Immortal love (Epi-18)

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Guys I’m updating double episodes today

The episode starts with Ishani secretly calling Amba and says today I tried to convince him again but he didn’t. Amba says how are many grandchildren. She says absolutely fine. Kiyan went on him. Both are sporty and bonding is good. Aashka is our princess extremely cute. I’m eagerly waiting for her to speak up mumma and when will she start walking. Amba says ya that feeling is so good! She asks about her health. Amba says I’m absolutely fine. How is my Ranveer . Ranveer comes from behind and snatched the phone n cut it and says u lied to me. Oh since six years ur fooling me. Ranveer says I trust you so much and u only will do this. Ishani says Ranveer try to understand she is ur mom and ur dad’s wife n she has to support ur dad but later didn’t she come and help us. Even during time of my delivery of kiyan she has secretly always supported us.

Ranveer didn’t pay heed n leaves n starts cleaning the house garden. He was watering the plants. Ishani hugs him from behind and tries to come closer. Ranveer says Ishani’s dialogue and says leave me kiyan will be coming. Ishani says just now he went to have shower. Ishani says look at me Ranveer why can’t u get me. They are dying to meet u. Ranveer says but why did u lie to me. If u would have told me that u are in contact with them i would have allowed children to talk to them but u know what u don’t trust me. Ishani holds her ears and says I’m sorry n I mean it. I’m guilty but even I’m a mother i could understand how can it feel. Please forgive me u know I’m sorry for lying u n I really mean it. Ranveer says it’s okay. Ishani takes water pipe in her hands and sprinkle it on Ranveer he says how dare u and runs behind her. He finally holds her and both fall on lawn. Ranveer has held the pipe upwards such that water fell from above in terms of raindrops. Ishani and Ranveer share intense eyelock. He slowly comes towards her n nuzzles her neck she resisted a lil but he holds her hands .

Ishani gets conscious. Ranveer says from today I hope u won’t lie. Ishani says I promise. Ranveer comes more closer. She says aashka is crying may be she is hungry leave me I have to feed her. They get up. Ishani was leaving. Ranveer says wait and showers on her pink red n yellow rose flower petals. Ishani smiles and says love u.
Ishani runs to aashka and says,aww my ashi what happened are u hungly she feeds her and says I wish even u get romantic husband just like ur papa. Ranveer enters and says no not again she is just a newborn baby n u start talking about her marriage. Ishani says umm possessiveness n all I like it. She says I hate the one who did this marriage system of sending girl away from her maternals. Ranveer says u girls are like papa papa and whole day there would only be ur and the father’s bonding n what about we husbands when would we get time to romance U.

Ishani says hmm ur correct . Aashka cries.Ranveer hugs aashka and kisses her cheeks and says my princess papa is here only nobody is sending u anywhere. Ishani smiles . Ranveer asks what did u prepare for breakfast. Ishani says aalo paratha. Ranveer gets glad and says even mom used to prepare this every Sunday. Ranveer stops. Ranveer says ur right Ishaani it wasn’t her fault the fact is I love her. Ranveer calls her and says mom. Amba gets teary and says Ranveer and says beta I’m missing u. Ranveer says even I wish to meet you do one thing come here. Ishani says ya mom we can’t come to India because aashka is so small and so she can travel at such heights. Amba says I will come next week. They cut the call. Ranveer hugs ish n says Tysm. Ishani says
now sit n have breakfast . Kiyan tastes it n says it’s yum.

Kiyan says when we will go to India? Some of my friends went and said it’s beautiful place, and food over there is amazing! This summer I wanna go there. Ranveer says no champ we are going to Canada. Ishani says we will discuss about it later first complete ur homework and practice some maths. Kiyan says n what about today. Ish replies hmm we will fo to Westfield mall fine. Kiyan says okay and goes to his room. Ishani says today I changed the topic but till when I have to keep changing it think of it. He says see it later. Ishani says delaying it is not solution. Ranveer says for now I have to go to restaurant also. Bye. I will probably return at 4. She nods n says bye. Ishani says today I need to come? He says office is closed today so I’ll manage. Ish says k bye. Ishani goes to kiyan room n kiyan asks why dad n u don’t wish t o go to India. Ishani says due to some matter ur small n concentrate on ur studies right now.

Precap:- ishveer to meet parul in mall they become glad
A heated argument between ishveer at home kiyan to get affected by this

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  1. Very nice Vaidehi just keep it up ?

  2. Harisha39

    The problem between his mom and him had solved finally but then what is the problem between them? Ishaani has consoled an angry Ranveer who was angry on her…The garden scene was so cute…All together it was just a Masterpiece update…U just rock);??

  3. superb episode….

  4. so good I just like it…..very nic episode….just keep it up……

  5. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    oh cute ishveer momments with their children such a lovely episode

  6. myna(die hard fan of ishveer)

    oh vini di u just rocked the episode

  7. Very Nice episode

  8. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I really liked it and update the next soon dear…….

  9. Julina

    Now only I read all episodes of this ff. U rocked like always. Keep it up. I loved this epi too.

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