Mann Masth Magan—(episode 1) First unpleasant meeting

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Hello.. this is me Akanksha back with the first episode. Hope you like it.
After working for hours together Priya finally slips into sleep but not for too long. She has to hurry or else her boss will throw tauntrums and spoil her day. She wakes up, gets ready and in a hurry gulps the food.
Priya’ s mom is unhappy with her job. She doesn’t want her daughter to work for a company which always makes her daughter work harder and harder without a day’s leave. Though she is unaware about the condition of her daughter at the office. Priya doesn’t discuss much about her office affairs at home. Kritika and Ahana know about her job condition pretty well and had advised her thousands of times to quit the job. But Priya hopes that one fine day all her efforts will be recognized.
Ankit is also so determined and serious about his work. His day starts when half of the city is still in a deep sleep. His secretary is equally determined and schedules his meetings before Ankit wakes up.
Ankit finishes his early morning tasks and official work, then joins all other family members for breakfast. Ankit’s mom Veena has decided to speak about his marriage and know his decision about marriage at any cost.
Veena: Don’t you want to get married?
Ankit: mom, please don’t ask this again. I have many things to achieve. I cannot think about marriage. Please do not spoil my mood early morning.
Veena: try to understand. I want someone to take care of you. Someone who can make you happy.
Ankit: mom, my happiness is in achieving my dreams. Not in a girl or marriage. Who said that I don’t take care of myself? I am not a kid.
Veena: fine. Marry your dreams then.
Veena leaves angrily. All other family members too are not cool with Ankit’s decision. Hence they finish the breakfast and leave. Arshith and Ashish reach the dining room and do not find anyone.
Ashish: dadi (grandma), where are others?
Aditi: they finished their breakfast and left.
Ashish: how can they leave without tasting my new recipe.
Dadi: its ok. Serve it to me. Let me taste your new dish. Too hot just like Ankit.
Ankit: Dadi!
Arshith: bhai ( bro) what’s your problem with marriage?
Ashish: Arshith, bhai is already taken.
Dadi: really? Who is it?
Ashish: his work!
They laugh
Ankit: fine I must leave now. We’ll meet in the evening. Bye
Dadi: bye take care.
Priya also is in a hurry and takes an auto to reach soon
Ankit: drive fast… I have a meeting in 10 minutes.
Driver: ok sir.
In a hurry the driver hits the auto which damages the headlight. The driver comes out and shouts on Ankit’s driver.
Auto driver: are you blind? Why didnt you stop when there was a red signal?
Driver: why are you shouting? See the dent and scratch on the car. How will I answer my owner?
Both the drivers start arguing. Priya is already late and she gets furious.
Priya: what’s happening? I am getting late for my office. Go and tell your owner to pay for the loss and settle the matter right now.
Driver: that wasn’t my fault?
Priya: oh really? Let me tell you that red signal is an indication to stop.
Driver: I know this pretty well.
Priya: then why didn’t you stop? Firstly ask your owner to come out.
Driver: sir is busy.
Priya: is he Prime Minister of some nation. Let me know who he is!
Priya opens the car door and finds Ankit busy on a call. Ankit is irked with Priya
Ankit: what nonsense?
Priya: hello mister. Can’t you see? The entire road is blocked and you are relaxing inside. Come out.
Ankit gets out of the car.
Ankit: dont you have manners? I am not your servant. Dont you dare to pass orders. Understand?
Priya: look mister. I don’t have time to waste that too for an arrogant person like you. Your driver has damaged this auto. Pay him for his loss and let me go.
Ankit: don’t you know whom you are speaking to?
Priya: are you mad? I am telling you I have no time. I don’t want to know who you are. Pay him for the loss and excuse me. As simple as that.
Ankit: so you need money. Take this.
Ankit throws money on auto driver. Priya is irked with such behavior. She picks the money and keeps the money in Ankit’s hand.
Priya: keep your attitude with yourself. You might be rich in status but very poor in your values. So mister you are very proud of yourself right? Just wait!
Priya takes a stone and breaks Ankit’s car headlight.
Ankit: you!!
Priya: shut up. Use the same money to repair your car!
Priya takes her purse and gives money to the auto driver.
Priya: this is to repair your auto. Now lets go. I am already late.
Priya leaves and Ankit is super angry because of Priya
Ankit shouts on his driver.
Ankit: office! Quick
The driver quickly gets in and takes Ankit to his office.
Auto driver: ma’am you are very strong and brave. It was a good lesson for that arrogant person.
Priya: yeah. What does he think of himself? Omg.. I am late. Please drive faster.
Kritika gets ample offers from different places but rejects everything. Then she finds one offer from a reputed news channel. She becomes happy. She calls them and they ask her to walk in for interview.
Ahana is lost somewhere in thoughts. Her collegue and close friend Dazy is worried for her.
Dazy: why don’t you speak to your family? I don’t know what is going on in your mind but I think your family might help you.
Ahana: it’s ok Dazy. I am fine. I don’t want to trouble my parents.
Dazy: then speak to your friends. You have cool friends. I think you miss your people.
Ahana: yes! Don’t worry I will be fine.
That’s it for now.

Precap: Priya fired! Ankit’s meeting cancelled!

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