Marriage is not an ending..Actually its the Beginning – OS

It was a busy street..people running here nd there..

No one had to time to stop..

They should run fast..but people will stop if their stomach ache..

I mean hungry..

Purab: U mean to say we going run hotel ?

Bulbul: wow tu tho very smart ho..Purab

Purab: Darlin i know u cooking was awesome but i can adjust that..but how do people?

He said it with smirking at her..

She knows very well he was teasing her..but she acted like angry..

Coz she knows he was the who adjusted from the day 1 they married..

Their marriage was very thriller story..Purab eloped her from Mandap..

A typical love story..their situation was like thay to do this kind of marriage .

Both of their parents Hate them..

So they started a life without any support.

After two years

Their hotel became popular..its little bit tough for them to manage..

But they managed they nd their hotel became popular..

They was so happy..nd that was not only the reason behind them.

Now their happiness becomes double..

Yes Bulbul was Pregnant..

Purab held her tightly nd scolded her for not being careful.

Bulbul: Darlin..what should i do now?

Purab: what??

Bulbul: should i be happy for getting this lovely husband ? Or should i get angry with my baby for taken my Darling’s love from me?

Purab: Means?

He know what she trying to say,.but still he wants to hear that from he asked with his Dashing smile..

Bulbul: don’t gonna fade..

Purab: Bulbul??

Bulbul: aur neih tho kya? Nowadays i don’t think u loving me..all ur love went to our baby..

Purab smiled by his childlike angry ..

He hugged her nd caressed her back..then he said..

Love for u will never fade..nd u going to gift me the lifetime i just want u to be careful..i love our baby..that was true..but not more than u…

Nothing will make my love for u to fade

After some years..

Bulbul disconnected the call..

She having smile carefully still in her 60’s ..there is white hair more than black..

There is another extra fitting in her face..

Specs with thick black frame..

But there is no any changes in her behaviour..same to same cuteness..childish smile..

She saw Purab coming from their living room..with some note in his hands..

We can’t say he was now 65 ..
He maintains his fitness till now..eventhough there is some white hair..he looks Handsome..

Bulbul still teases him …even now every girls propose him..

Purab wonders what makes her smile now..then guessed that she finished her chat with his son..

It was five years their son went for abroad..

She missed him so that was the reason..

But not only Purab..sometimes there is some other reason behind girl’s happiness..

Purab: hogayi teri baat..apna puthar ke saath.

Bulbul: hmm..i was so happy..

Purab: i know..its difficult to living far from our child..but he loves u more..he will be always..

Before he completes she placed her finger in his lips..

Bulbul: shhh..yes i am happy about that..but now that is not the reason..i am happy for u my darlin..
Now we were in our 60’s ..i thought that marriage will be ending for every love story..but u showed me that..its just beginning for life..u never showed me bitterness in these years..ofcourse we struggled a lot..but we were together all those days..those precious days..not only that..even now i was happy with you..nd u loving me like u seeing for the first time..

So i am very happy with my life..with my love..with u…now i am ready for my…

Purab placed his finger on her lips

Purab: Darlin ..i know what’s ur next dialogue going to be..But Darlin..why u thinking about that so soon..we have to go so long for that..

Bulbul laughed..she remembered that ..he said this dialogue on their marriage..

When Bulbul said

I want to live with u happily..nd die in ur lap..

For that Purab Replied

Darlin u will be happy with me forever..i am guarantee for that…nd y u speaking about that..
We have to go so long for that…

They smiled…

Nd even now it was not the end..They will be Happy forever..

Love story never end..


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