Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruhi gets heartbroken with rejection

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying Aaliya is not our daughter, we regard her daughter, but our daughter is Ruhi. Rohan asks what, are you serious. Shagun says Aaliya is my daughter, she is Raman and Ishita’s bahu. Raman says she is Adi’s wife, Adi is no more, Aaliya is a widow. Rohan asks how is that possible, I have seen Aaliya calling Ishita as Amma, I thought Ishita is talking about Aaliya, so I have come here to marry Aaliya. Ishita says what’s there to be shocked, Aaliya is like my daughter, I raised her and so she called me Amma, she fell in love with my son and married him, she became my bahu. Aaliya asks why are you talking about me. Rohan says I…. Raman says we have come to ask for Ruhi’s alliance.

Rohan says there is a very big confusion, when I got to know

about an alliance from Bhallas, I was very happy and said yes, I love Aaliya and want to marry her. Raman asks do you think this is some joke. Ruhi gets shocked and cries. Rohan says I did a mistake, I told you… Aaliya asks him to leave. Rohan says just listen to me once. She says I m a widow, I m bahu of this house and don’t want to marry. He says its unfortunate that your husband died, but I m ready to accept you, your life didn’t end. She scolds him. He says trust me, I really want to marry you, think about it. She says I don’t want to marry you, please leave from here. Ruhi goes to her room. Everyone runs after her. Raman asks him to leave. Rohan says let me explain. Romi asks him to leave. Rohan leaves.

Ruhi locks the door and cries. She ruins the room. Ishita and Shagun ask her to open the door. Ruhi recalls Suhail and Nikhil. Raman says please open the door. Raman asks what are you doing, open the door. Ruhi cries. She says I told you not to call anyone. Everyone worries. Aaliya rushes out. Romi scolds Monica on call. He sees Aaliya leaving. Rohan is on call and talks to his brother. Aaliya comes to him. He says trust me, I really love you. She says just shut up, did you ask me, you just came here, you thought I m interested in you, keep your bracelet, get lost, Ruhi is so worried. He says I don’t even know her, why will I hurt her. She says you are careless, just leave. Raman says open the door, else we will break it. Ruhi says no one will love and marry me, just go, stop this. Ishita says stay alone if you want, we are with you.

Rohan asks Aaliya to listen. Aaliya says don’t touch me, everyone is hurt because of you. Romi slaps Rohan. Ishita says Ruhi needs space, she knows whatever happened is due to misunderstanding. Raman says I will not leave her and go. Rohan says I love Aaliya. Romi says no means no, how dare you touch her, she is our house’s bahu. He beats Rohan. He sends Aaliya. A guy comes there and holds Rohan. He sees Rohan’s wound and says I came here to surprise you, you have given me a surprise. He asks Romi to beat him. Rohan stops Karan. Karan asks how dare you him him, I m his brother Karan, fight me. Rohan says listen to me, its my mistake, I held that girl’s hand. Karan says if you like that girl, it doesn’t mean you take their side, I came to see that girl whom you love, this family is not of our class, no match.

Romi asks them to get out. Karan and Rohan leave. Sudha says its necessary that crow eats the food so that Rajat’s tervi gets successful. Pandit says if crow doesn’t eat food, that would mean Rajat’s soul didn’t get peace. Sudha says how will he get peace, he committed suicide because of those people. She gets a call and asks what, an alliance went for Ishita and Raman’s daughter, I want info about that marriage bureau, you will get money for this info. She promises Rajat that she will ruin that family, then his soul will get peace. A crow comes and eats food. Sudha and Poonam look on. Raman waits outside the door. Ruhi opens the door. They get in and see the mess. Ruhi says I told you, this isn’t in my fate, why does this happen with me again and again. Ishita says we make our own fate, many a times, it gets late to get a good life partner. Ruhi says I m sure that I don’t have this happiness in my fate, I m totally fine with it. Aaliya comes and looks on. Ruhi says stop working hard for me. Ishita says you don’t know where our happiness lies, we want to see you happy, you deserve all the happiness, you are the best girl. They cry. Ishita pacifies her and hugs. Aaliya cries.

Ishita says we want to settle Aaliya, a guy loves her, its good for her, we don’t want her to live like a widow. Sudha says they don’t care for Aaliya, else why would they beat Rohan, he loves Aaliya. Mani looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Moral of the story, Bhallas will always be Bhalla – uncultured, OTT people with bad temper.

    Kind of agree with Karan. As a family, they are no match.

    I understand, Ruhi’s fear but still in no way this was justified. She herself was happy that Aliya is moving forward. And the guy was sensible enough to inform everything about him & why the misunderstanding occur at the first place. So why so much drama?

  2. There she goes again: poor, pathetic ruhi! Why couldn’t the bhalla gang leave her alone?!
    And the moron rohan: he made his point: he said in front of everyone that he liked Aliya and wants to marry her. Point taken! Why can’t he just shut up and leave !!
    Why is he behaving like an obsessive psycho.

  3. hello sunshiners….totally agreed with u niharika and omg…bhallas can never change at all…

  4. Shreestee do you know anyone from the Sunshine Group?? I am asking because you said hello sunshiners. No one is heeding my pleas I really appreciate it if anyone can come forward I know Sid Isaaq Shakaib Riana Nandhini Saba Raven Ritushree where are you guys please come on once please.

  5. May b karna is going to pair up ruhi…

  6. hlo akshay…they used to comment before…i was nt active regularly in Saathiya due to my busy schedule…even in YHM too…i even dont knw why r they nt in touch…bt we two r here…lets be in touch regularly…i hope we all will be in contact some day…

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