Mariam Khan Reporting Live 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aayat tortures Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aayat asking Mariam to wait for her to come. The couple thinks why did Aayat bring Mariam home. Mariam sees a ghost flying and gets scared. She asks whose room is it. Aayat says yours. Aayat switches on lights. Mariam’s imagination ends. She sees servant’s hand burnt. Aayat says he burnt his hand to avoid work, you sleep now, have food first. Mariam refuses to have food and asks Aayat to sleep with her. Aayat says you have grown up now. She goes. Mariam recalls Madiha and Mariam. She gets her toys and sees her family puppets. She recalls everyone. Rang de…..plays……She smiles seeing the puppets coming to life. She says they would be sleeping hungry, what shall I do. Majaaz says you know what to do. Mariam takes food.

Hamdan looks for something. Mariam asks Junaid to have food. Hamdan and Junaid get scared seeing her. Aayat comes shouting. Hamdam says don’t know how this girl came here. Mariam says I came to give them food. Aayat scolds her. She takes Mariam to punish. Hamdam checks the hospital file and gets shocked. Aayat asks Mariam to eat the chilli. Mariam shouts. Aayat says you will stop talking now. Mariam cries. Aayat says if you go to anyone’s room, then you know the consequences.

Junaid eats food. He checks the file and says yes, Jibraan has to die, else he will get all the property, we will be their servants. Aayat gets Mariam to room and takes the water jug. Mariam says I want water. Aayat throws the water. Mariam hugs superman toy and cries. Majaaz and Madiha recall Mariam. Mariam thinks of her family. She lies to sleep. She gets scared seeing the thundering. Hamdam says we have to make Mariam out, she can give life to Jibraan, if Mariam dies, Jibraan will die on own. Junaid agrees. Mariam goes to get the puppy. She says Aayat will scold me again. She goes to a room and gets shocked seeing hospital equipments. Jibraan gets up and asks who are you. Mariam gets scared and shouts ghost.

Aayat and everyone come. Mariam says there is a ghost in that room, I have seen, really. Aayat slaps her and says I told you not to go to any room. Mariam sees Jibraan staring. Aayat shuts the door and hugs Jibraan. He asks who is this girl, why did she come. Aayat makes him rest. Hamdam consoles Mariam. Mariam asks who’s inside. Hamdam asks don’t you know, he is Aayat’s son. Mariam asks why did Aayat beat me, I want to go home, tell me how to go, I will go myself. Hamdam smiles. Aayat comes out of the room. Mariam says sorry, I didn’t see anything in darkness and thought he is a ghost. Aayat says I know how to treat you. Junaid asks did you get an idea to get rid of Mariam. Hamdam says Jibraan will make her out. Mariam hugs toys and toys. She wishes Majaaz comes.

Aayat feeds Mariam. Mariam cries. Majaaz calls them. Aayat asks her to wear glasses. Mariam talks to Majaaz and everyone on video call. Majaaz asks did anyone beat you?

Update Credit to: Amena

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