A call changed our life (Chapter 6)

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Hi guys I am back so let\’s start this one is little long.

Veer- Kabir why are u smiling since the new manager arrived
Kabir- I am in love
Veer- whatttt
Kabir- bro look her she is so beautiful I think she is my Love
Veer- but
Kabir- no buts veer I think
Veer- you think
Kabir- I am in love with her
Veer- no way I can\’t help you I am not ready for anymore dramas you got it
Kabir- what bro you are my best friend na
Veer- what u think she is not ordinary employee like us she is our manager if she comes to know about this she will fire both of us
Kabir- I don\’t care you will help me or not
Veer- no way I am not in this game you will say like this only but you will never understand what is true love is I amgoing
Kabir- veerrrrr
Kabir- I decided soon she will be mrs.kabir. now what to do I should not fail like last time this time I should be faster. I should get advice from a expert
(Sanchi was hearing all this)
Sanchi- you made my work easier Kabir(she went to her cabin)
Kabir- oh I forget we have our expert Bittu na afterall a girl only knows a girl\’s heart. soon I should ask Sanchi for a date.
8:00pm all went to their home
Veer wanted to buy some fruits so he went to market
Veer- bhaiya apple 1 kg how much
Sales man-made 80rs sir
Veer- ok bhaiya pack it(he was collecting his bag)
Suddenly his phone rang
All the apples fell down from his bag
Veer- Kabir what\’s your problem I told na I won\’t help. now you itself decide I should come home or not
Kabir- ok don\’t be angry I have my friend Bittu to help. Where are you
Veer- I am in market because of you I dropped all the apples I will come home soon.
Call ended
(Veer picked all the apples except one which rolled and went near a girl\’s leg)
Veer didn\’t notice her face.the girl notice the apple and picked up.veer raised his head
Veer- swara…
Swara throwed the apple and went from there
Veer- swara listen to me once swara please I am really sorry for breaking your heart situation made me to do that swara please listen to me once
Swara(stopped) say fast I don\’t have time for useless things
Veer- swara I love you am really very sorry . I promise you swara I will fill your life with happiness as you wish .please join back to our office. I realised my mistake.kabir made me to understand.
Swara- oo I got it now Kabir made you to understand. So that is the reason for your sudden change right
Veer- swara it\’s not like that actually
Swara- enough veer I am regretting for loving you .it\’s all my mistake you know what I should meet Kabir and say yes to his love afterall he never give up his love I think you are right he is right match for me. I know he will surely accept me he will not give this silly excuse like veer loved you and all. So good bye.
Veer- swara don\’t take any decision in anger swaraaaaa
(Veer went to his appartment) kabir- hi bro what\’s up
Veer didn\’t respond anything
Kabir- I think he is upset with me because I asked his help I should explain him.ok but for now we will contact our Bittu.
Sanchi- hello Kabir I hope all going good
Kabir- nothing is going on right way yar
Sanchi- you can share anything to.me I will help you
Kabir- that\’s y I called you bittu you are my last hope
Sanchi- ok say the problem
Kabir- I told you na today my new manager came
Sanchi- yes.
Kabir- actually I love her
Sanchi- you boys are very fast
Kabir- what
Sanchi- nothing continue .so
Kabir- you are my only hope veer told he can\’t do anything please yar help me please
Sanchi- ok. But winning a girl\’s heart is not easy
Kabir- that\’s why I called you afterall a girl only knows a girl\’s heart
Sanchi- ok I will see what I can do. Though it is not easy job she is your manager nA
Kabir- that is also a reason for my love see for how many days I will be single it seems she is our head friend\’s daughter she should be from a rich family if I marry her my life will be settled overall she is so beautiful
Sanchi- within one day you collect ed all the details well done
Kabir- what you thought about Kabir I am the smartest
Sanchi- ok then Handel yourself
Kabir- even though i am the smartest person I need your help
I am going to ask her for a date will she agree what you think
Sanchi- no way now only you both met I don\’t know she even knows
Your name or not how will she agree no way
Kabir- I think your not helping me you are spoiling my plan. ok I don\’t need anyone\’s help she will accept my date request within one week challenge
Sanchi- let\’s see challenge. You are the one going to lose
Kabir- let\’s see I have one week time
Call ended
Pragati was hearing their whole conversation
Pragati- why Sanchi why are you doing this to yourself you even lied to your papa you like this company and willing to join only in this company why. I know you are hurt why are you hurting yourself again and again I can\’t lose my friend.
Sanchi- don\’t think I am the same weak Sanchi don\’t have those strength face the things. I am strong. Strong enough to face things
Pragati- but sanchu
Sanchi- believe me pragati. I should take my revenge. I will teach him a nice lesson.what he thought playing with girl\’s life is not a game.
Pragati- if you want to take revenge you can say to your papa right he will do what has to be done
Sanchi- no pragati that will not be enough.
Pragati- what you are going to do
Sanchi- the same pain I am going to give him. He should know how it feels when we break a person\’s heart.he should undergo the same pain I went. I am sure he will propose me that time I will say no to him and reveal my identity.he feel the pain for the whole
Pragati- if your papa came to know this .I don\’t know what he will do
Sanchi- promise me you will not say anything
Pragati- but
Sanchi- no but promise me
Pragati- promise(she kept her finger crossed) and done fake promise
Sanchi- ok let\’s sleep.

Next morning
Kabir- what to do .how to seek her attention idea
@break time
Kabir ate ? and throwed the skin on floor
Kabir- sure she will slip and I am going to catch her and asusual romantic eye lock.super Kabir
He saw Sanchi seeing some files
Kabir- how to make her come out
Suddenly Sanchi feels thirsty the bottle was empty she tried to call but he went to canteen ok she decided to go by herself
Kabir- this is the right chance
He was ready in his position
Before Sanchi veer came running towards kabir
Veer- we got new ordered he kept his lef in the ? and slipped he hit Kabir
Veer was on top of Kabir
Veer and kabir-aaaaaaaaa
Whole office bursted into laughter
Sanchi- who the hell throwed ? skin here clean it now
Veer- sorry bro
Kabir- you came in wrong timing
Sanchi- you guys ok na
Veer and kabir- Yess mam no problem
Sanchi- ok veer what is the new event
Veer- o mam we got a wedding event from Munnar
Sanchi- I heard that you guys already done a event in Munnar
Veer- Yess mam that event became successful that is also a reason for getting this big event and this is the client number mam
Sanchi- ok I will talk to the client I am sure this even going to be perfect
She went to fetch the water some water is spilleD on the ground she didn\’t notice it as soon as she kept her foot she slipped but a strong pair of arms Holded her it is none other than our hero Kabir
Sanchi opened her eyes they have a eyelock
Sanchi- thank you mr Kabir
Kabir- welcome mam and call me just Kabir he gave smile
Sanchi- ok Kabir she returned to the smile she went to her cabin
Kabir( I didn\’t plan this one but it happens anyway I triggered some feeling in her)
Sanchi spoke to the client and came out
Ok I spoke to the client we got the event
Every staff members cheer
Sanchi- see wedding is not a easy task there are so much things to do though they want luxury wedding we want to finalize some places. So I need a assistant from you .so that we will visit Munnar and finalize the location .later you guys can join us. So who is coming with me
Kabir- veer pls help me I want to go pls do this single help plss
Veer-ok. But this is final.
Veer- mam I think you can choose Kabir . because last time we have a competition in that Kabir team only won . He also know some amazing places mam.this is just suggestion the choice is upto you.
What you think guys.
Random staff members- yes mam you can take Kabir he is experienced
Sanchi- what you think Kabir
Kabir- ( I should not accept so easily what she will think about me)
Sanchi- Kabir
Kabir- actually it\’s upto you mam I will do anything for our company mam welfare.
Sanchi- decision taken Kabir you are coming with me that\’s final pack your staff meet you tomorrow 8:oopm in airport
Kabir-ok mam
Sanchi- it\’s sanchi for you.
Kabir- ok Sanchi.
Their shift over all went to home
Kabir- relationship improved.this good news should be shared with Bittu. I have achieved my first step
Sanchi- hi Kabir it\’s ok don\’t ask sorry I know it\’s not easy to please a girl in one day don\’t worry I will give some tips to work on
Kabir- arrey Bittu I achieved my first step.tomorrow I am coming to Munnar
Sanchi- what how it happened
Kabir- told everything to her. You see god itself bringing us close.we will stay together in Munnar
Sanchi- don\’t be so happy the task is not finish yet you should
Ask her for date
Kabir- I know yar when we return back from Munnar she will not be just Sanchi she will be Mrs Kabir
Sanchi- anyway all the best I am always here to help you
Kabir- what Bittu accepting your defeat
Sanchi- no yar I am just supporting you as a friend . Safe journey.but the challenge is a challenge .
Kabir- ok bye bittu and want pack more new shirts
Sanchi- bye.
Call ended
Sanchi- game started Kabir you are making my work very easier.this time you lose I will win
Ok guys that\’s all for today pls ignore grammatical errors.thanks Sufi for breaking your silence as usual comments likes and dislikes welcomed luv u all TC???? see you soon.next one will be the last chapter.

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