Aise Kaise Jaane Doon! Episode-51

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Recap: Karan and NK’s father and son moment… Sandhya shocked with Karan’s change..

Episode 51
The Chauhan family had settled down in the glass chamber that was on a higher platform, placed on the left side of the stage..But Naina was told to go to the back stage. She met Karan there. She wished him and left with the security,who led her through a corridor..
And took her towards the crowd.. from back.. and brought her to the centre of the crowd!
This place was a restricted area by the rest of the crowd. It was an elevated platform in the shape of a circle, with one chair placed in the middle with a table in front of it..
The person performing on the stage would be able to see the person in this circled chamber easily!
Play this song and read slowly! ☺️(read the first paragraph fast though?)

The MC had come to the stage to introduce Karan to the crowd.
MC: HELLO JAIPUR!! Here we bring you.. Jaipur’s recent favourite singer!
The crowd was screaming their heart out.. Naina looked all around watching the crowd go nuts! She was nervous! So was he!
They took a deep breath!
Nairan: You can do this,Karan!
Yes, Naina was nervous about Karan’s performance..

MC: Give a big round of applause to Mr. Karan Singh Chauhan!!!!

The crowd was screaming like crazy.. Karan entered with a guitar in his hand..
and waved a hi to the crowd..
All of them were screaming…
Naina was as excited as the crowd was..

She had noticed the security standing there..The security opened the drawer from the table that was placed next to the chair..
He took out the bouquet of flowers and a white sheet that had been folded neatly..and handed it to Naina..
Security: Saab ne dene ko bola!
Naina smiled.. : Thank you!
He then left..
She saw the flowers in the bouquet.. it had one of her favourite flowers! Orchids!!! ?❤️️
Naina: Orchids?!
She said out loud in excitement. Then keeping the bouquet in her left hand.. she managed to open the paper..
In the letter:
Dear Naina,
I really couldn’t tell you all that I felt in front of you.. let that be in front of Paapa, the rest of them or any stranger.. I can’t tell you how special you are to me!

You helped me bring back my confidence and face the situations that life throws at me.. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me! My past that had tortured me forever.. almost seems like I had never been through them.. or they were all just a bad dream! Our friendship is one of the best thing that occurred in my life!

The reason I’ll be performing on that stage in front of you… is YOU! You gave me that strength to chase my dreams and make it a reality! I’m really very very lucky to have you in my life..

Your rockstar hubby,

End of letter….
Naina had tears of happiness in her eyes, reading all that.

In the other chamber:
Khyati: Naina bhabhi kahan hein..
Meghna: Patha nahi! She was supposed to come back after dropping Karan to the green room..
All of them were worried thinking where Naina was..

On the stage: Karan spoke up..
Karan: HELLOO!! Jaipur!!
Crowd: heyyyyyyy!!
Karan: Did you guys like the song?

Chauhan family was all shocked to see the responses from the crowd.. they understood that Karan had been performing earlier.. and that’s the reason.. almost the whole of Jaipur knew him as a singer!
NK: Oh.. so he comes late at night because..
Kunal: Yes dad! He had been performing! And I can tell you.. all this you can see now was possible only because of Naina..

She had encouraged him to perform for small crowds all around Jaipur.. which he did every night after work.. That’s what brings so many people here to cheer for him.. He told me all about this earlier… He wanted to give all of u a surprise like this!
NK: I’m so proud him today..

Sandhya was feeling helpless, hopeless., restless and angry all together.. she regretted the fact that she hadn’t noticed the growth of confidence in Karan..
And the name that brought him up there.. irritated her so much.. NAINA!!
She had to do something to shut her up..

She already had a plan to execute.. but she felt that wasn’t enough.. because she had destroyed all that Sandhya had made since years.. Her anger had reached the skies.. She had a killer plan to execute.. for the next day she had something to do.. and then 3 months later she would have one plan ready to execute.. This would work now she told herself.. On their Anniversary she had the best surprise to gift them with..
Sakshi was watching Sandhya’s facial expressions.. that kept changing from anger to a smirk.. all these expressions scared her.. she understood that she was planning something.. but she couldn’t tell it to anyone else apart from Naina.. But where is Naina?

Karan: So let’s hear the second song? I would like to dedicate it to someone really special to me.. My support system, My best friend, My guide, My Advisor… My all in 1 Wife… Naina Karan Singh Chauhan!
The crowd went like “aww” and “ooooh”

The Chauhan family noticed Karan looking forward and pointing at another small chamber.
Khyati: Naina Bhabhi?!
She said pointing at the LED screen..
Meghna:oh! So she is in that chamber?

Music started…
(Play this song as you read through..)

He looks at Naina starts playing the guitar…
Then he starts singing.. He is continuously staring at Naina as he sings..
And the LED screen shows both their faces..
Both were blushing..
Naina had tears in her eyes listening to the song..
(Guys, one last song! Because I like it! ?☺️?✌?️)

Soon the concert ended with a few more songs..
Sakshi had been noticing Sandhya.. all throughout ,she had been dreaming. Sakshi didn’t understand what she was thinking.. but she had a gut feeling that something was wrong.
Sandhya was extremely angry to find such a big change in Karan… she couldn’t just bear it.. during the concert she came up with a good idea.. so she was extremely happy!
They are were walking the green room to meet Karan.. Sandhya was walking behind all of them..

she suddenly stopped and moved towards the side towards a long window.. she stood there and called someone.. soon she ended the call and spoke to herself..
Sandhya: Naina.. Naina.. how sweet of you.. You took good care of Karan and changed him a lot.. but you have spoiled my years of hard work.. but don’t worry.. I still know how to bring him back to that state once again.. Maybe you will have to sacrifice your life for my plan…
Sakshi tapped on her shoulder..

Sandhya looked at her, shocked!
Sakshi: Masima is everything alright? All have walked to Karan’s room..
Sandhya smiled and replied..
Sandhya: I just had to make a call so..
then the both started walking to the green room.. watching Sakshi walking ahead, Sandhya left a sigh of relief.. she was thankful to god that Sakshi hadn’t heard anything..
Precap: NAIRAN MOMENTS! ??❤️️

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    And then Karan !! Oh god , he made Naina feel more special! I have fallen for this boy! Sorry Naina , I’m taking him with me!?
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    And Sandhya ji kabhi toh plotting band karo! Today also she was busy in plotting! And Sakshi got a doubt on Sandhya! Hope she heard what Sandhya was speaking alone.
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