Mariam Khan Reporting Live 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Fawad gets upset with Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fawad asking why did you get Chiku to office. Mariam says she would have cried at home, I will take a leave and be with her. He ask why, you have your responsibilities at office. Majaaz comes to her and reminds her childhood. He says you need to explain Chiku, daughters are very attached to fathers, Fawad has to explain her. Mariam smiles. Majaaz goes. Mariam and Fawad join hands. He says we fought on the first day of marriage. She says its good marriage if husband and wife fight. They hug and apologize. She says I will never stop trying. He says because one who tries never fails. Rifat says I will be seeing the activities at office, its the first day at office. Choti calls her and says its all perfect here, our plan isn’t working, Fawad and Mariam got united again. Rifat asks how did this happen.

Choti says they are always together, we have to think of some big plan to get rid of them. Rifat says my plan backfired, I can’t accept defeat. Majaaz talks to Mariam about work. Fawad manages Chiku. Fawad and Mariam share flying kisses. Majaaz looks on and smiles. He asks Mariam to focus on work. She says sorry. He asks her to carry on her work. He goes. A girl comes and gets a cake for her. Mariam thanks her. The girl sees Chiku and asks who is that girl, I saw this girl at orphanage last week, I keep visiting NGO. Mariam says no, I found her in the streets.

The lady names the orphanage and goes. Mariam says I don’t understand this, that man has told me something else, I will confirm this. Fawad goes for meeting. Mariam asks Chiku with whom she used to stay before meeting her. Chiku worries. Mariam thinks I shouldn’t ask this to a kid. Majaaz, Fawad and Mariam come home. They say the day at office was good. Madiha prays for their success. Mariam takes phone from Aaliya. She asks Aaliya and Chiku to go and freshen up. Fawad asks them to cook something special. Mariam sees Rifat and Bhakti’s conversation video. She gets shocked and goes to Rifat. Rifat asks lawyer to find a way out to get haveli for her. She sees Mariam coming Mariam says I will have haveli with me, you will be left empty handed. Rifat asks what are you saying.

She scolds Rifat and asks why did you meet Bhakti that night, why, are you behind her death, is that girl a result of your plan. Rifat worries and cries. Fawad looks on. Rifat says how can you blame me. He asks what’s happening here. Mariam shows him the video. Fawad asks Rifat to say the truth. Rifat lies to them. She says Bhakti wanted to marry Fawad, she asked me to stop your marriage from happening. Mariam says she is lying. Rifat says I m happy for you both. Mariam says she is just seeing her profits. He says enough, I know her well, I didn’t forget what she did with me in past, you can’t prove her wrong by showing video, I will get to the root of this matter, maybe she is telling the truth. Mariam asks what will you do if I prove her wrong. He asks her to focus on proving the truth. Mariam says I didn’t want to trouble you, so I have never told you her truth. She goes. Rifat thinks I was waiting for this moment.

Mariam and Fawad argue over Chiku’s responsibilities.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Can anyone tell me why Rifat hates Mariam and her family this much.

    1. I AM NOT SURE

  2. Nina

    Rifat hates all from mercenary motive wants the mansion is owned by her

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