having bridal makeup from some cheap place.
Meet video calls her friend and asks them about the arrangement, says I have eye everywhere do everything all nice. Ram says no need to worry boss we will handle everything, tell where are you. Meet says think as if I’m on mission, Manu is getting ready as she is done I’ll bring her directly to function. Manu sees Meet and says how will run if she is here. Beautician ask her to turn her face other side. Manu sees Meet busy on call, she says to beautician can you bring water with straw I’m feeling very dehydrated. Manu gets her phone and call Amma says look at Meet she brought me to a shady Parlour, she is doing not good and she is irritating me, hello you listen me. Meet come with phone and says I’m hearing, I have diverted all your calls on my number so it will be of no use. Beautician come and give water. Manu thinks she is diverting all calls on her number, Kunal would have left and she will think of me as cheater I cannot let this happen, Kunal keep patience I’ll surely come. Meet says you are abusing in your mind or else tell what you are thinking. Manu says why will I abuse you.

Ahlawat’s family dancing. Ram calls Raj and ask him to dance. Raj says wait for function to start, you have begun everything in house itself. Ram says we have to tell other family how we are. Hosiyar ask Babita to dance. Everyone dancing. Isha says to Meet Ahlawat what are you doing here once you are on horse, you’ll not get chance to dance. Meet Ahlawat goes and join everyone. Meet Ahlawat sees blood on Kunal forehead and says why are you bleeding. Kunal says I got slipped in washroom. Meet Ahlawat says its because of that girl. Kunal whispers says don’t tell anyone. Raj come and says what’s happening and says to Kunal you are bleeding what happen. Meet Ahlawat says to Kunal you need to go see doctor, it won’t be cured with normal treatment you have to take stitches wait I’ll call Deep. Kunal says let your friend enjoy. Raj says come I’ll go with you. Kunal says its a small bruise no need to worry and even Babita is also not going so you have to be with him. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj your nephew is not trying to take help if anyone, no worries I’m your brother and give him car keys, go get yourself stitched. Kunal says I’m sorry I made many plans for your wedding but because of this everything spoilt. Meet Ahlawat says no need to worry if you get free early come or else you can meet my wife in other function and here take my handkerchief. Kunal while leaving thinks its destiny which is helping me so that we can run, now I have car too for our plan and I hope my Manushi your are out of your house with money and jewellery


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