Mariam Khan Reporting Live 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz unites with Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Majaaz coming to check the sacks. He asks the man about Mariam. The man says some men came and asked for her, what’s the matter, they didn’t get the girl and left. Majaaz says I have to reach Mariam before them. Farhaan and goons are around. Majaaz sees them and leaves. Lawyer says these papers are real. Rifat gets glad and says I can’t wait for more. He says you have to wait, the one who made these papers have put a clause that haveli will be on Mariam’s name till she turns 20. Rifat says Aayat cheated me, I will get haveli on my name. He says there is a way. The man says there is no way to save haveli, because of Majaaz’s blames. Meher says its a wrong blame. Lawyer says it will take time to prove this blame wrong. Zain says there has to be some way.

Madiha cries and asks him to help. Aijaz comes there and says its a matter of concern. Madiha asks how did you come on own, you should have called. Aijaz says I felt better and came home, I feel unwell after coming here, if we are true, Lord will help us. Zain says yes, indeed, mum is also finding a solution.

Lawyer tells Rifat that if she becomes guardian of Mariam, she can get haveli. Rifat says how will this happen, she isn’t here. Lawyer says Mariam’s mum and dad will be her guardian, I will make POA papers, you can take signs of any one of them. Rifat says Madiha will agree to sign the papers. Majaaz comes to Dargah. Baba says Lord will protect you, go in and pray. Majaaz goes in. Tere karam se….plays…. He cries and prays for Mariam. Farhaan and goons come there and look for him. Majaaz goes to tie a thread. Farhaan doesn’t see him. Majaaz sees a father-daughter, and recall Mariam. He prays that he meets Mariam. He ties the thread. He sees Mariam praying there and smiles. Mariam cries and says make me meet my dad, he has come here. Majaaz runs to her. She sees him and smiles. They hug and cry happily.

Zain sees a lizard and screams. He runs and holds Mahira. They fall on the bed and have an eyelock. He gets up and says sorry, I slipped. She says its okay, why did you scream. He says there is a big lizard in bathroom. She laughs and asks are you scared of a lizard. He says you look pretty when you laugh. Rifat knocks door. He wears a tshirt and opens the door. She gets papers. Mariam says I missed you a lot, I was waiting for you. Majaaz says sorry, you got hurt because of me. She says no, take me home, I m missing family and friends, I don’t want to get away from you. He says I have come to take you home, everyone is missing you there. They cry and hug. Police comes there. Majaaz takes Mariam with him.

Rifat fools Zain and says we should help Majaaz and family, terrorist stain will trouble them, I spoke to lawyer and got papers ready, if Madiha signs on it, it will be good, she won’t have any objection. Zain says yes, let me check papers once. Rifat thinks don’t change many papers. She asks him to go to Fawad and help him in project. Zain says it still has time, let me check papers. Rifat says a good lawyer has made the papers. He says fine and gives it back to her. Aijaz asks about Majaaz and Mariam. Madiha gets Mariam’s call and cries. Mariam says are you listening, I miss you a lot. Madiha says yes, we miss you too. Meher and Aijaz also talk. Madiha asks Majaaz how will you get Mariam, take care of her, police is guarding here. He says I will find some way. He sees Farhaan coming.

Aayat says if I don’t get Mariam, I will tell your truth to police. Farhaan gets shocked. Police tracks Majaaz. Majaaz and Mariam hide from Farhaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. One of d worst concept series it is. Always devil wins agsinst d good

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