Nazar 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruby is a witch

Nazar 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya is locked in a room in college. Mohit’s friend hears her and smirks. He turns and sees a witch taking a deadbody from there. He sees its Preeti’s deadbody, he gets scared. Witch sees him. Flashback shows she killed Preeti too, she says where will you go running from me? she makes him dizzy and makes him walk in that state.
Preeti is trying to open art room but its locked from inside.
Mohit tries to stop his friend Bobby but Bobby is under witch’s spell and his eyes are rolled, Mohit is stunned to see it.
Piya is locked in room and cries, she asks for help.

Ansh and others are in garden area of college. Preeti’s deadbody falls i pool, all are stunned.

Ansh and others come home. Ansh ask them to not tell anything to Mehdeshwi. Mehdeshwi comes to Ansh and says I found a girl with devi’s mark, God helped me. Ansh says please. Mehdeshwi says I wont say anything now, you will see what happens.

Piya is locked in art room and is crying calling out her mother.

In jungle, police have locked area where Preeti was killed. Witch comes there.
Policeman sees witch going from corridor of college, he screams and runs from there. He sees Ruby and says I saw wrong feet, she says you mean like these? he sees her feet turned away and says you are a witch? she smirks. Flashback shows how she killed Preeti, went to Ansh’s house too, how she took Preeti’s body from morgue.

Scene 2
Mehdeshwi is calling and says where is this girl? I should have brought her with me from mandir, Ansh can leave before she comes.

Piya is trying to call but her battery has ended, she looks around and says how will I come out of here? someone please help me, please.

Policeman tries to runaway from Ruby but she stops him and says you saw me so now see my real avatar, she stands on table, grows her nails and hair, she grabs police with her braid and says what you saw shouldnt be seen, now you have to die to keep my secret a secret, you wont feel pain while dying, she sucks his age from him and eats it, he becomes old aged and dies. Ruby leaves his deadbody there.

Ansh is leaving but Mehdeshwi stops him and says she is here? She moves away, Ansh sees Ruby standing there. He is stunned. Ruby recalls how Mohana told her that she as a witch has to marry Ansh and only then Mohana will comeback. Ansh says Ruby you? Ruby says did aunty tell you anything? Mehdeshwi says this is the girl with Devi’s mark. Flashback shows how Ruby was in mandir and when Mehdeshwi was going behind Piya, Ruby came inbetween and Mehdeshwi mistook her for Piya. Mehdeshwi says to Ansh that we have been looking for this girl and you already know her. Rishi says she is the girl with devi maa’s mark? Kajal’s dog attacks the with, she gets tensed and says my real face can come out infront of them.

PRECAP- Ansh saves Piya from locked room and breaks door to bring her out, he lifts her in his arms and leaves from there.
Avi is in jungle searching, Ruby is hanging on a tree behind him.
Mehdeshwi says to Ruby that my Ansh’s life is in danger, please marry him. Ruby smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Mona146

    It is already knnown that ruby is a witch when yesterday they have shown her half face. this episode is a time waste. Niyati was good in her previous serial. In this she only sobs all the time and her dressing is also not good.

  2. yes ruby is dayan it is known already. and niyati’s dressing talking style must be improved. and mona will someone make vms on piya and ansh ???

    1. Mona146

      do u mean nickname.

    2. Mona146

      i feel anya wud b great

    3. Ooshi

      Nice good

  3. nice and an interesting twist

  4. We knew that she is the new witch.. Yes even I didn’t like niyati’s dressing style
    Hope they will change this

  5. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba

  6. This show does kinda remind me of pyaar ki ek kahani serial. Right now it intriguing but can’t say about future.

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