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Part 3 – Accidentally Rescuing her !!!

Swara squeezed her eyes for several seconds, opening them slowly to observe the place where she was !!! Dim light making her vision blur and more over the chloroform still had it’s effect making her body weak.

With several crunches and deep breaths swara got some energy bringing her back alive. Arms & legs were tied in ropes and piece of cloth covering her mouth. She sensed danger.

Tears welled up in her doe eyes, which might emerge out any time. Those ropes cluthing her tight leaving imprints over her skin. She wriggled her body several times finding a loop hole. Swara’s eye caught a glass piece lying far away from her.

Swara dragged her body through the floor, picking the large glass piece with help of her mouth, creating cuts. As result, fresh blood oozed from her lips coating the glass piece in red but she was determined in cutting her ropes.

Swara arched her body over the hands, successfully untangling the ropes, followed by ankles too. Wiping the blood and caressing her wounds, her eyes were searching for a way to escape from those kidnappers.She streched her body but felt too weak to walk.

Swara cursed sanskar for being terrible. Her curses reached him through air yearning chokes from sanskar who was eating and thinking about her sudden disapperance for past two days!!!!

“Sanskar drank water to cool the burning sensation in his throat, Who the hell curses me??? ” he had the remaing food in dilemma.

Swara escaped through the windows but luck wasn’t on her side. Goons caught her escaping. she ran aimlessly inside the woods to save her life.

Goons spread out different direction searching for the prey swara.

Swara hided behind a bush and a goon was standing next to talking on the phone. She heard those scoldings from his boss!!! Which obviously written on his face with a frown.

” I need her alive or else you will be dead”

Swara closed her mouth on hearing those words fearing her life. The man left, she ran as soon as possible from that place.

Sanskar room :

Sanskar was packing clothes with pain in his heart . “Where the hell did sheena go?? I’m searching for her for past two days but she disappered without even Informing me!!”
Is this respect will she show to me?? Whom I saved from rain?? Okay atleast a formality bye??

Why would she wish me a goodbye?? I’m nothing to sheena?? he consoled his broken heart…..

Few hours later,

Sanskar left the resort with heavy heart missing his sheena re-living those memories of them. For him those memories were treasure…

Sanskar drove off to airport, expecting to meet her atleast once before leaving to Manali. He knows it was stupid but he cant resist his feelings.

Chauffeur applied a sudden break, shooking sanskar from his thoughts. He was about to scold him for being reckless but words stuck in his throat…There he saw his angel being pale and wounded.

Swara got hit on the car but least she cared murmuring the driver sorry!!!

Sanskar eyes fixed on her but she ran away from that place inorder to escape from goons. He ran back of swara raising his speed equal to her’s.

Goons on hearing sounds, started to chase sanskar but abdrupted on hearing the name sheena.

For goons it was swara but for sanskar she was sheena. And swara ran far away seeing sanskar chasing her.

For swara, he was kidnapper’s boss and sheena wasn’t her name which was another reason she did not respond him….
There she fell down exhausted.

Sanskar took her in his arms, tapping on either side of cheeks trying to wake her but ended in vain.

Sheena…. sheena…. his voice ecoed her eardrums but she felt feeble. Slowly her eyes closed panicking sanskar.

Sanskar’s heart throbbed faster, fear of loosing her. He rushed to near by hostipal giving her best treatment.

Doctor advised sanskar ,”keep her away from stress and treat her with proper food since her body is too weak to handle pressures”.

Sanskar thanked the doctor and discharged swara from the hospital taking her with him to Manali.

Next day afternoon :
Sanskar’s guest house Manali:
He picked swara in his arms who was still sleeping due to medicine effect. He smiled at her face?? being calm.

Servants were amazed on sanskar’s reaction.

Sanskar ordered them to clear the guest room for swara and left towards his bedroom.

His room was lavish one, painted in sky blue giving soothing effect and ambience exhibiting postive vibes.

Sanskar carefully laid her on his bed covering with duvet, placing a small kiss on her forehead. He smiled widely on his actions. Swara pulled his hands in sleep finding a comfort. His happiness had no boundries but felt sad thinking about her condition. She twisted her body feeling his warm hands on her hairs finding peace. He chuckled on her behaviour.Sanskar replaced his hands with pillow and went to have quick shower.

Evening :

Sanskar was waiting for swara to wake up but she was sound asleep. He tried waking her but she failed to respond. Sanskar’s stomach was growling for food. There came servant with yummy food kindling his hunger.

In no time he pounded on food and least caring about the surroundings….

He bruped loud, yearning chuckle from the servant. Sanskar shooted dagger through his eyes.

Servant left the room smiling at sanskar’s childish behaviour licking his fingers finishing the meal….

Swara tossed in her sleep shouting papa!!!! Mamma!!!! Please come back to me!!! She was crying in her sleep….

Sanskar was shocked by her behaviour……

To be continued……….

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