Mastaangi 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zubair is tied to a bed and is shouting that he wants to go to his son. The policeman standing outside the room tells the doctor that this man is a criminal and his mind is very sharp so think very carefully and tell me if he is actually insane. The doctor says that either he is mad or either acting very well but I have given him the medicine which will calm him down for a while. Veer is talking on the phone with someone and asks about the room number and says that we are here and Ria is with us. Karan comforts her and says that you have done nothing wrong and only saved my life so don’t worry we are all with you. Anaita says that Zubair got the taste of his medicine don’t forget that he is the ISI chief and has taken a lot of lives. A woman in a room hears the name Zubair and recognizes it and shouts on who said it and where he is.
An officer investigates Ria about Euro and where she was when he got shot and if there was any fight between them. Ria is a little worried and so Karan answers for her and Karan agrees to the officer saying that Ria was far away and was not near Zubair. Karan stops and explains that Ria only changed the angle and Euro came in the line of fire. Veer backs them up and says that we need to put charges against Zubair as well as he tried to kill Anaita as well. Karan asks the officer to keep an eye on Zubair as he could do anything, as he will complete his operation tabahi. The officer says that we will handle Zubair but need a Ria’s statement on Euro’s death. Karan tells Ria to wait and says that I will give the statement and explains what happened that day. Zubair is struggling and manages to get free and tries to hit Ria with sharp metal Rod and the officer tells them to leave. He is tied back to the bed saying that I will kill all of you.
In the corridor Karan is mad at what just happened and said that if I could I would have chocked him. Veer agrees and says that till Zubair is alive he won’t let us live in peace. Ria gets a headache and Karan helps her sit down on the bench. Ria remembers what happened to Euro and Anaita asks if she is Okay. Veer says that she is Okay and Anaita goes to get water for her while Veer heads to talk to the officer. Karan sits with Ria and asks her to not be this sad. The woman comes out of her room asking for Zubair when a doctor stops and says that what are you doing here as you never come out your room. SHE says that I heard a girl and asks of where he is. The doctor says that Zubair killed his son and is admitted here and asks if she knows anything about him, the woman applies saying everything. She says the name Udita, Kabir and her daughter all are dead. She sees Anaita and says that my daughter is going and goes after Anaita. Anaita brings water for Ria but gives it to Karan as Ria is still stressed and leaves. The woman comes asking for Anushka.
She is shocked to see Karan and Ria and calls them by Kabir and Anushka and asks for her daughter and introduces herself as Anushka’’s mother. Karan remembers him and Anushka trying to sneak up on the woman and her always catching them. Asking how she does it and getting an answer that she is the wife of an army officer and their mother as well. Karan asks for how long she has been here and she replies till Anushka died. She says that I am worried till then and here. Veer sits with Anaita and asks if she is worried regarding Ria. Anaita says that she is thinking that Zubair has created so many problems for us may be he was the one who killed us in the previous life as well. Veer disagrees and says that he killed so many people and why would he want to clean his hands from you three and there is someone else who killed you. Anaita asks then who it is because if it was an ISI person than would have saved Udita and if RAW then would have Anushka and Kabir. She says that I almost forgot to tell you that I found a file regarding Anushka and Kabir in Zubair’s house and got to know that she is alive and nothing else was mentioned. She gets a call from Karan and says that we will be there and leaves with Veer.
She comes and sees her mother and instantly remembers her, talking to her about Karan. Just saying mom she goes and hugs her while her mother holds her tightly and cries as well. She says that you never thought of coming to your mother while Anaita says that I knew you were alive but didn’t knew where to look, but you found me instead. Crying her mother says that why did you do this and people told me that my daughter is dead. Anaita asks if she knows who was behind the death of Kabir and Udita and hers and asks if it was Zubair. Her mother nods No and stops, everyone is shocked and Veer says that he knew it and Karan asks if she knows who it was.
Everyone asks for the name and she says Anushka, Anaita is shocked to hear her name and asks of how it is possible and how she could take their lives. The woman says that she saw it with her eyes and by seeing the three of them she was stunned as well. Everyone asks of what she saw and she tells that she saw Anaita wearing the ring and asking if Kabir gave it to her. She says that Anushka loved Kabir a lot but Kabir loved Udita not her.

Precap: Anaita says that she always wondered and got worried on whom killed them and it was me and knew that she took their lives in the previous lives, her mother is not aware of on their rebirth and asks when Anaita mentions previous live. Anaita is trying to jump of a building while Veer is holding her hand and pushes her back and slaps her and says that have you gone mad, what you did was the past life and no one can fix that, not even you.

Update Credit to: Sona

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