The room was dark. She could see some men outside the room. They were talking amongst themselves unknown to the fact that someone listening to their talks.

M1: what should we do with the girl?

M2: we will kill her as soon as she tells about the pen drive.

M3: even Ayesha ma’am has said to kill her.

Her eyes widened when she heard this. She was kidnapped because of the pen drive that contained proofs against Dr.Malhotra and Gayatri. She was to be killed soon. She knew that she had to rush from there so save her best friend’s life. She took advantage of the darkness and escaped from a little opening in the room.

She was running like a mad person on the road. Suddenly a car stopped in front of her. She closed her eyes in fear. A man came out of the car and ran towards her. He hugged her tightly as his life came back to him. He broke the hug and made her sit in the car. She was still in shock from the incident. She ordered the man to drive to the venue where Sanchi and Kabir’s marriage was going on.

The car halted in front of the temple. She came down and began to run with all her might but just as she reached there, she heard the priest say that the marriage rituals were complete. She was shattered as she could not save her best friend’s life. She knew that Sanchi loved Veer. She just stumbled and the man who was with her held her. The man spoke in a voice filled with concern.

M: Pragya please take care.

Pragya leaned on his chest and began to weep. She was feeling helpless.

P: I could have saved them Satish. I could have saved two lives.

S: It was meant to be. It was written in their destiny. Don’t blame yourself. You did whatever you could. It was not in your hands dear.

Sanchi and Kabir took the blessings of all the elders and came out. Sanchi was so happy to see Pragya. Isha also came out. Sanchi and Isha headed for a hug but they stopped dead in their paths when they heard Pragya.

P: please guys; I don’t deserve your friendship. I’m sorry Sanchi I could have saved your life.

S: what are you saying Pragya? Satish please give us some explanation!

Satish narrated the happenings from the Sangeet ceremony. How Pragya was kidnapped and how she eloped. Everyone present there was surprised and Sanchi and Isha ran towards Pragya. They hugged her tightly. Pragya broke the hug and took out a pen drive from her pocket. She handed it to Sanchi.

P: this contains all the proofs against Dr.Malhotra and Gayatri. I’m sorry I am late. She said in a breaking voice. Sanchi stared at her and then the pen drive and then to her nuptial chain. Kabir was studying all her gestures. He knew she was feeling hurt. She could have gone to Veer if the pen drive was in her hands before.

K: Sanchi, you don’t have any restriction from my side. You can go if you want to. He said with a heavy heart and a smiling face. He did not care what the people would say. He just wanted his love to be happy.

Sanchi had tears in her eyes. They were of the happiness and not sorrow. She was feeling good after so many days. She had promised herself not to think of Veer anymore. She was ready to give a chance to her new relation. She was willingly accepting this new relation. She was happy that she was married to someone who loved her enough to let her go. She closed her eyes as tears came out. People were expecting her to turn around and leave as everyone present there knew that she loved Veer. They were surprised when they heard her speak.

S: thank you Dr.Kabir but I don’t want to go anywhere. The day I decided to marry you, I removed Veer’s thought from my mind. I respect you and love you as a friend. Kabir was happy somewhere down his heart. He was also afraid that Sanchi would have this decision as she was feeling ashamed. He wanted to clear all the stuff.

K: Sanchi you don’t need to worry about anything. I will never come in your path. You can go. I don’t regret my decision.

S: I know Sir that I need not worry as you are with me. You will never come in my path as now our paths are the same. I don’t want to go anywhere Sir and I’m not taking my decision under any pressure trust me Sir. She convinced Kabir and everyone present there. Jaya and Kusum breathed in relief and gave a warm smile to each other.
Sanchi turned around to Pragya.

S: you know who did this?

P: Ayesha…

Everyone gasped as they heard her name. They never knew that she would cross all her limits. Sanchi and Kabir took Pragya, Isha and Satish home. Kanchi changed their wedding dress and sat down on their bed to discuss about the issue. They were planning something all night and everyone slept in the same room at around 4:00 am.

The alarm buzzed at 7:00 am. Everyone got up and started to do their assigned work. MISSION VEER’S WEDDING began in full swing. They all were sleep deprived but sincerity and dedication reflected from their face. Pragya and Satish went to submit the proofs against Dr.Malhotra and Gayatri to the police commissioner. Pragya’s dad had fixed their appointment. They were very well aware that the police inspector was also involved with the Malhotras.

Sanchi and Kabir went to the Malhotra Mansion to talk to Veer. They had decided that they would try to convince Veer to stop the marriage. Isha went somewhere with a big bag. Kanchi reached the Malhotra Mansion. Sanchi stopped right in front of the gate as she recollected all her insults. Her eyes began to water. Kabir held her hand and squeezed it to assure her his support. Sanchi nodded her head and they went inside. All were busy in getting ready. They were walking past a room from where cries were heard. They knew it was Veer because only he was sad. Kanchi barged in the room. Veer turned around and was astonished to find them. He was angry on Sanchi. He stared her with red eyes. Sanchi began to speak but was cut in the beginning itself.

V: Dr.Kabir; take your wife away from here. I don’t want to see her face. Just take her away.

S: Veer at least listen to me please… she pleaded but he was not ready to hear anything. They gave up and came out where they found Anand Malhotra setting his clothes right. Anand threw a disgusting look towards Sanchi. Kabir came in between Sanchi and Anand as though shielding her from his annoying looks. He smiled and proceeded to talk to Dr.Malhotra about the hospital affairs.

K: Sir your signs are required here. Kabir handed him a file.

A: sure. He took the file and signed without looking at the papers.

Sanchi stood there, behind her protective husband, praying that Veer stop this marriage. Kabir and Anand’s talks came to halt when Gayatri called him. He turned to leave but spoke before leaving.

A: Kabir please attend Veer’s marriage along with your wife. The marriage is going to start in a few minutes. He left saying this. Kabir turned around to face Sanchi. She gave him pleading looks and he assured her.

Kanchi headed towards the venue. Everyone present there was congratulating them on their marriage. Soon the wedding rituals began. Sanchi was in tension which was visible on her face. Kabir held her hand throughout the wedding as his assurance and support. The vows were complete. The nuptial chain was tied. Now only the Vermilion remained. Sanchi clasped Kabir’s arms tightly as the bride was unveiled to apply the Vermilion. Everyone was shocked to see Isha there. Sanchi and Kabir breathed in relief. It was their plan B. They had planned to convince Veer but if he did not agree then they had no other choice but to change the bride.


Kanchi changed and sat down to discuss Ayesha’s issue.

S: we have to save Veer’s life. He does not know about Ayesha’s reality.

K: you are right Sanchi, but he is not ready to listen to anyone. How will we tell him everything?

P: I have an idea. (She took a deep breath and said in a low voice.) Isha can you take Ayesha’s place tomorrow during the marriage?
Everyone was dumbstruck. They all started at once firing questions on Pragya.

S: are you mad?

K: Pragya this is not a game.

Satish: yes Pragya. How can you even think like that?

The only person quite was Isha. Pragya shouted loudly to suppress their questions. She turned to Isha and held her face.

P: Isha I knew that you liked Veer but you did not say anything because of Sanchi. Your eyes would always search Veer and I noticed it. So say will you marry him?

Isha kept quite. She looked down as she shielded her tears from everyone. Sanchi, who was sitting beside her, got the biggest shock of her life. She was in tears too. She engulfed Isha in a tight hug. They cried in each other’s embrace finding solace in the reality that just dawned upon them.

S: Isha; why didn’t you tell me before?

I: Sanchi I was not willing to come in between you two.

P: now please Isha tell me will you marry him?

I: yes but in extreme case only. First you will try to convince him and if he does not agree then I will marry him after Ayesha’s arrest.

Everyone agreed and began to plan their tasks for tomorrow. It was night. The three girls were up and talking in the bed. The men went out to eat something in the kitchen.

S: I’m sorry Isha I came in between you two.

I: no Sanchi, it was I who had feelings for him. I was just a friend for him. So don’t worry.

Sanchi and Pragya hugged her tightly. They were crying when Pragya popped a question suddenly.

P: you don’t love Veer anymore Sanchi?

S: Pragya it was not at all love. It was infatuation I think. We misunderstood each other and also vent out our anger on each other. Trust was never there in our relation. So I don’t think that Veer and I loved each other.

The three girls continued their chatting. Lot of emotional talks went on for two hours. Then they slowly drafted to sleep. The men came in at 2:00 am. They saw the girls sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace. They switched off the lights and went to work on some legal documents. They finished their work at 4:00 am and went to sleep.
Isha took the bag in which the wedding dress was there. It was quiet heavy but she managed to climb the ladder and reach up to Ayesha’s room. She was getting ready when she saw Isha come in through the window. She was surprised and began to shout on Isha. Just then Isha opened the door and the police came in and caught Ayesha. They charged her in the offence of kidnapping and in the attempt to murder. Pragya helped Isha to get ready and she veiled her face and went to the marriage hall.

Flashback ends.

Everyone present in the hall was shocked excluding Kanchi. They were satisfied. Veer had applied Vermilion on Isha’s head without looking at her. So they were officially married. Veer popped his head up at the sudden uproar of the guests. He was shocked to see Isha in Ayesha’s place.

A: what the hell. What are you doing here? Where is Ayesha?

Isp: she is with us. The inspector came forward to the mandap.

G: but inspector what has she done?

P: my kidnap. She also tried to kill me. Pragya and Satish had all eyes on them.

Isp: constable arrest Dr.Malhotra and Gayatri also.

A: but why? What have we done?

Isp: we have the proofs that Gayatri had shot Savitri and not Jaya. We have your confession of killing Mr. Sunil Mishra for this hospital. You are under arrest Dr.Malhotra and Mrs.Gayatri. they took the criminals with them. Veer was traumatized with the happenings. He was feeling guilty about his behavior. He did not trust Sanchi and he behaved so rudely with her. He was ashamed to the extent of lifting his eyes to look at her. He just shook his head as he was hurt to the core.
Anand stopped before going in front of Jaya. He shouted loudly.

A: do whatever you want but you will never get the hospital.

K: you are mistaken Dr.Malhotra. Please do read these documents that you signed few minutes back.

Anand took the papers and his eyes widened in shock. It was written that he was giving the ownership of this hospital to Jaya and Veer in a 50-50 partnership. These papers were prepared by Kabir and Satish when they were up till late. They knew that Anand would never give them the hospital directly so they planned this. Anand yelled in frustration. He was taken by the police. Savitri and Veer were feeling guilty as they did not trust Jaya. Kabir went to Veer and Jaya and gave them the copy of the papers. Veer hugged Kabir tightly and weeped in his embrace.

V: I’m sorry Kabir Sir. I spoke rudely to you. I also slapped you. I don’t deserve this ownership. I don’t deserve anything.

Kabir just hugged him back. He said breaking his hug.

K: Veer let the past go by. You did all this as you were unaware so it is not that important. You deserve this ownership and you will take your responsibilities in a far better way than your father.

Veer went towards Sanchi.

V: I’m sorry. I don’t deserve you. He does. You both are made for each other. Please forgive me.

Sanchi smiled warmly. She was having tears in her eyes. She was way happy that all the misunderstandings were cleared in between them. She now looked up to Veer just as a friend. Meanwhile Jaya and Savitri also cleared their misunderstandings. All were happy now.

Savitri: let’s take our beloved daughter-in-law home.

Everyone went to Malhotra Mansion. Isha’s grahpravesh was performed. Kanchi headed towards home. They were stopped by Jaya.

J: Kabir beta, I want you to take up the ownership of SDCH. You are very responsible and you have experience. Kabir hesitated but Sanchi assured her. He took Jaya’s blessings and they went home. Pragya and Satish also left.

Veer’s room:

Isha was pacing up and down the room as she was waiting for Veer. He had not arrived yet. He was not seen after the grahpravesh ceremony. She had changed into pajamas and top. She was constantly stealing glances of the watch. It was 12:00 am now. She started to worry. She decided to search him. When she opened the door, she found Veer stammering at the door. He was struggling to stand on his feet. He had consumed too much of alcohol. Isha ran to his rescue. She helped him to reach their room and lay him on the bed. She removed his shoes and took off his jacket. She covered him with quilt and was about to go when he held her hand. He jerked her hand and she sat down on the bed beside him. He kept his head on her lap and began to weep. He was betrayed today. Isha felt bad for Veer. She had liked him from the starting before he developed feelings for Sanchi. She pampered his head and her each stroke took away all his pain and insecurities. He held her tightly as though not letting to go. Peaceful sleep came to him in some minutes.

Kabir and Sanchi were sitting on the bed. Sanchi was leaning her head on his shoulder. They were happy from within and silence was the best way to convey it. They fell asleep in the same position.

The morning brought new changes in every ones’ lives. SDCH started a new journey with new rules and principles. All the business was wiped off as the hospital was now the way Sunil had wanted it to be. Jaya and Savitri were made Members of Board of Directors. The ownership was transferred legally on Kabir’s name. Kabir and Veer were sweating out daily to change the corrupted hospital in a renewed one. Their wives were supportive and they were handling the responsibilities of work as well as that of house. Savitri was very much happy with Isha. Kabir and his dad’s relations were also mending. Everything was going perfect but Kabir and Veer had not confessed their feelings to their wives. Veer was happy to get Isha in his life. She was very caring and supporting. Sanchi had also developed feelings for Kabir. Now the relations which started as a twist in destiny were joined by the strings of hearts…..
I have written an OS as I was requested and also this will continue.

I wanted the story of SDCH to proceed like this. So wrote an OS on it.

Hope you liked it. Thank you for reading.

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