Our marriage is agreement ep 15

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Hi frnds sry mistakenly I posted the worng one
So here the 15 epi
Frnds thanks for u r Comte

Let’s start
NOTE: twi and swara are cousin sis and twi is 1month elder than swara.more than cousins they are best buddies both studied together upto 12th both are partner in crime ,they don’t hide anything from each othed. Then swara went to London for higher studies,twi doest knw abt swasan and swara didn’t told bcz of some reasons and swara sanskar and studied in same college.


Twinj room

Both lovely couples are sleeping in each other embrace just then sun rYs falls on kunj he opens his eye , he feels some on his chest when looked he Saw twis head on his chest and his hand is on her waist he sees her gets mesmerized .while he was staring her without moving his eyes he gets disturbed because her hair strands are covering her face he slowly moves his hand towards her keeps her hair behind her ears and plants kiss on her forehead , slowly he takes his hand and when he keep her head on pillow he saw twi slowly open her eyes so he moves back ward but he didn’t notice tat he came to the corner of the bed suddenly there was sound
Kunj: ahhh……..(yes frnds kunj fell down from bed)
Hearing the scream twi gets jerk and opens her eyes and she was searching kunj then kunj slowly gets up and asked wat happened
Tw; wat happened kunj
Kunj:nothing twi I fell from bed
Twi goes towards him and checks him where he got any hurt , seeing her concern he was overwhelmed
Twi: hw did u fell kunj
Kunj: WO… WO… I…I..yea..I dreamed tat I was falling down so.
He tries to divert the topic
Kunj: leave it twi nothing k will go and get ready I have to go to airport now itself time became 9 I have be there at 10
Saying this he runs to bathroom
In side bathroom
After he getting inside bathroom let out his breath
Kunj( thinks):Wat yaar kunj wat happened to u omg I can’t control myself when twi is front of me , and he ruffles his hand on his hair tat time he remembers how twi was concerned ,he smiles and then gets ready
Twi also gets ready in another room and she went to kitchen and she started to cook her Darlings fav she also man kunjs fav sweet and see was remembering last night moments in hotel tat time kunj comes down he was again lost in twi
She was wearing white suit with red flower design

Link of the dress
click here
He came to when twi comes and shakes him
Twi: wat happened kunj where are u lost
Kunj whisper: in u
Twi: kunj did u said something
Kunj: nothing twi I was just thinking something abt office matter
Twi:k come have u bf and go
Kunj: no I will come and its already late
Soon twi bids bye and heads towards airport

Kunj was waiting for some girls are dorrling over him but he didn’t paid any head to them
He was wearing whit shirt blue coat and black jeans
Kunj dress
click here
At tat hears the arrival of the flight and man in mid twenties he was wearing white shirt grey coat and black jeans
Link to the dress
click here

Both the man and kunj meets each other the man goes towards kunj and hugs him
Man : hi kunj hw r u
Kunj:I am fine shanky and hw r u( yes gys u guessed it is our sanskar)
San: I fine but only mouth tels but his eyes tels someother
Kunj understands and dirverts the topic
Kunj: k come let’s go i m very hungry and twi is also waiting for us
San:why babhi didn’t come(frnds he knws kunj got married and his wife name is twi)
Kunj :yesterday we went out so she was tried and today her cousin also coming so she is preparing in home
San: ohhh….tired …hmm
Kunj: u shut up man nothing like tat u knw na I said okay for this marriage for sake of my dad only (while he tels this he feels an unknown pain)
San: k leave it let’s go I am also damn hungry
Both headed towards sarana mansion
Twi completed her work and waiting for kunj at tat time door bell rings twi goes and opens the door and san is standing with boquite I his hand and kunj is standing beside him
San: hello miss beautiful
Twi: hi welcome
They go inside the hall
Twi:u go fresh up and come for break fast
San: k I will come babhi ji
Twi: pls don’t call babhi and all I am not tat much old
San: thn wat I shld call
Twi: u can call me by name itself
Sans says OK and goes to fresh up after sometime he came down and sees twi arranging dinning table and our kunj staring her lovingly
Seeing sans smiles naughtingly
San: she is looking beautiful na (whisperes)
Kunj: not in sense…. Yes
San : do u love her
Kunj: yes….and comes sense and says….no.nothing
San: but u heart saying some thing
And he started pull kunj legs tat time twi calls them for bf both head towards dinning table and serves them
Kunj: twi u made fav sweet.
Twi: yea kunj do u like it
Kunj: no don’t like it (this face became dull but next sec her face became brigth) I loved it
And both shares eye look it was broken by voice from the door
Girl: sweety…….(shouts happily)
The girl was standing there wearing croptop and 3/4 jeans with loose and in end it was curled hearing the voice twi sees towards the door when she saw the girl she run and gave her abone crushing hug and after some time they broke the hug
Girl dress
click here
Twi: shona… Hw r u I missed u so much ..
She is non other than Swara
Swara: me too twiki
Both started to talk forgot the surrounding
Here our sanku (sanskar+ kunj) can’t able to see swaras face as twi was standing by hidding swara but our was lost in twi by seeing her bubbly side
When twi turned to intro swara to sanku both sanku got frezzed and sanskar was most shocked, happy to see swara his jann in front of her
Only one word name came from his mouth
Sanskar: swara

Epi ends

Precap: swaras reaction

Thank u for spending time to read my ff and thanks to silent readers also
And dry for the confusion
K frnds next epi will be in 2 days or before tat also
So frnds wat shld be swaras reaction pls tell u r ans below in COMT box

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  1. Presha

    Loved it..

  2. SidMin

    Loved it awesome episode I really liked this dreamy side of Kunj 🙂
    Love you post soon 🙂

  3. Fatimaa.

    Heyy yogs…
    It was just awesome amazing…loved it so much….
    Well swara’s reaction wud b nt so harsh….dat depends on u
    Post soon…love u

  4. SidMin23

    It was nice and I like how kunj was Lost in twinke and when he said kunj do u love her he directly said yes hope soon kunj listen to his heart. Poor kunj fall down from bed and he divert the topic and how he feel nice when twinke was showing concern for him.

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    AWESOME amazing. Interesting

  6. Amazing episode???????

  7. Episode was too gud

  8. Simiyy

    It was really good
    Cant wait to read more

  9. lovely epi
    post soooon……

  10. Awesome yogs amazing canf wait
    Superb lovely
    Love u keep smiling

  11. Baby

    ohhhhhh god finally dey met……..♥
    loving it……..♥
    kunj was too cute….dey r falling in love…..♥
    kuch kuch hota hai……..♥ hehee
    lods of love…….♥
    post soon……..♥

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