Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update Kulfi and Amyras team work.

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Gunjan tells about girls new year party plan to Tony, gunjan shows the chits to Tony. Girls discuss about the romantic movies they saw, Kulfi blushes while talking about it, Amyra finds she feels awkward saying I love you, and keeps forcing her, Amyra and kulfi spend fun time with eachother. Tony says I will never let Lovely go in that house and will cancel this party. Gunjan says don’t we will reveal these girls plan in the party. Gunjan sees girls dancing in the hall and says because of lovely I was in wheel chair and away from my husband and I will do same to her.

Kulfi loves the arrangements, and says when loves and Sikander say I love you to eachother will be so romantic, let me go check Sikander, Kulfi sees bowl in the house and says it’s the same bowl how is it here let me talk to amyra, Kulfi contacts amyra, and asks why did she get bowl in the house, amyra says it’s on the hall, Kulfi says no it’s in the house , amyra says oh no this means some one learnt about our plan now go get the bowl or else mom will kill me. Kulfi runs out to get the bowl and finds it missing.sikander asks kulfi what she is finding, Kulfi diverts him and says you looking so handsome, Sikander says you looking very pretty, just like a princess.

Mohendar asks Sikander what menu is this what dishes are these, Sikander leaves, Kulfi says I have to inform Amyra. Gunjan hides the bowl under decoration. Amyra and kulfi tensed about the bowl, Kulfi sees lovely and says look she is so happy, means she has no idea, you find the bowl, Mayra says okay you keep guests busy, I will find the bowl, Kulfi asks how will I distract everyone, amyra says do anything,Kulfi says okay.sikander Walks to lovely, Gunjan sees them,Mohendar sees gunjan not happy seeing them together and gives her sweets to distract her.

Kulfi plays the music and begins dancing p, Amyra starts looking for bowl, Kulfi engages every in dancing, Kulfi sees Sikander walking towards Amyras she stops him and takes him to dance along with him, gunjan sees Amyra, walking towards her, Kulfi stops her. Kulfi asks lovely and Sikander to dance together, amyra finds the bowl and signs kulfi. Amyra hiding bowl sees tony and cutie walk in and hides, tony says continue the celebration and starts dancing all confused, amyra goes and tears all the chits, and throws in dustbin and pours water over it,amyra walks to kulfi.

Tony says lovely I came here to drop cutie because she was missing you and amyra I shall leave now, Bebe and Mohendar request him to stay, Mohendar ask him to stay for sake of Amyra, Sikander asks him to stay too,gunjan signs, tony says okay, Mohendar says play the music and begin dancing and enjoying. Sikander compliments lovely, lovely says you never said before, Sikander says I said many times but through my poems and you, Lovely says never understood, amyra says kulfi I guess things are working, Kulfi says yes they are.

Pre cap : Gunjan says kulfi there’s call for you, Kulfi thinks she is talking to Santa, and thanks him, gunjan plays her video live in audience.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Gungan is all messed up,as I said before if Sikander and Lovely are working on their marriage she needs to back off. But…. If Lovely is adamant on destroying Kulfi’s life then….

    1. The writers has decided to ruin the story. Gunjan is not doing anything wrong! Which human being could live with another person who sucks the life out of everyone and everything? That’s who Lovely is a parasite! Let’s see if Gill family will be so forgiving to Gunjan as they have been to Lovely! Gunjan could not offer them a grandchild not even a fake one so let’s wait and watch their behavior towards her. These people don’t even care about Kulfi.
      BTW which marriage is Sikandar and Lovely working on? These people just lived together in a forced marriage where she entered pregnant and fooled him into believing they slept together and she got because he was drunk 95% of the time. She never loved or wanted to be with him. He was a convenience for her a path to have good life and name in society all ochestrated by herself and parents.

      No viewer signed up to look at Sikandar/ Lovely love story. We want to see kulfi truth out! Still Lovely is selfish after everything and only see her, Amyra and Sikandar. She still dislikes a man she claims to love daughter

    2. NaveenS I couldn’t agree with you more! Gunjan is the only sensible person on the show. She isn’t doing anything wrong by trying to keep Sikander and Lovely apart or throw Lovely out of the family. Look at all the horrible deeds Lovely has done, look at all the lies she’s told! Mohender and Bebe have always been spineless cowards, Sikander is too dumb to put 2 and 2 together about Kulfi being his and Nimrat’s daughter, and now the writers have ruined Kulfi’s character too by making her acquiese completely to Amyra and not tell Sikander the truth. And how dumb is Kulfi’s mamaji! He just told her Sikander is her father and said, “ok you take it from here kiddo, I’m going back to Chirauli!” Like WTF man??! If I was the mamaji, I’d have gone straight to Sikander with Kulfi and said, “Dude, this little girl is YOUR daughter. YOU got my sis Nimrat preggo and left her. Now Kulfi is YOUR responsibility so step up and be a man!” But instead, these stupid writers have everyone including Kulfi dance on Amyra’s tunes! “Ooh we can’t tell Sikander the truth because Amyra will suffer!” Well what about Kulfi? Isn’t she suffering? Hasn’t she suffered enough??! And Amyra should know that TEVAR not Sikander is her father and her mother Lovely is a whore! And as for Lovely and Sikander’s “relationship” or “marriage”? There never was one and never will be in the true sense.

  2. As I said before everyone needs a second chance not everyone of us are perfect. At the conclusion of this series everyone will forgive the same Lovely even Gungan. For every action there is a reaction agreed but an eye for an eye will make the whole world goes blind. To err is human and if we do not forgive the ones who have erred aren’t we just like them?? I am not asking anyone to agree with me but this is my opinion. And one cannot go about calling persons horrid names it’s just a character these persons are portraying they are not like that in real life least we forget this stuff is not real it’s for entertainment. And to claim Gungan is the only sensitive one is the joke if the year. Puhleaseee as I said these are my views y’all don’t go starting on me poor self,and I meant of and not if. Shalom.

  3. Jayashree now you’re being silly ? . No one is attacking you! We just don’t agree with your point of view BTW of which u are entitled to. Lovely blew all her chances. This woman is very manipulative and only knew how to threaten Sikandar. Have u ever heard the story of the boy who cried wolf?
    She is the most ungrateful self serving character ever. Shame on these writers. I longer watch but read updates as I don’t need to see the abuser Lovely being triumphant.

  4. What about the saying, “the law is for the lawless”? Lovely killed Nimrat, whether accidentally or not. Everyone knows except Kulfi and yet Lovely has not received any punishment for her crime. Where does it state it is okay to cover up a hit and run, and do not report it to the police? It is sad to say but Sikander and Lovely belong together. Sikander and Lovely know what happened to Nimrat and yet they just want to be one big happy family…PLEASE!!!

    FYI… I do not watch any serials, I just like reading the updates and comments. The serials are too redundant and superfluous.

  5. Here all are forgetting about kulfi why she has to suffer.lovely is unchanged if she changed she reveals about kulfi

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Writers need to get their heads examined if they are again going to put Kulfi thru this horror!!! The Witch is now the heroine??? Really??? This is a load of Bullshit!!! What’s next for kulfi?? Thoughts of suicide??? ? how could anyone, much less a child, be put thru the “torture” given to her by that no good piece of shit called lovly??? Sikander himself? knows that she killed Kulfi’s mom, how could he just brush that aside??? Is he heartless just like the witch??? Sometimes i really think so… no matter how many tears he sheds at Kulfi’s sadness…

    Shame on these writers, knowing young children are also watching!!! What thoughts do they think those children would have if they too were in a situation as such!!! No hope that’s what!!! Disappointed asf ? sorry for being so brutal forum audience… seems as tho these writers hv reached the dregs at the bottom of the barrel… no wonder trp’s decreased twicefold … smh

  7. Thank you for the title SILLY really my mama told me never to argue with stupid people they will drag me down to their level and then beat me with experience. As I said this stuff is not REAL. Telling me I am being silly spoke volumes to me how about if I say you are immature. When ever I I give my opinion someone out there is always bent on ridiculing me WHY???? Anyways hope you had a nice day and enjoy the rest of the week bye.

    1. LOL Jayashree grow up and get a life girl! You are too sensitive for public forums. What level are you speaking off? This is a virtual world my dear. I don’t know you nor do I wish to. Take several seats child! Your mama told you what……nonsense as you never listened to her because you are doing exactly the opposite. Please quit while u believe you’re ahead

  8. I know this is just a tv serial but it had me totally engrossed emotionally – I’ve stopped seeing it and instead read just the updates as I can’t withstand seeing the injustice done to kulfi – I can’t just wait for Sikander to know that he is Kulfi’s father and for Lovely to get recompensed for her evil deeds – and yes the serial should not portray children as dumb and meek – we want to see kulfi stand up and be smart not selfless and stupid

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