Swasan – Saza (25)

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It’s Saza time.   

Just telling that story will soon to come to an end

Not much to give here anymore…  But I still try my best to make special ff as I hope

Sorry to all that who wished no sickness track but its what I attend to write to justify some things.

Now enjoy reading


Sanskar POV

I woke up feeling as hell dizzy as ever, my head spinning like a spinner game in Disney land, my eyes were so heavy and I had to put quit energy to fight my eyelashes closing manner. Ceiling was the first view I got in front of me feeling immense pain in my head, my hand slowly reached my head in an attempt to ease the pain only to feel feather feeling on my forehead, it’s a bandage.


I heard nikil’s voice calling briefly his figure in front of my sight looking worried


“ma, Sanskar is awake”

He bit shouted and soon after that my mom dashed in the room, worried as hell as I know she be every time I am hurt.

“what happened?”

“ha mera beta, why did you have to fast ah? Every time you do that you hurt…. You faint my little boy that also on stairs… why Sanskar?” mom said sobbing as always.

Nikil: you was unlucky as you faint on stairs and rolled all the way down, but you are also lucky you didn’t broke your neck, but you hurt your head with a good cut

As he talked I remembered my entrance, I remembered scanning the room for my princess as a surprise, I remembered how I saw her small figure moving out of the kitchen and that in this moment I saw her I knew she lied to me and fasted for me putting a mental note to punish her for that, finally just before my black out I saw her black out as well. Now I notice that swara wasn’t here, she would never leave my side

“where is swara?”surprisingly I didn’t have a reply in return which make me frown. So I repeat my question and felt a tug in my heart, something was out of it’s place.

Nikil: she is still passed out, the doctor we brought didn’t know why she isn’t awake yet, so we sent for another and will be here soon.

I shatter, no that was simple word, I was worse than shatter pieces of glass on floor, my jaan passed out and even they can’t wake her. My heart moved my body against it’s well as it wanted nothing but to be in the arms of my jaan and be with her.

Sujata: Sanskar, stay rest please.

“no hell way” it was only then when I noticed that I am not in my room but uttra’s, my legs were so much jelly to stand and I took few times to even stand.

“why I am here??”

“swara in the bed and the couch wouldn’t have worked for you”

“you could have put me on the f**king floor nikil. I shouldn’t leave her side ever”

I cursed not caring that my mom was there, my unsteady steps hurted my legs, my head was too heavy. Likely nikil was kind enough and started to support me as I walk to my room.

Swara on the bed had brought tears to my eyes in a mint, only her managed to make me cry, only her. Her body laid numbly on the bed closed eyes and paled face, it shuddered me completely. I moved to her side as caught her hand in mine, it was cold as ice or even more and if it wasn’t I focused to see her chest moving slightly up and down I would have mistaken her to be no more.

Telling these words crushed my heart, no way this is happening, I just got her while ago then why god will be harsh to take her away from me, god is gentle I know and will keep her with me.

Doctor finally arrived and started to examine her, he frowned after a mint and it worried me even more….

D.: she is weak due too leak of many food and sleep, but I am very rare to see such weakness, are you sure that she had taken her serge at least?

“I wasn’t here but I am sure she did”

“no she didn’t” said uttra crying and paining

“what you mean uttra?”

Uttra: when you both faint I was in kitchen and I knew servants were busy so I decided to toss the trash myself, there I saw food that supposed to be sergi panned in the trash, but I recognized it’s swara’s sergi as it’s contains what I exactly helped mom to make for swara.

Words thundered my heart, she didn’t eat serge and she still fast for me… someone tossed her sergi…

“awake her doctor.. please.. then I will deal with the one behind this”


I closed my eyes as I heard badi ma speaking

AP: I know that we fight beta, but still we want to check, how is swara beta?

I look at her as she accompany with her nagani bahu

“doctor, please”

The doctor started to move and order for a feeder, then he hold swara’s arm and frown

“kya hwa doctor” I asked him

He kept check swara arms and hands

Doctor: her veins isn’t clear at all, have you been starving her?? I Can’t find a single vein. If she can feel still, this will be painful.

I wanted to kill myself right away, my heart was paining more and more with each time doctor with put the needle in swara’s arm and draw blood. Again and again till finally it’s placed in right place and the feeder start to put life in her body.

It was long 20 mints till all the feeder was sit in her body and doctor waited outside the room with all of them, but I hold my swara.

I promise you swara she will pay, I will make her and everyone regret. Please come back to me baby, wake up princess, please.

I hold her hand and caressed her hairs, and also thinking, who would toss swara serge but here, who would have the rnough evil mind this but her? Who wouldn’t care for some morals but her?

That b*t*h nagini will pay, I am sure she did this to my shonna, and I swear on my swara’s life I will make her pay painfully. I was out from my thoughts feeling a press on my hand.


Sanskar POV over

Swara start gaining conscious slowly and even before she open her eyes she whisper the name of her love “Sanskar.. hmm”

Sanskar: swara…. Swara I am here.

Due to his voice family came in, and look at weak swara, uttra stand close to her…

Uttra: bhabhi are you ok?

Swara still closed: hmmm…

Swara was feeling a lot weak can’t even open her eyes…


“I am here princess, I am just here”

“you …. You ok…  Nh…  na??”

“yes princess, I am perfect, just open your eyes na”

The doctor came in and starts examining her

Doctor; mrs. Maheshwary please try open your eyes.

Swara’s eye lashes were struggling to open, swara puts all her energy to open it, after so much she did, but it’s too dark for her.

Swara: is there power cut Sanskar?

Sanskar frowned: nahi swara

Swara: its’s so dark Sanskar, open a light.

These words took all family’s breath…

Sanskar: wh… what you talk about swara?? It’s full of light… swara…. (Sanskar grape her to sit a bit) swara look at me… swaraaaa

Swara start panic: san… Sanskar… I .. cant … I cant see anything… it’s too dark sanskaaaaar, open light Sanskar, open lights….. I am afraid of dark you..  You know naa…  Open lights pls

Sanskar panic more and shouted: swaraaaa all …  All room is lighted…  doctor what is going on… what is this… swara look at me baby, tell me you see… swara…

Swara shouted: Sanskar i can’t, I can’t (she was roaming his body and his face) Sanskar what happened to me?? Sanskaaaaar.

Doctor: mr. Sanskar please calm her down or her needle will break, it won’t be good.

As doctor said the words Sanskar composed his panic, hardly he did

Sanskar: Swara shshshsh shshsh I am here ok, maybe it’s a pass shshsh calm na princess shsh

After soothing words swara started to calm and doctor gave her an injection to calm down and eventually sleep in mints. Then doctor to examine her even more..

Sanskar: doctor, what’s going on… please?

Doctor: I can’t be sure now, we must move her to the hospital immediately and make proper tests.

Doctor start make calls and Sanskar kept looking to swara crying and hurting, shattering with every passing second. They took swara on cart and ragini perhaps felt guilt while going to her room but it was too late, she was dragged to a corner and a hand caging her air pipe struggling her to breath.

As ragini snapped her eyes open she saw a very angry Sanskar stopping her from living and his eyes blood shot red…

Sanskar: if you think I don’t know that it was you who did this……. Then. You. didn’t. know. Sanskar very well. I will make you pay, it’s just I am not like you now sneaking dirty, I come forward and hurt. I will hurt you ragini…. Realy. Badly. And that little life inside you won’t stop me.

Saying so Sanskar left ragini catcing her breaths and holding her stomach afraid on everything she have

Ragini: i… I …. Didn’t….

Sanskar venomly: don’t you dare deny ragini.

Sanskar left fast to the hospital behind his wife, all test duration swara was unconscious and observed. Sanskar and his family never left the hospital waiting but only Sanskar enter the room after swara was done of tests, he sit alone beside her tears silently of his eyes as he rest his chin on her forehead.

After time swara start to gain conscious, as she open her eyes no differs there, she saw nothing but darkness, she felt wet on her forehead and hands that touching her featherly and she knew it…

“sanskaar” it came like a soft call whisper

“swara” Sanskar jerk immediately facing her, she was open eyes but no light in her isis, it crushed him to the guts.

“don’t cry baby please. I need you to be strong”

“but… but… swara you… how this happen… swara please say that you see me”

“I do my princess”

Sanskar eyes were full of fake hopes, he knew she lies and and for a fracture he believed it and it soothed him… he kissed her knuckles


“I see you in my heart, like the first times I saw new shade of you. A dirty mad cute boy, then funny pagal boy, then angry man saved me from being stapped angry and furious, then smiling man. And I want to hold to that smiling man Sanskar, I see you only like this”

Sanskar made swara sit on bed and opened her palms and place his head over them feeling to cry but holding it for her. In a mint one of her hands moved and stroked his hairs to sooth him until a knock disturbed them.

Sanskar settle himself before he order to come in, his family appeared with the doctor holding tests…

Uttra came in running hugging swara: bhaaabhi (she was sobbing uncontrollably)

Swara: ohh uttra, shshshs na, I am just blind not dead, shshshs.

Doctor: I need to check her please. (he did fastly) please come with me mr.sanskar.

Swara: no. I want to hear.

Sanksar: swara.. please…

Swara: please you Sanskar… whatever it is I want to hear.

Sanskar defeated: ok

He sit beside her holding her hand and the other circuled around her shoulder and she just cuddle to his chest and round a hand to his waist waiting for the worst

Doctor: I know that the look pretty awful but the truth it’s not that bad, yes miss swara you are blind but not permanent, it can be fixed.

Everyone in the room took a sigh of relief they didn’t they have been holding it in their hurts

Doctor: but to do that it’s not going to be easy.

Sanskar: what you mean?

Doctor: ok. First of all you got blind due to saver leak of vitamin A in your system, you have been skipping food and water like for almost a whole day, am I right? (Swara whispered a yes) also we find slight traces of alcohol, sleeping pills and anti-hunger pills, is is true?

Swara felt so ashamed, yes she drank in 4 months like forever, she couldn’t sleep without drink and pills, and food was her last thing so she forced her hunger away.

Sanskar hugged her very tight knowing exactly how she feels and whisper her “its ok” words and it sooth her a bit.

Doctor: due to these facts your body couldn’t hold food anymore, even after you stopped your stomach couldn’t just chew proper food, that’s why probably when you eat you would vomit after bites as it’s not habited to eat any longer.

And with no food no vitamin A, and main thing that vitamin affects is sight spot in the brain. First you would feel weak, dizzy attacks, blur visions but then ok, you couldn’t see in the dark, but at the karvata shotta as no food at all and the fast I am afraid you reached your limits as there is no energy for anything and when you passed out your sigh spot is too weak to work.

Seconds of silent passed slowly like years till softly swara whispered

“how to treat it, I would see again right?”

“yes you would, rest and food and nothing else, but food that what will take time, there is many steps to take so you can eat food properly again, but that create another issue”

Sanskar: what now?

Doctor: vo… vo… well….. ahhh…

Swara whisper something that sankar didn’t catch

Sanskar: what you say princess?

Swara with more audible voice but weak and ashamed: I am pregnant


Aaannnnd cut

That’s it for today

How it was

No gusses and no scenes…

It will be more simple from here OK

Precap:  heal and revenge


Allah hafiz

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