my married life- episode 7

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Hey there…!! Ragini has come..!!!
Raglakholic dear… Thanks a lot for the gift…vivah bandha last part… me and Laksh has loved it sooooo much…!!!!
And thanks to everyone also for following my story….
Hehe….. now, let’s jump..!!!

Check out this link, if you missed previous part…
Episode 6

The most awaited day of my life has come…..


It’s my Marriage day….!!!!
This Ragini gadodiya’s marriage day..!!!!

All my friends have come…they have already rocked in sangeeth. Now, they are here to rock again…!!

If they rock..! i rock…!! bcz… friends are the valuable treasure for meeeee…!!!

I love my friends…!! even they too…!!!
They have made me ready as bride…!!! I was so happy looking at myself as a bride.

Bcz… i said already know, becoming bride is my childhood dream..!! now, that got satisfied.

But,…one of them is missing. I called to her, but I listened her tears. Sahil named one stupid is torturing her that he will misuse her photos.

Ahh….!!! veera naari has raised in me…!! i have to rob his laptop in which her pictures are there. But, I’m already in my bridal attire.

But still, i wanted to help her. I didn’t say this to my friends, as i don’t want them in trouble. I went alone. I know, it’s a dangerous adventure…
I went from the window again….
Successfully i took the laptop without knowing to him, but I’m shocked to see
Veera venkata sathya siva prasada Lakshya maheswari is there…!!!!
I understood he came searching for me…

Awww….!!! how sweet he..!! that’s my hubby..!!!!
Ahh..come on..!!! it’s not time for blushing. I ran to him, i know he is about to get furious on me..

But…!!! i didn’t give him chance….
Later what happened you all know…!! he said it right..!!!
He never stop telling..!!!
But… I was afraid that Sahil fell in river. But, that time Mr. Lakshya has hugged me..!!

For seconds i didn’t hear any sounds…my mind has become blank… but my stupid heart kept beating..
Is this is love..??

Cha..cha… No…No… what I’m I thinking…???


However I was married at last…

My dream was fulfilled..!!

But..??? what after this..??? i gave send off to my parents came to his house.
And I was sitting in his room.
The room was decourated fully with flowers.
I don’t understand what to do..??

I’m not ready to accept him…

*Ragini stares at the knife*

Hahahaha….. let him come near me…!!! Then I will stab him…!!!!

Hahahahahaha…. *evil laugh*

*Ragini’s imagination starts…* @@@@

@ He will come near me, keeps hand on me… I will push him…!!!
I will say dialogues…

“I’m not the slave who born for you..!!! I’m not the object to satisfy you…!!! I’m Ragini…!! Ragini Gadodiya….!!!!”


@@@@@ Imagination ends…@@@@

*suddenly big wind starts blowing*

Ahh…why this wind..?? I have to close windows…!!!

*Ragini struggling to close windows *

*a thunder strikes..!!*

Ahhh…!!! *ragini shouts and hugs laksh*

Omg…!! What am I doing..?? I hugged him…?? I have to leave him…btw… when did he come..??

But, a thunder came again, which made me to hug him tighter..!!! I don’t know why.. but I felt to hug him just like that…. those thunders should keep coming…!!


What am I thinking…????

I broke the hug saying sorry… but suddenly the lights gone…!!!

Gosh,…..!!! I’m afraid of dark….!!!!

But, I wanted to pretend to be brave…!!!!

I grabbed a torch and kept it under my chin to make my face as ghost…!!!

Hahahaha….!!! He was scared….!!!! I’m happy…!!!!!

Later I sat on bed thinking what he may do next…. I’m ready to break out all the dialogues I imagined when he forces on me…..

He was lighting the candles…..In that candle light he was looking even more handsome…!!! I wanted to go and bite his cheek…!!!!

Chi……!!!!! Chi……..!!!

I’m I a dog or what…?? Why I’m getting feelings on him…????

Off….I started rubbing my hands in tension…

He slept on sofa…!

What…??? What is he doing…??? Why is he sleeping there…??

I stood and asked in confusion, ‘aren’t you sleeping here…??’

He said, “u may sleep on bed freely..!!!”

How this would be possible…???

I thought he would force me…. then I will push him…!!! I will say all my filmy dialogues…!!! But…

But..he slept happily on sofa…!!! Did he come to know what am I thinking…???

He was lost in some thoughts… i don’t know what is he thinking….

His phone beeped. He looked at a message. God should know what’s in it… but he smiled. Then he looked at me…!!

Oh..on…!! I turned my face.

I shouldn’t make him to get feelings on me.,,!! It’s better if I sleep silently…!!!

(if you don’t understand this episode, you have to read the previous one..if you missed it)

He slowly slept.
Even I was sleepy. So, I too slept. But I kept the knife in my hands and I slept.

*****end of Ragini pov******

**** Laksh Pov starts******

As usually i have woke up early in the morning. She is sleeping still.
In our house everyone has to get up at 5’ O clock except guests. But, she is not guest now. She is new bahu.
Now, I have to do an adventure waking her. I have already seen her dynamite character. But… I have to say.. She is looking so cute while sleeping.
I wanted to play with her cheeks.
‘Whatever.. I have to wake her now..! I stepped forward.’
Ragini..wake up. I said with low tone.
My voice didn’t even reach her ears I think.
Volume increased… ‘Ragini wake…!’

‘hmm’ she just murmured and turned other side. I took another step forward and kept hand on her shoulder to wake her…
A pillow has raised from her hand and she bet me with that pillow.
‘It’s ok..!’ I thought.
I again pushed her gently to wake her…!!!

I don’t know what actually happened..??
A strong hand hit my face.. and i fell in corner….

‘Ahhhh….huhu…!!!’ i heard a demon type voice.

I looked at her… she just woke and sat on bed. She stretched her hands and that was her yawn.
‘Paru…!!!’ she shouted suddenly.

I was shocked. Why is she shouting like this..???
‘Paru…!!! come fast…!!!!’
She shouted again….

If she is going to shout again, all my family members will come in a run here.
Before she could shout again, i ran and closed her mouth with my hand.

She is trying to free herself.
‘Shh… Ragini, why are you shouting..? calm…!!’ I said in her ears.
She became calm suddenly.
She looked at me confused, ‘I’m sorry.. I thought I was in my house. I was calling my dadi..!!’

I noticed slight tears in her eyes. I know, every girl misses her house after marriage.

She looked at the clock…
‘it’s just 5’ O clock. Who woke me up..??’ she asked.
Omg..!! didn’t she remember what she has done..?? she has bet a victim just now..!!

‘Ragini, you have to wake early. These are rules here…’ i said hesitatingly.

But she silently walked into wash room.

I thought she will do a big bang here as i disturbed her sleep. But…. she is not that crazy…

*********Laksh Pov finish*****

Let’s see, what’s going on in wash room…

Ragini turns on the water tap. The water is flowing….. sounds she makes will not be heard out…

‘ahhhhhhhhhhh….!!!’ she shouted.
‘what the hell is this..?? i never woke this early in morning…!!! i want to sleep….!!! i want my sleep……!!! ahhhh..!!!!!!’
She cries like baby…

She beats her head to mug…
‘haiya…hu hu…’ she tries to control her anger..!!!

She looks into mirror… she holds tooth brush..
‘I will kill you Laksh…!!!!!’ she glares at mirror.

Laksh knocks the door. ‘Ragini, be quick. We have to go down’

‘haaaa….’ ragini replies and keeps paste on brush and keeps it in her mouth…
She sadly looks at mirror…

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