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Everyone at dinner table. Meet sees her photo un newspaper under the headline, ‘A lady saved many people from falling in manhole’. Pray to god says what you did now everyone one will know we were not in house and will question me and Mewt Ahlawat. Babita walks in. Meet try to hide newspaper. Raj says please give me for a minute and says lets go for an luve event where we can go have our dinner. Isha says to Raj what are you looking in newspaper paper in era of application isn’t that old school, it will save time. Babita says I’ll go only when Meet Ahlawat is alright. Raj keeps newspaper on table. Babita see the article and start reading infront of everyone. Raj see her photo. Masum in shock. Meet Ahlawat think’s I think that journalist covered her news yesterday. Babita ask Meet where were you last night and left my son alone. Meet Ahlawat says no mom. Meet says yes I need to go for an urgent delivery. Babita says how dare you left my son alone is you deliver job was more important then my son, what if he need some help are you that irresponsible and stop giving fake promises you are so careless. Meet Ahlawat says mom I didn’t had any problem in night. Babita says that’s not the issue, issue is she not trustworthy, she is a lier, I cannot compromise for your health. Meet says I’m sorry won’t happen again. Babita says I don’t trust you. Masum thinks she come out if one step ahead from my knowledge she hid Meet Ahlawat’s secret and making space for soft corner but I have planned a surprise for you which may help to bring out your secret. Meet Ahlawat look at Meet, she bods her head to not to say anything.

Meet Ahlawat in his room remember what Babita said to Meet near dining table. Meet walks in and says what are you doing am I trying to make you healthy and you are wasting your energy by roaming, I suggest you to go in power saving mode. Meet Ahlawat says and in what mode you were downstairs to sacrifice if they get to know about my good deed then let them know. Meet says people get scolded from there family and what’s wrong if I got scolded because your oath was more important. Meet Ahlawat says listen me sometime, you got scolded because of me and I’m feeling and heavy and you don’t deserve that scolding. Meet thinks I’m lying already to everyone from not telling that Manushi is at home, you don’t deserve that and I feel heavy because of not telling you. Meet Ahlawat goes to bed. Meet thinks I have to make him happy he is sad or else he won’t get healthy.

Meet dressed as south indian man entertain Meet Ahlawat, Isha and Duggu joins her. Duggu’s lungi go down but they manage. Meet Ahlawat start smiling.

Manushi says what date night. Kunal says yes date night I feel like stranger to you and if this continues then one day I’ll ask sister who are you, I want you to get dress for me, all covered in jewellery specially for me, I want to feel special. Manushi thinks he loves me so much and rich too I want go to some stupid salon in Delhi to earn pennies and says I’ll make you feel special don’t worry I’ll get ready for you and no one will make yp apart they hug eachother and Kunal leaves. Manushi says now I’m gonna do something that will scare the hell out of mummy now I’ll show my true colours.

Guruji visits Ahlawat’s. Raj says to Guruji why did you come we could have ask our driver yo pick you. Guruji says I have been called. Masum walks in and says I called Guruji she greets him and says I think my brother is facing lots of problems in his life, last time it come to his life I was worried so I called him. Raj says yes Guruji we can handle little problem but this time it was about our kids life but our daughter in law saved her. Masum says we want to know why it’s happening we all know how kind hearted, loving and ideol boy he is then why he is always in trouble, is somebody presence affecting him. Meet thinks is because of me. Guruji says if someone have anything to speak so please says to me only then I can help you. Masum looka at Meet and thinks his expression are changing, my plan is going accordingly. Masum says we would live is it possible we can write on piece of paper so that we can be feel free from that load. Guruji says it’s possible. Isha says I’ll get pen and paper. Everyone takes diary and paper. Masum thinks I just want to know Meet’s confessions after that mom will get to know about her and her family and will throw him out of house. Everyone write tgere confession. Masum looks Meet writing. Meet remembers what Anubha said to her about Manushi. Everyone give there confession to Guruji. Meet goes to Guruji says I have kept my paper empty because I think what we feel should be said to everyone not to be written and keeps her copy says please give your blessings to Meet Ahlawat because he need more of it, you can come with me I’ll tell you what you are feeling. Guruji says okay let’s go.

Meet takes Guruji to room. Meet says he is sleeping because of medicine I’ll wake him up. Guruji says let him rest and give Meet Ahlawat his blessings and start walking. Meet calls Guruji and says my father use to say, that you pay for every mistake in this life itself does hiding a truth hurt whole family. Guruji says when we see someone happy we gets happy in that same way every emotion affect eachother when it’s from someone close to you. Meet says I have a confession to make I cannot write it on paper and I want to say it in person. Guruji says tell what you want to say. Masum watching everything from outside says now you come to confess what your family is planning and all the doors will be closed for you of this house. Meet about to say but hear a sound and look for the source, she clode the door. Masum says she closed the door if you are cunning then I’m also from Ahlawat’s family I’ll look from main door and walks to other side says I can see and hear everything. Meet says to Guruji these people are very rich and are very kind hearted, everyone have fath in me and love me I don’t like to hide anything from them, last night my mom ask me to hide something which is impossible for me to hide and I feel very heavy because of that and remember what Anubha said to her last night and think Mummy gave me her swear bot tell. Meet Ahlawat cough. Meet rush towards him to look.

Masum says she didn’t tell why is she feeling heavy but I’ll also try to find out.

Meet Ahlawat on call says I planned a surprise birthday party for Meet and you are invited.

Masum says to Anubha dis you said anything to Meet she looked worried she felt very heavy. Anubha thinks I think so Meet have spill out unknowingly

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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