May I Come in Madam 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju talking to Sanjana as mysterious lover. She laughs and says I like your voice a lot. She asks why is your voice echoing. He says I m in storeroom. She laughs hearing flush sound. He says I have flushed all women in my heart, you are in my heart now. She says that’s so romantic, tell me your name, I will be glad. He sees a rat and screams. He shouts rat. She asks rat? He says Ratnesh Dilwala is my name, and people call me Rat by love. She says alright. Inspector and Chedi trace the call. Inspector says talk to him for one more min, we will trace him. Chedi says he is troubling Sanjana, I will see him. Sanjana talks on call.

Khiloni tries to sign and call Sanju. Khiloni asks for his phone. Sanju gets a call. Khiloni answers inspector’s call. Inspector says Sanjana did police complaint against Ratnesh, who is it, tell me. Khiloni makes Sanju hear on speaker. They get shocked. Khiloni makes excuse and ends call. Sanju says madam reached police. Khiloni says before police reaches here, we will go. Sanju hides the phone and they run.

Inspector checks files. He dances. Chedi signs him to stop. Inspector says congrats, phone is traced. Sanjana says now we will know who is that man. Chedi says I want to meet him and take tips. Kashmira thinks to call Sanju by new sim and fool him. She calls Sanju and says I m mad about you. He is worried and ends call. He sees a thief entering home and beats him. Khiloni says its me, police came to my home, hide me. Sanju asks him to hide under the bed.

Kashmira sings aaj ki raat and dances. She hugs Sanju. Sanju asks her to stop dancing. Khiloni worries. The door bell rings. Kashmira says come, we will see who is it. Sanju asks Khiloni to keep hiding.

Sanjana comes and says we came to find Khiloni, he is the mysterious caller. Sanju gets worried and says Khiloni us not here, else I will get him to you. Khiloni comes shouting and is scared of cockroach. Sanju beats him and asks why did you come. Khiloni worries. Sanjana and everyone ask Sanju why did he lie. Sanjana says arrest Khiloni. Sanju says let me say, it was my place, I m Ratnesh. Kashmira beats him. They all scold Sanju.

Sanju says I did this to make Sanjana happy. She says its okay. Sanju thanks her. Sanjana gets a call from unknown number. Sanju and Khiloni say we did not do this. Sanjana gets a lover’s call. They all look on.

Later on, Bhupesh shows the piggy bank and is happy. Sanju comes and says start tv fast, its imp news. They get the news of govt deciding to catch black money keepers. Sanju says its good decision. He jokes on Bhupesh and gives an old note. He asks her to go and get sweets. Bhupesh goes.

Sanju says you thank me and make me stranger. Sanjana says you will like my thankyou way. She holds him to kiss. He says I like it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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