Was it all planned by destiny? ff epi -28

The episode starts with babies sleeping nd dev hugging Sona while sleeping . Sona wakes up nd slowly moves dev’s hand from her nd gets up from the bed but suddenly Sona feels giddiness nd sits on the bed she thinks it must be because of sudden getting up nd ignores it . She comes from washroom after getting showered nd wakes up dev by using her wet hairs .
Dev : Sona plz na
Sona : dev come on get up we both have so much work in office nd for three weeks Vicky will be not their to help u nd get up
Suddenly dev grabs Sona’s hand nd push her towards him nd he says
Dev : u never learn to stop ur nonstop talking habit nd u know if u talk so much in one go how I will make u stop ??
Sona : dev their is no time to romance just get …….
Nd he kiss her on lips to make her stop. After a moment nd Sona says
Sona : y do u always have to kiss me to make me shut up even before marriage u kissed on my cheeks to make me silent
Dev : oh that time ??
Flashback to London when they were in university
Sona nd dev both just need a topic to fight with each other nd they also search for it . So one day both dev nd Sona with Vicky nd Elena were in the garden of clg nd sees a guy proposing a girl
Elena : Sona look that guy is proposing her
Sona : wow Elena wish someone also does for me u know it really takes so much guts to propose someone in public
Dev who was listening it says to Vicky but tries to make it audible to Sona
Dev : Vicky look I am mean it’s so cheesy to propose someone in public nd u know na these girls always wants to make boys fool in front of everyone now that girl will say no for sure .
Unfortunately that girls says no nd goes from their to a corner nd the guy runs behind her . Sona gets angry nd dev tries to make her more angry
Dev : look I said na she will know I mean I just don’t know what’s wrong with these girls why can’t they know their feelings first they say that this nd now ….
Sona : what do u mean we girls are better than u dev
Sona can’t control nd goes to argue with dev . As usual both start arguing about girls nd boys nd Vicky Elena tries stop but fails nd music starts

Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Dil Kuch Kehta Hai
Kuch Aur Hi Karti Hai
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Dil Kuch Kehta Hai
Kuch Aur Hi Karti Hai
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Pyaar Usse Bhi Hai Magar Shuruaat Tumhi Se Chahe
Khudh Mein Ulji Ulji Hai Par Bhaalo Ko Suljaayein

I Mean You’re All The Same Yaar
Hum Achche Dost Hai Par Uss Nazar Se Tumko Dekha Nahin
Woh Sab To Teek Hai Par Uss Barein Mein Maine Socha Nahin

Sab Se Alag Hai Tum Yeh Keh Ke Paas Tumhaare Aaye
Aur Kuch Din Mein Tum Mein Alag Sa Kuch Bhi Na Usko Paiye

Uff Yeh Kaisi Shirt Pehnthe Ho
Yeh Kaise Bhaal Khatathe Ho
Ghaadi Tehz Chalathe Ho
Tum Jaldi Mein Kyo Khaathe Ho
Gimme A Break

Tumhe Badalne Ko Paas Woh Aati Hai
Tumhe Mitaane Ko Chaal Bichati Hai
Baaton Baaton Mein Tumhe Pasathi Hai
Pehle Hasathi Hai… Phir Bada Rulaati Hai
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Eh Itna Hi Khudh Se Khush Ho To Peeche Kyon Aate Ho
Phool Kabhi To Hazar Thofein Akhir Kyon Laaten Ho

Apna Naam Nahin Bataya Aapne
Coffee Peene Chalenge
Main Aapko Ghar Chod Doon
Phir Kab Milenge

Bikhra Bikhra Be Matlab Sa Toota Phoota Jeena
Aur Kehte Ho Alag Se Hai Hum Taan Ke Apna Seena

Bheega Tolya Kahin Farsh Pe
Toothpaste Ka Dakhan Kahin
Kal Ke Mauze Ulat Ke Pehne
Waqt Ka Khuch Bhi Hosh Nahin

Jeena Ka Tumko Dang Sikhlati Hai
Tumhe Jaanwar Se Insaan Banaati Hai
Uske Bina Ek Pal Rehna Sakhoge Tum
Usko Pata Hai Yeh Keh Na Sakhoge Tum
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Jaane Kaun Kaun Se Din Woh Tumkoyaad Dilaayein
Pyaar Ko Chahe Bhool Bhi Jaayein
Taareeqein Na Bhoolayein
First March Ko Nazar Milaayee
Chaar April Ko Main Milne Aayee
Ikees May Ko Tumne Chuwa Tha
Che June Mujhe Kuch Hua Tha

Ladko Ka Kya Hai Kissi Bhi Mor Pe Woh Mur Jaayein
Abhi Kissi Ke Hai Abhi Kissi Aur Se Woh Jud Jaayein

Tumhaare Mummy Daddy Ghar Par Nahin Hai
Great… Main Aaa Jaon?
Tumhaari Friend Akeli Ghar Jaa Rahi Hai
Bechari… Main Chod Aaon

Ek Haan Kehne Ko Kitna Dehlati Hai
Thak Jaate Hai Hum Woh Jee Behlati Hai

Woh Sharmati Hai Kabhi Chupati Hai
Ladki Jo Haan Kehde Usse Nibhati Hai
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Na Na Na…
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti Ladki Kyon… Oh God
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti Na Na Na Na, Oh God Shut Up…
Alright Alright Iss Mein Jagadne Ki Kya Baat Hai Yaar
Pehle Pehle Bawarein Jaise Aas Paas Mand Rai Arre… But I
Phir Busy Hoon Kehkar Tumko Woh Tarkai Come On Rhea…
Samjha Karo Darling Aaj Bohat Kaam Arre… Meri Bhi To Suno
Door Hua To Kya Dil Mein Tumhaara Naam Hai Oh… Wow
Jiss Chehre Par Marte Hai Woh Boring Ho Jaaye ‘m Not Listening To You
Kuch Hi Din Mein Nazrein Inki Idhar Udhar Mand Rai I’m Not Listening To You
Sirf Pyaar Se Zindagi Nahin Chalti Ok I’m Not With Her
Tum Interior Decoration Ka Course Kyon Nahin Karti.
( dev nd Sonakshi’s argument goes like this movie’s song nd then atleast dev also makes Sona stop by giving a long kiss on cheek which makes Sona shock nd mad over him . As then Elena nd Vicky both takes dev and Sona somewhere else otherwise their would be a world war -3 nd after that Elena nd Vicky tries to make both of them away from each other until Sona forgets the incident )
Current scene
Sona : okay enough of our talks now go nd get ready go
Dev : okay fine as ur wish my majesty

Nd dev goes to get ready nd Sona goes down to help Ishwari nd also checks on Elena if she is ready or not nd then both the sister help ishwari nd mami to serve breakfast till the time everyone comes nd enjoys their breakfast suddenly after breakfast Sona gets up to keep the plate in kitchen but she fumbles due to giddiness nd everyone gets worried for her nd both dev nd ishwari ask her not to go office but she insists so dev nd Sona leaves for work . In car dev says to Sona
Dev : Sona y don’t we go to park today in evening as we so tired in wedding nd now work . So let’s go today nd relax their for sometime
Sona : okay . Let’s go today
Nd Sona reaches her office nd dev leaves for his office. While Sona was entering her office she sees a pregnant lady who was having some trouble in handling bags nd Sona goes nd helps her nd then one of her employees comes nd thanks her nd says
Employee: mam thank u ! She is my sister nd her husband is out of town so she wants me to accompany her to hospital
Sona : oh okay u can go . But come by lunch as we have lots of work too
Employee: thank u ! I will be here by lunch
After that Sona goes to her cabin nd her PA brings sona’s regular coffee in nd keeps on table nd goes from their . Sona sits nd as soon as she sips the coffee she rushes to washroom nd pukes . After some time Sona comes back nd sits nd thinks to consult with doc as may be this due to eating of unhealthy things. Suddenly she remembers the pregnant woman whom she met few min before nd suddenly she check her dates nd phone nd she realised that she missed it nd due to wedding it just got slip from her mind nd she gets happy thinking that their is chances of her to be pregnant. She does her work fast nd rushes to doc in lunch time nd doc confirms the news that she is going to be mom . Sona now have mixed emotions going through mind like crying, happiness nd what not . She decides to say dev at evening in park . Again she rushes to office nd completes her work fast nd at evening waits for dev impatiently nd then dev comes nd both goes to park nd Sona says
Sona : dev …..
Dev : haan Sona
Sona : see how cute that baby is looking na
As it’s a park in evening time they were small kids nd ladies over their nd seeing a cute baby Sona thinks that it is the perfect time to say
Dev : ya she is cute nd do u know Sona I really like small babies they look ok so cute nd so amazing to play with them nd I hope that when our baby happens na it will be more cuter then that baby .
Nd at that moment Sona takes dev’s hand nd keeps on her belly which made dev realise nd he ask her really is she through expression nd she also says yes through expression , then dev lifts Sona in happiness nd he was on cloud nine
Dev : Sona Sona Sona I am so happy nd when did u get to know? Nd did u went to doc nd if u then y didn’t u take me
Sona : dev plzz control ur happiness I know u are very happy but look we are in park nd I got to know about it in mrng actually their symptoms of it so I thought to confirm it first nd then tell u about it .
Dev : Sona I am feeling like to shout nd say this to everyone I am so happy
Nd then both hug each other nd after spending some time both goes to home . Nd thinks how to say everyone about it as it is somewhat awkward nd both start fighting on this nd then reaches home nd doesn’t say anything to the family nd then at the time of dinner Sona feels nauseous seeing sweet nd suddenly rushes to washroom nd dev runs behind her saying everyone he will see nd dong worry . Sona then comes out of washroom nd scolds dev for not telling anything to anyone nd until when they will hide it . Dev ask her to come down nd goes out nd informs everyone that Sona is okay it is just due some unhealthy snack nd ask ishwari to give him food for both them in plate nd ishwari gives him nd then he takes it to Sona nd their she eats some of the food only nd gives everything to dev nd
Sona : it’s because of u it’s ur fault that u did not said this news to everyone at that time in park u were feeling like u want to shout nd say that u are going to be father nd I am pregnant nd now u can’t even say this to ur family dev ?.
Dev : but u know na Sona it’s somewhat awkward. Aacha leave this thing nd say if u don’t want to eat this then what do u want to eat
She gets excited nd ask for Pav bhaaji as she is craving to have that nd dev orders nd slowly brings it secretly nd Sona eats it enjoying the food nd then both sleeps hugging each other.

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