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Hi friends this is Lopez,,, and am sooo sorry for the late update as there was a special occasion for Christians so I couldn’t got time to update… wishing all my Christian frnds on this sight happy resurrection and all Hindus as well…..Trisha dear happy resurrection ?????may this resurrection of Christ rise our destinies and lead us to the right paths…lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu all???????????????????????

so now let move to the story, I would like to request u all to bear with my mistake as am typing with phone…

the epi start with pragya with a determined face head towards the gate while her mom and siblings try to stop her but she assured them she would be fine and and left the house faking her smile ……
she reached jalals office with rage and murderous look on her face that the receptionist couldn’t stop her and she dashed to his cabin and asked him why did u fixed my alliance without my concern? who are u to take decision regarding my life…?

jalal turned to her and asked is that the manners u derived from mom? ..And about ur question I am ur father so I ve every right to do whatever I did .

pragya screamed at the top of her voice and said father indeed,a Father who don’t know his responsibility then hw can u be my dad? how can a man who can’t even predict his own life predict others own? its my life and my decision is no for this marriage… for sometime back I thought u are jux a cruel man who don’t ve a feel for anyone and does things in his own wish…. but never have I had a glimpse of the devil in u,I hate u ,I…..but we heard a slap sound echoed in the room and it was presented by jalal to pragya which made her fall on the floor wrenching in pain………..
and he shouted don’t u dare talk to me in that manner, ur decision is no right? and pragya fearfully nodded yes..
jalal say then u all should be prepared to live on the street.
I would make ur life’s as hell if u even try to defame me infront of my friends,u can save ur mom and siblings if u agree for this marriage atleast ur mom can still operate her shop,but with ur negletion,things would be complicated for u all….so think and decide …

pragya asked so dad what would u get from torturing us? jalal replied sukoon( peace)
and pragya says okay I can do anything but can’t see my family in pain as am not heartless like u..so I agreed for this marriage but get one thing in mind,I WOULD HATE U FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!

she left there with tear filled eyes got home and tell everyone that she is ready for the marriage..

maan stood and ask what??? do u know wat u are saying? but she left from there saying it my decision and its final.

but maan was in no mood to listen ,,,so he decided to meet jalal but jodha stopped him saying u won’t move an inch,,I know my daughter she can’t do anything without thorough thinking so jux leave him…..

the screen diverted to abhi .. he with a smirk on his face had a glimpse of pragyas pic again and says dad and granny I ve accepted this marriage ….and they were happy but abhi has different intentions regarding this marriage,so he left to his room and smile widely and says miss pragya Singh I would make ur life as hell….

the three days reached and abhis dadi and father along with the pandith reached pragyas home and fixed the date….
the pandith told them it can happen a day after tomorrow and Granny was soo happy…pragya wanted to meet the groom but her thoughts blushed it off and says what would i benefit benefit from it …but little did she know that the man she fought with is going to be her destined husband…..

at mehra mansion abhi was in his room with his girl friend,Ritika,and she asked so darling wat is the need to Mary that girl??

abhi says I want to break her ego,I want her to know with money all things are possible…. jux then they heard dadi calling abhi so he made ritika hide and opened the door…
dadi asked abhi who is in there ? but he dragged dadi out and tells her he was watching movie and dadi being a little convinced left from there and told him the date of his marriage has been fixed,,she left from there while abhi smirk……

Finally the day arrived and with abhi in the mandap whiles bulbul brought pragya but her face was covered with Veil so she did not see her groom,, but she has least interest in finding who he was as she was crying all this while ,,,,,and was cursing her destiny as faith has once again played with her feelings…..

the marriage ritual got completed and it was time for pragya to leave she cried alot and jodha not being able to withstand it hugged her and cried miserably.. pragya took her blessing while jalal was waiting for her to seek his blessing but she bypassed him and hugged maan and bulbul leaving all the guests surprised……

pragya reached her in- laws house and dadi did her arti including all the required rituals….
she made abhis cousin mitali lead pragya to abhis room and ask her to make herself comfortable and she left the room…….

pragya climbed down from the bed,, sat on the floor and cried her heart out,the door opened and she stood with a jerk and looked down…

but the voice she heard made her look up with a confuse look and asked what are u doing here?

yh it was non other than abhi,,he stood there with attitude and says so u are now mrs pragya abhishek mehra????? haahaahaa welcome to hell ..

pragya stood there confused and stunned as well and asked,, u??? why are u following me,and can u tell me ur motive of being here??? don’t u ve manners of knocking before entering someone’s room??

abhi laughed and said nice joke,why would I follow a person like u,,to me ur father is somehow rich but not as me,so I still consider u as middle class girl,and u know what I am ur husband ,,I want to shatter ur ego, I want u to know the price it pays to play with the great abhishek …
I hate u that is why I accepted this marriage,, and I would make sure ur stay here would be like hell as am not interested in you…….

we shall behave normal outside, but between us there is boundary between us,,,as I ve my darling,, he called ritika and there she comes with her cut walk and hugged abhi from behind, pecked his cheek and says babyyyy am here….

abhi held her hand and says she is the love of my life and u are jux a piece of trash and our marriage is a bigg joke…..

pragya was shocked at the turn of event, and she was in a delimer as whether she should cry or laugh…

but she gathered some courage and says so its you….that was all she could say and the screen freezed on her painful face with abhi and ritikas smirking face …….

precab ,,thinking………..

guys plzzz forgive me for any error as I typed in a hurry plzzzzzzzz…

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  1. nice i hate abhi so muuchh

  2. awesome update soon

    1. Lopez

      thanks, thanks dear am sooo greatfull for ur support?????

    1. Lopez

      thanks reshma dear

  3. Nice but abhi is very bad and make him as good pls I can’t see ABHI like this please change his character and really enjoyed the update

    1. Lopez

      thanks abhigya dear I would surely change him,don’t worry…

  4. Nice dear

    1. Lopez

      thanks priyanka dear

  5. It’s amazing.. u rocked it.. I didn’t expect this type of story..

    1. Lopez

      thanks for your lovely comment dear

  6. Trisha

    hi dear! im back…now catching up on ur ff…
    Awesome update…love bad abhi but i think Pragya should kick his ass for showing so much attitude. lol
    Off to the next epi…see you there!

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