Mariam Khan Reporting Live 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam learns Fawad’s identity

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fawad thinking to go to Aaliya’s school. He meets a girl and asks her to get ready for party. He warns her against revealing any info. She agrees. Mariam supports Aaliya as her fake mum, so that Aaliya participates in race. She thinks I have to go in party and get info about dad. Fawad comes to school and says I got chocolates for Aaliya. He sees Mariam with Aaliya. Mariam falls. She encourages Aaliya. She shouts snake. She does cheating and wins the race. She dances with Aaliya and hugs her. She thinks I had to do this for Aaliya’s happiness, maybe Fawad will understand this. She goes on stage and cooks up a fake story. She says I m Aaliya’s Choti Ammi. Fawad gets angry. Mariam shares her love story. Everyone claps. Fawad comes there. Mariam gets shocked.

She runs away. Fawad run after her and asks her to stop. She sits on swing and asks him to leave, else she will get hurt. She falls on him. He lifts her. Aaliya comes there. Fawad says I asked you to stay away, you are involving in my family.

She says you don’t care for your daughter. He asks what’s this, why are you doing this. Aaliya says she didn’t do anything, Dadi hired her to pick me and drop. Mariam thinks so this is Fawad, Rifat’s younger ago, how did he turn out to be so handsome. She recalls little Fawad.

Rifat says the driver lady has become Aaliya’s fake mum, Fawad will be angry on me when he learns this. She worries. Fawad says you are fired from this job, next time, if you are close to Aaliya, I can’t leave you, don’t test my patience, stop this kiddish games. He goes. She says I had rivalry with him, and its still there, he is still the same, its the truth. She says oh no, he is angry, I lost my job and means to meet dad, if I don’t go in party, I won’t get info to reach dad. She talks to Biji on video call. She goes to have golgappas. She argues with a man at the stall. He sees her family pic in her wallet. She goes. He says Mariam….. The guy is Akshay.

Mariam takes the girl to the party. The girl asks her to drive fast. Mariam says I will drive at this speed today, I m in a hurry to go in the party. Fawad gets angry and thinks my goal will be fulfilled today. Mariam gets ready. Biji worries for her. Bhakti meets Fawad and taunts that he has no girl to accompany him. She says we both want pendrive, we can keep an open relationship, the minister is here too, aren’t you struggling too much for pendrive. She taunts him and goes to attend minister. Mariam comes to Fawad. O yaara….plays… He looks at her.

Mariam and Fawad dance. She asks what are you going to do. He asks really, shall I tell you my plans, enjoy the party and leave. She says I know what you want.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nina

    At the party Mariam looks just stunning. The evening black dress suits her.

  2. sayeda bilkis

    i just love it

  3. sayeda bilkis

    i just love it

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