LovEgo (intro)

Hello there! I am a regular visitor of telly updates and I do read fan fictions of many budding writers here. Writing is my passion and I am happy to present before you all a story of two friends, Ayush and Samyuktha (Sam), who were united by love and separated by ego.
This story revolves around their lives, unfolding their love and ego towards each other.
The characters will be introduced as we go into the story. But for better understanding, I am presenting you a picture of them.
Ayush Sinha – our hero
Samyuktha Ramachandran(Sam) – our heroine
Samar – cousin and bff of Ayush
Smriti, Veronica(verny) and Shaan – bff’s of Ayush & Samar
Akriti – Ayush’s fiancé

The story starts with present situation and as the story progresses, it reveals the past.
What happened that ego replaced their love. Follow my series to know more about their love-hate relation!!
I have submitted the first episode and I guess it takes time to get it published..
I hope you ppl will encourage me..

Please note its not related to any serial/show and is purely fictional.

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