Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishika gets upset with Ranvir

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua saying where is Roop? She asks Kinjal. Kinjal says he was stuck in traffic. Roop comes and brings the haldi. Ranvir smiles seeing haldi. Bua says we shall start the haldi rasam. Ranvir says not now. Roop keeps hand on Bua’s mouth and tells her something. Shamsher is about to go to him, but Roop stops him and says sorry. He says I have planned something for him on his birthday. Shamsher goes. Bua takes the haldi and goes. Roop smiles. He goes to kitchen and makes a paste with besan. Bua comes and asks what are you doing? Kamla asks did you grind the haldi? She tells that many ladies will come and one bowl will not be enough. Bua says ok and goes to call the guests. Kinjal and Jigna come there. They apply Ishika’s name haldi to him. Roop says how can I apply

on my face. Kamla applies to his face and says it is your destiny that Ranvir refused and went.

Kanchan tells that leftover haldi is not thrown. She gets a call from Meera behen and asks her if there is any good guy? Rupesh asks her to tell Roop’s name. Ishika asks why you want her daughter’s life to be ruined. Rupesh says Roop is a nice guy. Ishika looks on. Himani asks Kinjal to apply haldi to Roop’s face. Kamla asks Roop to prove his truth. Ishika thinks of Roop and asks herself to stop it. The ladies apply haldi to Ranvir. Ranvir says it is enough. Electricity is switched off. Ranvir asks what happened to light. Just then Roop and everyone wish him happy birthday and the electricity returns. Shamsher and Bua wish him happy birthday. Roop says I have a surprise for you and shows Ishika and her mum coming.

Ishika is shocked and recalls Ranvir celebrating his birthday with her. She wishes him happy birthday. Ranvir gets tensed. Roop asks everyone to sing happy birthday song. He asks did you like my surprise and says I asked Rupesh uncle to bring aunty and Ishika here. Rupesh thinks Ranvir’s birthday was one month back and says we didn’t know else have brought the gift. Roop says your presence is the best gift for him. Bua asks Ranvir to change his clothes. Ranvir goes. Ishika looks at Roop and recalls telling him about liking Ranvir since he celebrated birthday with her in orphanage. Palak asks hardik why birthday don’t come often. Hardik says birthday is a special day and it comes once in a year. Ishika hears them.

Ranvir thinks how to handle Ishika now. Roop comes and asks are you ready? Ranvir says why did you call Ishika here? Roop says why, what happened? Ranvir says I can’t make you understand. Roop says I thought you will be happy. Ranvir says it is not true and throws a pillow. Ishika comes and picks it. Roop asks them to come out and cut the cake.

Ishika shows their pic in her mobile. Ranvir says that day….Ishika asks why did you lie that your birthday was on that day, and says I hate lie. Ranvir gets an idea. Roop tells Hardik and Palak that work is done. Ishika hears them and says I want to talk to Roop. She takes him to side and says you did this intentionally so that I come here and come to know that Ranvir lied to me. Roop says I called you so that you shall know that he acted with you and says I wanted you to know that all that things which sparkles is not a gold. Ranvir calls her. Roop says he is calling you. Ishika goes. Roop asks Ranvir to cut cake with Ishika. Kanchan asks Ishika to go.

Ranvir says I want to tell something and says my mota kaka, kaki and everyone taught me to say truth and I lied to the person with whom I want to be for 7 births. He says I love you very much. He tells that being a police man, he doesn’t know anything and counts Roop’s qualities without taking his name, and says I just know how to do my duty. He says you were in tension that day, and I lied to cheer you up and so that you spend time with those kids. He apologizes to her and says if you don’t believe me then I will not celebrate my birthday. He says I will regard the day as my birthday when I celebrated with you. Kanchan says Ranvir loves you so much and asks them to cut the cake.

Kinjal tells Roop that he did to expose Ranvir. Kamla says Ishika can’t bear the lie. Kanchal tries to defend Ranvir infront of Ishika. Ishika rejects Ranvir’s call. Ranvir gets furious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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