Lamp Of Love Episode-25: Anirudh is confused.

Hey my BB fam today is 25th episode I hope you all are enjoying lamp of love fan fiction. If you have any queries or something else please feel free to convey me. Don’t forget to comment, comments are getting decreased now a days. I hope you all like today’s episode.

The episode starts with telephone ringing in RC haveli, Tapur picks up and says, “Hello”. The lady in opposite says, Radhe Krishna, Tapur asks who is this? The lady says, I am Mrs. Dalal and I like to speak to my grandson Kabir. Tapur greets her and tells that she will pass it to Kabir, she keeps the receiver down and goes to call Kabir who is reading a book. Tapur says, “Kabir dada your grandmother would like to speak to you and is on call. Kabir’s face gets bright and he tells that he will come and goes toward telephone, he picks up the phone with excitement all over his face and says, Radhe Krishna my beautiful lady, how are you? And your handsome grandson is absolutely fine here. Kabir’s grandmother asks him to give break so that she can talk, Kabir laughs and says Badimamma I miss you and cries. She asks him what happened and why he is crying all of sudden. Vibha looks at Kabir through window from her room where she has covered it with a cotton cloth so that he cannot see her but she can. Kabir asks should I not miss you. His Badimamma says that, she too misses him and asks why didn’t he made any call to her, Kabir explains her about how hectic is work was and promise that he will call her regularly, they both speak for few more minutes and disconnect the call. Kabir thinks sorry Badimamma this is the first time I am hiding you something, that to an important part in my life and closes his eye lids and breathes heavily.

Anirudh holds his head and wakes up from his bed, he thinks why I feel dizzy and how did I came into my room and look around, and he sees the clock ticking 8pm and gets shocked, he quickly piqued from his bed and opens the door and walks to dining area, while walking he gets flash from Holi celebration, but couldn’t remember exactly what happened. Anirudh sees Thakumaa arranging food for dinner and goes near her. Thakumaa sees him and asks him is he fine now and keeps her hand in his head, Anirudh nods yes. Anirudh asks, but Thakumaa what happened? How did I drank baang and asks did I do anything wrong? Thakumaa remains silent. Anirudh asks her to answer, Thakumaa makes him to sit and asks him to eat first as he is very tired and tells that we can speak about this later. Anirudh gets tensed and tries to recollect, he remembers Bondita and asks where she is? Thakumaa asks him to have food first. Anirudh doesn’t pay heed and gets up, Ksj comes there and asks him to have food first and warns him to not insult maa Annapurna. Anirudh sits silently, but his mind keeps searching for answers.

Sampoorna, Tapur and Som looks at each other. Tapur says, whatever we thought had happened but not in the way we expected. Som says, yes Tapur you are right. Sampoorna tells that, what is meant be happen then, we cannot change that and says everything happens for good and asks them to not worry. Tupur comes there and tells that Bondita is sleeping as she was very tired. Chandrachur tells that it is good that she is sleeping, she really needs good rest now after this big day.

Vibha recalls her encounter with Kabir and thinks that he would have understood whatever she told and behave accordingly. She tries to sleep, but when she closes her eyes she feels Kabir’s presence and the hot breathe she felt during their closeness. Vibha gets up and says Duggamaa I don’t want any harm to touch him, she folds her hands and asks her to make him understand that this cannot happen and cries thinking about him.

Binoy tells Sampoorna that viceroy is impressed with our Bondita and he spoke lot about her in today’s meeting and says, “I am really proud of our bahu, you see Sampoorna she is setting example for upcoming generation”. Binoy asks if she is fine now, Sampoorna shakes her head and tells that Bondita was not ready for what happened today but she will be fine soon.

Anirudh tries to recollect what happened in Holi celebration but he couldn’t recollect it other than some glimpses, he can remember the crying face of Bondita. Anirudh thinks that he should speak to Bondita and goes to her room, he sees Bondita sleeping with her eyes little swollen but a slight smile in her face. Anirudh sits near her just looking at her face.

Ksj tells Kalindi now everything is in their hand they have to decide. Thakumaa says, what you said is absolutely right Trilochan ji, I somehow managed Anirudh to eat, I think now he has gone to meet Bondita in her room. KSj says, let them speak their heart out so that they can know what position they both have in each other’s life.

Bondita turns in her sleep and feels Anirudh presence, she opens her eyes and sees him sitting next to her. Bondita says. Sakha babu what are you doing here in this hour? Anirudh holds her hand and tells Bondita I can’t remember what happened in Holi celebration but I think I did something wrong. Did I hurt you? Bondita say something please don’t be silent, Bondita looks at him with worried face with her eyes getting moist, and she free herself from his hands.  Anirudh looks at her and cups her face he asks Bondita what happened? Tell me something. Bondita takes his hand that cupped her face and tells Sakha babu enough I can’t handle this pressure anymore and breaks down. Anirudh looks stunned seeing her.

To be continued…

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  1. Lopa

    Bunu I know Bondita believes Anirudh completely… But don’t know why I am feeling some pains…
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    Episode is fabulous as always 💕

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  3. Wonderful episode 😉…. Eagerly waiting for the next episode 😃

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  4. Wonderful episode 😀…. Eagerly awaiting for the next episode 😃

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  8. uESA kya kahediyaaa anni ne nashe mein ki bon rone lagg gayiii. Yaar nahi nashe yeh toh nahi boldiya ki woh minni ke liye abhi bhi ussko
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  12. Didi your FF is just great I like the way you keep suspens and I am unable to pridict what is going to happen next but as what ever happens is for good I think now both will find what importance do the have in each other life.and I like your FF more than original serial

    1. Kritisha Sengupta

      Hey Ekta, Thanks much
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  13. I’m loving your episodes Kritisha.
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    Also I m happy bout Vibha – Kabir’s advancing love story

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      Thanks Cutedewill. Glad that you liked kabir and vibha.

  16. Sreya Susan Roy

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  18. Sukanya Gogoi

    After reading your episodes I feel like I am watching other phase of Berrister Babu.You have superb skill of writing. Praying for your bright future. Keep writing 😍😍😍

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  19. I’m dying in suspense. Great writing

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