SwaSan SS – Forever Yours! (Part 1)

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Forever Yours!



” I want this business deal to be finalised at any cost Mr.Bakshi.” Sanskaar Maheshwari roared on the phone without waiting for the reply he further added “I don’t pay you big bucks for nothing” and ended the conversation. Since the past 5 years the ‘Adarsh’ & ‘Sanskari’ Sanskaar had become an arrogant and ruthless person. He cared about nothing.

Suddenly he was hit by ball on his back he turned around in pure anger. A small, almost around 4-5 year old girl in two pigtails came running in his direction.  “Can I have my ball back uncle?” “Dont you have manners? Shouldn’t you say sorry first” Sanskaar said trying to hold back his anger ‘she is just a baby Sanskaar’ he calmed himself and whooshed out a breath of air. “Anyway who’s here with you?”

Just as he finished the sentence a lady in a pure marwadi attire came rushing towards him. “Voh I am sorry on her behalf…” before she could finish the whole sentence Sanskaar’s eyes widened in pure shock and surprise. “Ragini…” he muttered. This made Ragini glanced upwards and looked at the face she was apologising to. “Sanskaar aap?” “Kya yeh, kya yeh bachi tumh…” before he could finish the sentence the child spoke “Chale Ragini Masi, I am very hungry!”

“Masi?!” Sanskaar was shocked why was this girl calling Ragini her masi” he was totally confused.

Ragini could  feel the thoughts going on inside Sanskaar’s mind but she was in no position to answer so she quickly muttered a goodbye and left along with a skipping child holding onto her hand and leaving behind a purely confused Sanskaar.

Sanskaar returned to his office his mind was working overtime and he could not concentrate on his work which had never happened in the past 5 years. He had become a total workoholic totally emerging himself in his work. Deciding that working today was going to be futile he left for home early. All his employees were shocked to see him leave early. Since the day this company had started Sanskaar had never had a day off nor had he ever left early he was a slave driver. Sometimes he used to spend whole night in the office working.

As he reached his flat he went staright upto his room and loosened his tie thinking ‘who was that girl, why was she calling Ragini her Masi kahin usne dusri Shaadi?’ The pain was still fresh, all the memories came rushing back to him. He shook of all thoughts of her and decided to sleep it off.


There was great hustle bustle going on at Maheshwari Mansion. Today is Lakshya Maheshwari’s wedding day.
“Maa, Mom… Main aa gaya” Sanskaar shouted through the noise. Sanskaar did not live in the Maheshwari Mansion with his family he valued his privacy too much for that, he lived in a nice, cozy flat in a posh area.

“Jijji aagaya mhara chora dekho” Sujata rushed towards her son he was her moon and star. “Acha hua tum aa gaye Sanskaar jao tum uppar Lakshya ko taiyyar hone me help kardo” Annapoorna ordered him and Sanskaar dutifully agreed.
“Lucky open the door” Sanskaar banged his fist on the door. “Lucky tu hai andar?” Sanskaar inquired again after a few seconds but he did not get response. He broke open the door to find it empty and a ladder made with quilt hanging through the window. ‘Shit’ he muttered and rushed to his Bade Papa. “Bade papa, Maa.. Lakshya is not there in his room maine usse harr jagah dhudha voh ghar chodke bhag gaya hai”

“This is the limit Annapoorna ab hum samaj me kisiko muh dikhane ke layak nai rahe” Durga Prasad Maheshwari roared at his wife. Maa quickly after a short discussion came up with the solution that “Sanskaar will take Lakshya’s place, we will go through with the wedding” He was shocked was the least he could say how could he marry Ragini, what about Kavita, his love?! They were going to come clean with their relationship after Lakshya’s wedding.

He called up Kavita and asked her to meet him behind the mansion.
“Kavi we need to run away or else I will bemarried to someone else in the name of business arrangement. We will ran away Kavi. We will build a world for ourselves where there is only us and our love”

“Oh God, Sanskaar did you really think I could love you?! Never! it was always about yoyr name and money and without that you are nothing. We’re over Mr. Maheshwari!” Sanskaar could not believe his ears she was the one for whom he was going to leave his family! “Ok fine Ms. Kavita Prajapati Goodbye” he clenched his teeth and left.

At the wedding venue, Sanskaar was waiting at the mandap for the bride to arrive in his sehra. He was totally numb, he could not even comprehend how his life had taken a 360 turn, he sighed. Ragini had a big ghoonghat over her face, he could not even see her face. He had wanted to talk to her before the wedding rituals started but his family did not allow him to do so. she was to be in dark till the rituals were over.

After all the Sanskrit sloks ended he was a married man. He had a responsibilty of a wife on him whom he didn’t even love God he dint even know her. She was always supposed to be his Bhabhi. The Baraat returned with the bride. Everyone was happy that the wedding was finally done with.

In the room a bride was sitting in the middle of the bed waiting for husband. Sanskaar entered his room and locked the door and removed his Sehra. “Ragini voh…” before he could finish the sentence the bride took of her veil and Sanskaar was shocked to see it was Swara, Ragini’s elder sister.

“Tum…?” Sanskaar was speechless. Swara was scared Ragini had run away on the day of her wedding leaving her in the delimna to marry her sister’s would be husband but when the groom removed his Sehra she was shocked to see it was Sanskaar.

“Woh Ragini ghar chod ke bhag gayi thi” Swara replied tensed “Iss liye ghar walo ne muje baitha diya. I am guessing same has happened here?” She inquired. “Yes” Sanskaar sighed. Sanskaar walked towards the bed and Swara gulped this was the part she was scared of, what she going to do now but Sanskaar took all the pillows and made a loc in the middle of the bed. “Dekho Swara yeh Shaadi zabardasti se hui hai. Main iss shaadi ko shaadi tab tak nai mann sakta jab tak atleast main tumhe jaan na lu” with that he layed on his side and slept. Swara too smiled genuinely and slept with a smile on her face.

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