Marriage By Curse – 15. THE NEW SIDE


The six of them were ready at 9:00 sharp. Since they were living in the outskirts of the city, they would take time to reach the hotel where the award ceremony was being held. The couples sat in different cars and started their journey. Kabir had taken his own five minutes to study Sanchi leisurely. She was looking ravishing in her floral print cream colored gown. The milky skin of her shoulder and collar bone was on full display and he had controlled his temptation to lick her, to bite her and mark her so people could know that she was his.

The excruciatingly long car journey of twenty minutes finally came to an end and Kabir helped Sanchi to get down from the car. As soon as they turned, they were bombarded with flashes. There were numerous cameras snapping their each and every movement. Kabir tensed as he remembered Sanchi’s earlier encounter with the media. He soon found that his tension was in vain as he saw Sanchi carefully and confidently pose in front of the camera. She had her beautiful smile on and she was accentuating him perfectly. Her death grip on Kabir’s arm was the only way one could tell that she was nervous. After posing for a good two minutes, they made their way inside the hotel.

S: How was that?

She asked in a low whisper. Kabir thought that he did not hear her properly but as he saw her inquisitive face, he bent down to answer her in the same tone.

K: I wouldn’t have known that you were nervous had it not been for your tight grip.

He stated her honestly. She sheepishly smiled at him and mouthed him a quick sorry which he brushed aside. They reached their table, which was in the centre of the hall, after about ten minutes. They stopped everywhere to chat with almost everyone. Sanchi remembered many of them from their reception and cruise party. When they finally reached the table, Isha and Karan were already there. Isha was wearing a beautiful royal blue gown. She had sapphire colored earrings which matched her dress perfectly.

Soon Pragya and Veer also joined them. Pragya was wearing a baby pink colored chiffon material gown with pearls as her jewelry. She was also looking very beautiful.

Sanchi, Isha and Pragya shared a meaningful look and the three business tycoons just stared at them in confusion. Kabir raised his eyebrows to Sanchi as though silently asking about their look but Sanchi just sweetly smiled and shook her head. He was about to ask further but the award ceremony host interrupted him as the ceremony began.

There were various awards given based on different categories. Kabir won the best businessman of the year award in his hotel management business, Veer in his law field one and Karan in his construction business. The overall businessman of the year award went to the founder of the K2V Company. Kabir, Veer and Karan together received the award. As everyone clapped, Sanchi noticed that some people were not very happy and that they put on the charade of happiness to continue to remain in the good books of the people. She also saw someone literally curse under their noses and muffle the sounds with their ‘cheerful’ claps. She turned her head away as she was disgusted with even looking at him.


It was approximately 12:30 in the night when the award ceremony had ended. Almost everyone had left but our dutiful husbands were patiently waiting for their wives to return from the restroom. It was almost twenty minutes that they had left and not yet returned. As Kabir was about to make his way to check on them, he saw Sanchi walking towards him with Isha and Pragya on either side of her. The three of them were wearing s*xy dresses which reached their mid thighs. Sanchi was wearing an off shoulder black body tight dress. She was looking hot and sultry. He blinked twice to make sure that he was not imagining things. He saw Sanchi smiling at him but all her innocence was gone and it was replaced with a seductress who was full of experience.

Sanchi’s Dress:

Isha’s Dress:

Pragya’s Dress:

KO: What happened to them?

Karan questioned in disbelief. Veer also nodded along and Kabir silently gave his confirmation.

VM: Did they have something wrong to drink?

He asked unsure. Kabir gave him a glance that said how stupid and unreasonable he sounded. Veer just pouted in return.

KK: Whatever it is. I think we are going to enjoy the change.

He stated as the ladies approached them. They opened the door and sat in the backseat of the car. When the girls saw that the boys were not following, they shouted from within.

S: What are you thinking guys? Get inside the car or we will get late.

VM: Where are we going?

He asked in utter confusion. Pragya did the honors of answering his question.

P: The night is still young and we don’t intend to get back to the villa yet so we are going out.

I: Now get inside or we will have to leave you guys here!

Isha exclaimed in annoyance at their staring. The men shared a look and silently got inside the car. The driver started the car and they reached a sea shore in less than ten minutes. There they got down and started making their way towards the small cruise type boat. It was sufficiently filled with people already. They showed their passes to the security guard which left the men speechless. Just as they were about to board the ship, the girls exclaimed at the same time.


S: I want ice cream.

P: I want thick shake.

I: I want doughnuts.

S: We will get them. You guys go ahead.

The men were left astonished as they saw their wives making their way through the crowd to the stalls. They stood there for about five seconds, recovering from the shock, before Kabir shook his head and went inside the cruise not before instructing the driver to keep a watch on the ladies. Veer and Karan also followed him shortly. They went inside the open air theater and took a table with six seats.

KO: What has happened to them?

VM: I think that they are on drugs or maybe…

One disgusted look from Kabir and Karan had Veer shutting his mouth mid sentence.

KO: May be they are trying to have fun in this time.

Karan suggested. Kabir thought over his suggestion but then he shook his head.

KK: I think that they are being natural. This may be the way they actually are.

VM: But they were not like this before the marriage!

Veer exclaimed and Karan nodded along.

KK: Yes, but it is not like we know how they were before marriage anyways.

Their discussion was cut short by the arrival of their reason for discussion. The three ladies were coming with both their hands full of plates and a handsome help staff of the cruise accompanying them. They kept all their food stuffs on the table and the person greeted them an enjoyable evening and went away. As the ladies sat down besides their partners, they started chatting.

P: The person attending the counter was so cute!

Pragya exclaimed while Sanchi and Isha giggled. This earned them a very weird expression from the golden trio but the ladies seemed to intentionally not notice it.

S: I agree.

I: Even the one who helped us was not bad.

Isha stated which earned wistful ‘hmms’ from the other two ladies.

S: Oh why are you looking at us like this? We got some food while we were out. You can have them.

Sanchi said to the men who were staring at them with narrowed eyes. Before anyone could say something, the show started. One hour into the show and the ladies were feeling very bored. They shared a look and started to talk with their eyes and gestures.

‘I think that I will explode now!’ Sanchi exclaimed with a roll of her eyes.

‘We should get out of here before that then.’ Isha sighed.

Pragya looked around and saw a bright light signaling towards the way to the bar. She widened her eyes and tilted her head to the left for her friends to get the indication. Sanchi and Isha smirked as they saw the direction board. The three ladies got up at once and that caught the attention of their husbands who were deep into their own conversation on the phone.

KK: Where are you going?

He questioned Sanchi as she started to pick up the dirty plates and cups and glasses.

S: We are going to the bar at the backside of the cruise. This show is very boring.

She stated and Kabir raised his eyebrows in surprise. He had never taken Sanchi as a bar going type girl before. He stood up just in time for her to return to their table to get her clutch.

KK: Wait. We are coming.

He said and the men stood up to go with their wives. Sanchi shrugged and went to her friends who were already waiting for her in the hallway. The ladies hooked arms with each other and made their way to the bar with their husbands following behind them.

The bar was accompanied with a club which was already full with people. Sanchi and her friends went to the bar and ordered light drinks for starters. Their husbands soon joined them and Kabir had his eyes widened in shock as he saw his wife consuming alcohol. Veer and Karan fetched themselves a drink while Kabir decided to be better without it tonight. He was wary as he had seen Sanchi drink for the first time and he wasn’t sure about her tolerance limit and he wanted to be sober if she would be getting the after effects of her consumption.

He resorted to breezer which did not thrill him at all. He was receiving looks of sympathy from the bar tender which ceased the moment Kabir gave him his stern stare. He could not help but think that something was off with Sanchi’s behavior. He could tell that she was sort of ignoring him but actually not ignoring him! Now this thought had him doubting about his own sanity. He totally blamed this on the least bit attractive breezer. Why did people even manufacture such drinks was out of his league right now. He sighed as he eyed the pretty looking reddish pink colored drink in the cherry cut glass disgustingly.


He heard Sanchi yell on the top of her voice. The bartender obliged immediately as if he knew better than to keep three almost drunk ladies waiting. He instantly poured three glasses of shots and handed the three waiting impatient ladies. Sanchi gulped the contents of the glass and closed her eyes as they seemingly burned their way down her throat. Kabir stared intensely as he traced the path of the liquid down her throat with his preying eyes. His gaze travelled down to Sanchi’s hand as he saw that she just kept her fourth glass of shot down on the table. No wonder why she was almost drunk. How had he missed their earlier three shots?

He shook his head to clear his thoughts and then saw as Isha and Pragya dragged Sanchi on the small raised platforms in the club area. He saw that three ladies started to move their bodies according to the beat of a very disturbingly loud song with equally foul lyrics. He stared with lascivious desire at the way Sanchi was swaying her hips to the sound of the music with her hands up in the air and her head tilted slightly backwards. He leaned back in his high chair and saw his seductress wife dance. He saw from his peripheral vision that a man, who previously helped the ladies to bring their food to the table, approach Sanchi. He had this urge to smash the cherry cut glass he was holding in his hands on the head of that man. He quickly got up from his seat and went near Sanchi. Isha and Pragya were already a far distance away with their own husbands. What had taken him so long to join Sanchi and how had he not noticed their exit? He was just too caught up with this new side of his wife to rationally think about something else.

Just as that man was about to lay a finger on Sanchi, she was pulled back by an arm around her waist and turned to face the intruder. She sighed in relief as she felt her husband’s chest plastered against her and his arms wrapped strongly around her.

S: Oh! It’s just you.

She stated and that caught Kabir off guard.

K: What does that mean?

He asked with an edge in his tone. He was beginning to get aroused with her curves brushing up against him. He wanted her now but he knew that he had to control his urge.

S: I was expecting someone else.

She stated as she began to move to the sound of the music once again effectively providing a sweet friction between them. She did notice Kabir’s hardness but decided to ignore it for the time being.

K: Like that man.

Kabir answered with a murderous glare in the direction of the man that was a couple of steps away from them on their left. Sanchi looked in his direction and then back at Kabir and shrugged.

S: Maybe.

She whispered and Kabir balled his hands in a fist. He gritted his teeth and stared at her with narrowed eyes. He then saw a vaguely familiar smirk on her face as she deliberately moved in a way so that her core could ground down on his somewhat poking erection. He tightened his hold on her and stilled her movements. He leaned down and whispered in her ears.

K: You are mine and I won’t hesitate to prove it you time and again.

He saw Sanchi’s shocked expression for a while and smirked in victory. Soon her expressions were changed with determination and a different glint. Her eyes sparkled as she too stood on her tip toes and whispered to him.

S: Prove to me then.

She then descended and gave him a kiss at the corner of his mouth. Her hands, travelling up and down his chest and very much near his unbearable erection. He gritted his teeth and took hold of her hands and dragged her through the crowd of sweaty bodies effectively. His actions held urgency and Sanchi’s face had a sly smile on it.


He pushed open the door of the washroom and locked it behind Sanchi. He pushed her up against the wall and attacked her lips hungrily. He had the urge to kiss her from the time he had seen her in the gown for the award ceremony. He applied a bit more pressure than earlier and almost bruised Sanchi’s lips but she cared less right now. All she wanted now was for him to be inside her. She was already wet and ready for him.

He reluctantly let go of her lips and attacked her neck and shoulder that were exposed to him due to her s*xy dress. He so wanted to rip that dress off but he as he was not drunk, he could remember very well that they were not at their rented villa. He had to get Sanchi out of this cruise with her clothes intact. He pulled the zipper of the dress down a bit. It was enough for her dress to be pulled down easily and expose her full br*asts to him. Her nip*les were already taught and he started to suck and bite her lightly. Sanchi’s hands were messing up his hairs. Tugging and pulling at them as she let out moans of approval.

He slid his hand down and under her dress, effectively removing her damp panties. He then loosened the belt and threw it off somewhere in the bathroom. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down to relive his throbbing hardness. He then picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He had ridden her dress up till her waist. He then entered inside her with one full push and groaned as he felt her tightness around his length. It was like thousands of silk threads were tightened around his length at the same time. He pounded in her roughly as his dire need evoked the best from him. With his each thrust, he slid in deeper inside her.

Sanchi’s back hurt a bit with his rough thrusts but raw need shined through her eyes. She clung onto Kabir’s arms and back and he moved inside her. Soon enough she was screaming in pleasure as she reached her peak. Kabir joined her just a few thrusts later.


They stayed still while catching their breaths and then Kabir finally pulled out of her and settled her down on her feet. She adjusted her dress and just as she was about to say something, the door knocked. No actually, it was banged. Someone was yelling at the top of their voice in Thai. Sanchi gasped and quickly fixed herself and went to open the door.

Kabir retrieved his belt from where he had thrown it and just as he was about to follow his wife out, he saw that she had totally forgot to put her panties on. He picked the black lacy garment and stuffed it in his pocket.

He saw Sanchi standing at the door and staring at the man who was still yelling in Thai. He saw that the man was now yelling at Sanchi and he felt his blood boil. How dare someone like him yell at his wife? He quickly made his way to Sanchi and pushed her behind him. He put on his stoic business face with an outrageous look which was enough to shut the man up. His height was just the added advantage. He glared down his nose at the man for a few minutes and then pulled Sanchi out with him.

K: Why did you listen to him?

He demanded the moment they were in some quiet place. Sanchi lowered her gaze and bit her lip not knowing that her actions were driving him crazy.

S: It was actually our fault.

She stated in a whisper.

K: I don’t care. No one gets to yell at you.

He stated as if it were the final verdict. He then inspected Sanchi from top to bottom.

K: You okay? I was a bit rough.

He asked as he did not see any signs of injury or bruises though he was sure that her back was a bit sore with all the force he had put.

S: I am fine. I liked it.

She stated in her moment of bravado as she met his eyes. Kabir was sure that it was the effect of her drinking as she was shy type of girl. He chuckled at her boldness and then leaned down to effectively ruin all her pretended intimidation. He saw her shiver as she felt him close to her.

K: You did forget one thing though.

He whispered menacingly as his hand went inside the pocket of his pants where her precious possession laid. Sanchi furrowed her eyebrows for a moment but shook her head as she could not remember what she was missing out on.

K: Keep thinking.

Was all he said before he turned around and walked towards the bar where their friends were seated. She followed him unconsciously still thinking about what she was forgetting.


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